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  1. He did, if that means his flat, one-note grunting made an entirely unlikeable character stand head & shoulders in unlikeability above a cast of similarly unlikeable characters. Witcher 3 is a game I should have loved but the portrayal of Geralt (as well as his uncanny ability to get stuck in the scenery & die falling off a low wall) really made the game an arduous experience for me.
  2. And search planets for drop pods, which contain a free slot upgrade that you can install after repairing it with easy to obtain materials, once you have the refiner blueprint. First step should be to find a hospitable homeworld and construct a simple base, Follow the base building questline and most of the basic tech & construction blueprints come pretty quickly.
  3. I found it dull & a bit fiddly. Played through the first areas and a bit of the first settlement after the Hoped it would open up & get a bit more engaging once you got to Teer Fradee but it all felt very samey. Didn't strike me as broken, just didn't grab me as I'd hoped from the premise & from a lot of the comments on here. Might give it another go at some point.
  4. I've had no previous history of buying these, but this gen I've had the Fallout 4 Pip-Boy edition, No Man's Sky box set with art book & Horizon Zero Dawn box with art book. I do like the NMS & HZD sets, but I have no idea at all why I bought the Fallout 4 thing - it's a nasty, bulky bit of plastic tat that's just been stuck in a cupboard for 4 years. However - just checked Ebay & it's interesting to see that people will still pay £80 - £90 for it, for some reason. If I can dredge up some motivation, I suppose I should flog it.
  5. This x100. Despite the respawning everything & horrible save system I loved it right up to the Omega Pirate. Lost count of how many times I got my arse kicked before putting it down starting something else. Had every intention of going back but never did, & as a result didn't play either of the sequels. Hope the rumoured Switch port has save-anywhere & useless old git difficulty level, but I'll buy it anyway if it ever happens.
  6. To be fair, Witcher 3 did falling off a 2ft wall and dying better than any game, before or since.
  7. 16th century French writer Francois Rabelais claimed that the pinnacle of renaissance-era arsewiping was the utilisation of the neck of a goose. Which might help explain geese. Honk.
  8. If it's AC: The Fifth Sun, set just before & during the Spanish conquest, featuring a fully-realised recreation of Tenochtitlan & playing as a Mexica warrior, then I can die a happy man.
  9. New Dawn's a direct sequel to 5 - OK, story's not the main draw of the franchise but not sure how much sense ND would make if you haven't played the preceding game. I had the most fun with Primal, tbh. Spears, arrows & clubs made an interesting change in an FPS. Also you get a pet sabre-toothed tiger. That you can ride.
  10. I played this to death on launch & the first couple of big updates, but haven't really touched it since the 3rd person view & proper multiplayer patches ages ago. Had a quick dabble when the VR mode was launched - started a new game, got my ship flying, but left it at that. Now it's full MP and community activities seem to be such a big element, is it still possible to wander, lost and alone in the immensity of the Universe, discovering uncharted systems, and planets populated only by slightly wanky-looking animals & unsettlingly phallic flora? I found the s
  11. Jumping Flash awful?? Burn the heretic!!!
  12. Xipe Totec


    Pushit and Eulogy are two of the D'Amour demos - broadly they're note-for note the same. Interesting - and surprising - how little the arrangements change between demo & album. The bass is a lot more dominant on the demos too, can't help thinking the aggressive, upfront Rick sound suits the songs better than Chancellor's Wal. Always assumed Tool recruited Chancellor - who they knew from touring with his former band Peach - because he played a lot like D'Amour anyway.
  13. Xipe Totec


    Chancellor's playing Paul D'Amour's bass lines on Aenima - most of the music was written before he left. There used to be some early demos of the songs knocking around. Considering the back catalogue's so small (for a band that's been recording for 27 years!) there's no excuse not to listen to all of it. I'd say do it chronologically.
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