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  1. When I was doing smaller bonuses like getminted, hard rock, virgin etc, I was generally wagering about £1-3 per time depending on how well i was doing, so that a bad run wouldn't completely wipe me out. but totesport, for example, was a £100 deposit, the bonus was added straight away, so you start with £200, and have to wager £4000 before you can take out the bonus. So on there I was wagering £5 a go, or it would have taken forever
  2. just got myself £217.50 on totesport, my highest so far takes my total to £586, in a week and a day. AWESOME.
  3. hey kokyu, last night i signed up for coral from the link on your site. you might want to fix the link the sign up link on your page goes to the main page, to qualify for the bonus you need to sign up using the code on this page: http://www.coral.co.uk/ukcasino/# which you have as the terms and conditions link. they say they can't add the bonus manually, so i have to close my account and open a new one from the right link. i have to withdraw my deposit first, though, and it doesn't seem to have cleared yet, so they won't let me withdraw it just thought i'd let you know before you get millions of people complaining about it
  4. a mate at work showed me a similar site to yours the other day. so far, i've made just over £115 profit from virgin games and hard rock. almost done getminted too, i'm up on the table and my bonus just got credited to my account this morning, so i just have to wager that and collect more easy money. this is awesome
  5. i woke up this morning and realised i'd done something terribly wrong terra nova: strike force centauri and red baron were not in my list (as well as world cup 90, which i realised last night)! i've been thinking about this and i have come to a conclusion: i'm taking out rad mobile, shutokou highway battle and NARC in order to put them in. it's close, but it has to be done!
  6. i fucking knew this would happen. World Cup '90 (Arcade) 101 is close enough
  7. i can't list mine in order, i'd be here all night and still change my mind 5 minutes after i post. so it's in alphabetical order seems to feature a lot of PC/SEGA stuff, but, well, it's what i grew up with so ii suppose it's to be expected! anyway: Advance Wars: Dual Strike (DS) Bangai-O (DC) Championship Manager 2 (PC) Chase HQ (Arcade) Civilisation 2 (PC) Crazy Taxi (DC) Dancing Stage (PSX/Arcade) Daytona USA (Arcade) Desert Strike (Megadrive) Deus Ex (PC) Digger (PC) Donpachi (PSX/Arcade) Doom (PC) EA Hockey (Megadrive) Fear Effect (PSX) FIFA International Soccer (Megadrive) Final Fantasy VII (PSX) Final Fantasy VIII (PSX) Final Fantasy IX (PSX) Flashback (Megadrive) F-Zero X (N64) Gabriel Knight (PC) Giga Wing (DC/Arcade) Goldeneye (N64) Grandia (PSX) Grandia 2 (DC) Grand Theft Auto (PC) Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (PS2) Gunbird 2 (DC) Gunstar Heroes (Megadrive) Half-Life (PC) Harvest Moon (SNES) Heart of China (PC) ICO (PS2) Ikaruga (GC) Jet Set Radio (DC) King’s Quest II (PC) King’s Quest V (PC) Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64) Lemmings (PC) Lunar: Silver Star Story (PSX) Mario Kart 64 (N64) Metal Gear Solid (PSX) Metal Gear Solid 2 (PS2) Metal Gear Solid 3 (PS2) Micro Machines Turbo Tournament (Megadrive) Mortal Kombat (Megadrive) NBA Jam Tournament Edition (Megadrive) Operation Flashpoint (PC) People’s General (PC) Pokemon (Game Boy) Police Quest 1 (PC) Police Quest 2 (PC) Populous (PC) Powerstone (DC) Project Rub (DS) Red Baron (PC) Rez (PS2) Ridge Racer Type 4 (PSX) Ring of Red (PS2) Sam & Max (PC) Secret of Mana 2 (SNES) Sega Rally (Arcade/Saturn) Sensible Soccer (PC) Shenmue (DC) Shenmue 2 (DC) Shogo Mobile Armor Division (PC) Silpheed (PC) Sim City 2000 (PC) Skies of Arcadia (DC) Soul Calibur (DC) Starcraft (PC) Street Fighter 2 (all the various versions!) Streets of Rage (Megadrive) Sonic (Megadrive) Sonic 2 (Megadrive) Space Quest III (PC) Space Quest V (PC) Super Mario 64 (N64) Super Mario Bros (NES) Super Mario World (SNES) Syndicate (PC) Resident Evil 4 (GC) Rise of the Triads (PC) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Arcade) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (PC) Terra Nova: Strike Force Centauri (PC) Tetris (Everything, really) Thexder 2: Fire Hawk (PC) TIE Fighter (PC) Time Crisis (Arcade/PSX) UFO: Enemy Unknown (PC) Viewtiful Joe (GC) Virtua Fighter 2 (Arcade/Saturn) Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution (PS2) Virtua Racing (Megadrive) Wipeout 3 (PSX) World Cup '90 (Arcade) X-Wing (PC) Zeliard (PC)
  8. kev

    Rebels Demo

    worked for me, pretty damn good too! i like stuff like this
  9. i voted xbox/ps3/psp. i've already got a ps2 and a gamecube, i'll probably pick up an xbox eventually, just want outrun 2 and a few other things, really. ps3, well i'm just assuming it'll be here before the rev. if it's not, i'll buy a rev first. doesn't look like the rev needs any extra votes though not particularly interested in a 360 at the moment and i couldn't afford one right now if i was. i assume i'll get one eventually, though. psp, well, i already have a ds. a ds lite would be nice if i found myself with a bit of spare cash, but i'd go for something that'll let me play games i can't play now, first.
  10. Just started work on a new game today. This time, I'm going for a proper scrolling shmup. If all goes to plan, there should be lots of pink bullets by the time it's done It's going to be 2D in terms of the gameplay, but I'm planning on using 3D models for ships, enemies, etc. Not much done yet, just a cube flying round an empty screen, tilting to the side when you move sideways and firing the bullets from my Space Invaders game but much faster! Might also use this project for a bit of practice with things like classes, inheritance, that sort of stuff, because I need it and it's the first thing I've programmed where I can see how they would actually be useful.
  11. kev


    bloody addictive, this. my best so far is 670,270 - 9'03"856
  12. kev


    670,270 - 9'03"856
  13. kev


    this is fantastic. i'm shit at it, though.
  14. well i have to say i think the people questioning the value of this have a point. i was thinking of doing a written dissertation on videogames in my final year, i couldn't think how i'd go about getting anything actually worth writing though. so i did a programming project instead, and looking back, i think it was one of the better decisions i've made in life but i guess it's february, so it's a bit late for you to change topic. so good luck. and some answers: 1. What was the first home or handheld games console you or a member of your family owned? First console was a Megadrive. But had a PC for years before that which I used for gaming. Pick whichever you like! 2. What was the most recent console you purchased? Gamecube. Or if you're including handhelds, a DS. 3. What consoles do you currently own / have owned? Master System, Megadrive, Saturn, Dreamcast, SNES, N64, Gamecube, GBA, DS, PSX, PS2. A spectrum and a bunch of PCs too, if you're counting them. 4. What has been your all time favourite console? Couldn't say. I'd change my mind in 5 minutes 5. Any comments on Nintendo 6. Age? 23
  15. kev

    My First Game

    ffs. well, i'll get round to either putting it on a proper page or getting some proper webspace eventually. until then, if anyone wants to play it, pm me your email address and i'll send it to you.
  16. well, been working too much, haven't had much time to play it, just got a chance now, first impressions are: i like it! load times do take the piss a bit, though.
  17. strange. they're 3 games that, for me at least, haven't lost any of their appeal at all.
  18. kev

    Grandia 3

    i love grandia 1 & 2. not played xtreme, haven't ordered 3 either, as i don't have a chipped ps2 one day... imo grandia 2 was better than skies of arcadia. although skies is fantastic too, i'm not one of those ABSOLUTE RETARDS that doesn't like it
  19. cheers for the mention! the combos keep going though, so try to shoot 22 of the first two kinds and 11 of the last if you want max points
  20. cheers! well i shall post my comments once it's arrived and i've had time to play it. it's only £8.99 so it's no big deal if it's shit, i suppose. i've heard good and bad stuff about it, so might as well give it a go!
  21. i can't actually think of one i have disliked. i'm not particularly fussy, though played a fair bit of older cave/psikyo stuff, not much raizing stuff though. not so much new stuff, most recent cave game i've played is progear. edit: used the word stuff far too many times in that post!
  22. so if i love giga wing to bits, and think shienryu explosion is pretty good, do you reckon i'll like generations? not that it makes any difference, because it's in the post anyway, but still.
  23. kev

    My First Game

    hmm, try this: http://www14.brinkster.com/kevtest/kevgame.rar dunno whats going on with the other link!
  24. kev

    My First Game

    well just for you, i put a little something in. the score multiplier increases every time you hit the same type of alien, it resets if you shoot a different type. so if you try and chain everything, the enemies will reach the bottom of the screen sooner, because you won't be able to shoot the columns at the end to make them travel further from side to side. a little harder, but lots more points if you do it
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