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  1. Mars

    Xbox Series X

    From the second-hand and retail/high-street market? A shift to subscriptions and selling digital games, even below RRP, could give them a lot better margin than the previous distribution model. They wanted to move that way for a reason.
  2. 1) set up a kickstarter for the license fee. 2) ... 3) Outrun! (3)
  3. I'm not an expert on Dethklok, in fact haven't listened to them in maybe 10 years... but since you asked, I just checked & Murmaider still gives me an absolute stonker, so the first album
  4. Mars

    Xbox Series X

    Reminds me of the 'Two to Tango' video from the original Xbox launch
  5. Mars

    Xbox Series X

    They should call it The Xibitbox.
  6. Playing this for the first time on 360. Looks glorious and really hooked after 3 main missions. The little sandbox areas are great to both strategise and react on the fly. Had some great games of cat and mouse that invariably end up in carnage
  7. Great work @Fuddle Nice stiffy!
  8. It’s downgraded itself to a normal Xbox One
  9. Indeed, giving it a whirl now \m/
  10. What’s the best way to play this with other forumites? Will be online today after the rugby
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