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  1. Just saw The Forbidden Kingdom today, his new one with Jet Li. I really enjoyed it. Plenty of entertaining fights, some good laughs including . I just wish they'd got round to doing this years ago...
  2. I loved this. Finished the first one, got stuck half way through the second, kept meaning to go back but never did. Yet...
  3. I thought all these casinos had stopped counting money wagered on blackjack towards the bonus requirements? Did they change their minds? I would have liked to do it again, having a shiny new address and credit card from Korea would probably have meant they wouldn't notice me on their databases... but I just looked on Bet365 and customers from Korea have to wager 50 times the bonus instead of 12 I guess I'll give it a miss. Matched betting though, might give that a try. So here's a question for those that have tried it. Maybe just Kokyu then, but hey. Do you use software that grabs all the odds and such from various places and compares them for you, or just log on and look for opportunities? I tried some software out a while back and it didn't seem to come up with all that many opportunities. Perhaps it just wasn't very good! edit: re-reading now I see you're talking about making profits from bonuses. Thought you meant from the actual betting - it is possible, just takes a fair bit of effort to find suitable odds! Still, I may grab myself some bonuses edit edit: reading more, I see it's mentioned on your site anyway. One day, I'll learn to read things properly before asking questions...
  4. Ice hockey is great, always had trouble following the NHL with patchy tv coverage on at crazy times, but I used to go watch the Milton Keynes Kings fairly often
  5. Silmido. Based on a true story about an elite South Korean military unit trained to assassinate Kim Il-Sung and why they never did get round to assassinating him. I used to live a couple miles from the island it's set on, never got around to visiting, but I shall one day. Never seems to get mentioned as often as his movies set in Japan, but it's great nonetheless.
  6. Compressed? Ha, I'd never have guessed from looking at it! I might have to follow your example and read some shorter books at the same time, otherwise I'll never do it. In fact, I'm going to read the first chapter RIGHT NOW. You have inspired me
  7. Are you enjoying it? I've had it sitting on my shelf for a long, long time, but... it's so damn big! One day... Anyway, I'm a couple chapters into this:
  8. Got a PC port too if anyone fancies playing it. Featuring speech through the PC's internal speaker
  9. PC version, Korea only I think. My favourite RPG + a nice big PC box It did come out on the PS2 as well, it was always pretty cheap when I used to work in Another World years back.
  10. Not a boot sale, but picked this up at Seoul's big game market for a few quid: Then I gave myself a blister on my finger getting the bloody stickers off the front
  11. Awesome stuff, listening now I can never get enough hardcore! I have to say, the number one track for putting me in a stupidly good mood has got to be Hixxy's remix of Set You Free: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aeJx4bvpPL8
  12. Right let's give this a go... 1 In The Mood for Love 2 Seven Samurai 3 Police Story 4 Star Wars Trilogy 5 Taxi Driver 6 Chungking Express 7 Amelie 8 True Romance 9 Enter the Dragon 10 Swallowtail Butterfly 11 A Better Tomorrow 12 The Fast and the Furious (sorry ) 13 Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 14 The Legend of Fong Sai Yuk 15 2046 This may change... not sure!
  13. Space Quest 4 and 5, Heart of China, Rise of the Dragon. GO. I quite liked KGB too, but it can be a bit annoying as there are so many places where you can fuck up, make it impossible for yourself to progress, yet not realise it for quite a while...
  14. Yes, but the important part, the battle, is not fictional. The Spartan army look like a normal bunch of soldiers. The Persian army wouldn't look out of place in a film full of goblins, orcs and other weird creatures. All I'm saying is that I can see why they might be a bit pissed off at that.
  15. Saw this today, I must say I quite enjoyed it. I can see why some Iranians might be a bit pissed off at it. It's all well and good saying it's based on a graphic novel and it's not meant to be accurate, but at the end of the day, the story is based on real events. Still, in terms of entertainment, it's pretty damn good, IMO.
  16. Entirely understandable, I had a bit of a break between the two as well. Just make sure you get round to it one day
  17. Ahh now there's a good book. Anna Karenina is similarly excellent if you feel like more Tolstoy!
  18. Ooh, me too, reading it now. Evidently not Dumas himself, though, I quote, from chapter 36: "... a man who has been condemned for four or five months to suffer Italian cooking (which is amongst the worst in the world)." Clearly mental. Still, a great book.
  19. Yeah, but you knew that already. Delicious
  20. Baby octopus, I think. Could have been a squid but I think it was octopus. Didn't count the legs Anyway, there are a few ways I've heard of it being done. Either cut up, uncooked - it still moves around for ages after it's been cut up. Little bite size chunks of octopus moving around in a bowl. Or, whole, live - as Davros said, like in Old Boy. Or, like this, but put in some alcohol first to knock it out. I've tried the first two, not the third. Animal cruelty? Well, I don't know. It's a bit hard to tell if its a quick death or not, considering that killing them doesn't actually stop them moving for like half an hour or something. But it's probably better than cooking them alive as is often done! And it's also what would happen if anything else decided to eat them...
  21. I'd love to try this. Mainly because of Asterix Only tried Kangaroo in a Walkabout, so hardly where one might expect the finest example! It wasn't really any better or worse than anything else I've had in similar pubs. As for other 'strange' foods: Silkworm larvae: Well, better than it sounds. I don't really like it though. Don't hate it, but I'd pretty much only eat it if someone was giving it to me for free. Live octopus: Squirmy, chewy and has a habit of sticking to the inside of your mouth! Doesn't really taste of much, so dip it in something. Not unpleasant, but I prefer the taste of cooked octopus. Dog: Lovely! Steamed, soup, it's all good.
  22. That's just reminded me of Terra Nova. God that game was good. I'd love to see something like that on modern machines!
  23. If you find one, let me know! Some of his films can be found easily in shops - I've seen them in HMV, Virgin, Gamestation and they're pretty much guaranteed at a market. But only a fraction of them seem to be available Simmy: Ninja Terminator is one of the easiest to find. There's copies pretty much anywhere that sells DVDs. Or at least, there was last time I was in the UK (May).
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