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  1. looks pretty good, just dunno wtf it has to do with virtua fighter
  2. kev

    Shenmue 2

    over 100 hours of shenmue goodness though!
  3. yeah, well its not going to be the other way round, cos sega don't take other companies decent, innovative games and turn them into licensed crap that will probably outsell the game its based on by some ridiculous amount.
  4. kev

    Shenmue 2

    Of course, it was always going to be the last. Well, for always, read after they decided not to release it in something stupid like 15 parts Thats why they can't leave it, they won't leave it. Just one more game to wrap up the story, and thats it, Shenmue is done. I don't care when they do it, just that they do it. Surely they've gone to too much effort with the first 2 just to leave it!
  5. kev

    Shenmue 2

    No. We are going to get a III. Absolutely are. I don't care if it takes longer than the sequels to Outrun and Space Harrier did, we WILL get a Shenmue III one day, I know it. I just know it. Sega couldn't be so cruel. Just wait, patiently. It *will* happen.
  6. kev

    Shenmue 2

    shenmue 2 is one of the most absolutely fantastic games ever. don't worry TOO much if you haven't played shenmue (although its well worth it), cos you get a little video recap type thing of the story so far with shenmue 2. napole0n says the xbox voice acting is crap, but its fine on the DC. or at least, its fine if like me you don't speak japanese or chinese or whatever they are speaking, i can't remember. great great great game.
  7. Ring of Red on PS2. Absolutely superb.
  8. A quick glance at my PS2 collection reveals: Ico - exclusive Ring of Red - exclusive Armored Core 2 - exclusive Devil May Cry - exclusive Freak Out - exclusive Dynasty Warriors 2 - exclusive Zone of the Enders - exclusive Gungrave - exclusive Ridge Racer 5 - exclusive Wipeout Fusion - exclusive Gran Turismo 3 - exclusive Silpheed - exclusive Psyvariar - exclusive Virtua Fighter 4 - exclusive Fantavision - exclusive Dark Cloud - exclusive Guilty Gear X2 - (ok, I'm not sure about this one...) Rez - not exclusive, but I got the PS2 version for £10 new, as opposed to what, £50 odd 2nd hand for the DC version? Thats good enough for me. IMO, there isn't a bad game in that list (well I dunno about ZOE and GGX2, haven't got round to playing them yet), and I don't need Edge to tell me that. Not all of them are absolutely fantastic, but a fair few are, Ico, Psyvariar, VF4, Fantavision, Rez, Dynasty Warriors, Dark Cloud and Ring of Red in particular. As for MGS2 and GTA3... well, I borrowed my brothers copies and completed both of them before they were even announced on other consoles. If that's what passes for multi format, then so be it... what was the point in buying SNES games, btw, they're all being ported to the GBA anyway After that list, there's still more exclusive PS2 games that I want than I could possibly hope to afford in the near future, even buying them 2nd hand. This isn't to say there's none that I want on other formats, just that there are plenty on the PS2 as well. And thats without even starting on things I'd want to import if I could afford a chip! I loved this, btw. Why exactly put them to one side? What is it, "hide the games that'll prove me wrong!" or something?
  9. Yes, but the main reason is that I can afford to read things, I can't afford to buy games
  10. Dropping it from 6 feet and it being hit by a small bullet arent exactly the same though are they? HPS seems to have a much better explanation. they're the same in that a big impact will more likely than not cause problems with its operation. whether that is a really big impact, like being shot, or a smaller one like being dropped, the principle is the same...
  11. or, even more obviously, multiple controller ports
  12. Yes. I was wondering how on earth it "disabled" the XBox without penetrating its shell. What exactly could it of done to it to disable it if it didnt even get inside the casing!? probably in the same way that if you held it above your head and dropped it on the floor while running a game it would stop working without the case being penetrated.
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