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  1. I really appreciate the last few posts. Well done! At least we are in a generation where the cost of failure can be simulated and is a little less lethal
  2. Wow, what incredible attention to detail.
  3. The clenching that occurs at those intersections is quite something.
  4. I genuinely haven't seen any microtransactions at all. I'm making my way through the single player tournaments and it's great fun.
  5. Same here, it's such good fun and has made me laugh out loud a few times. Nudging someone so that they fishtail and swerve into a wall never gets old.
  6. Mars


    We sold the wrong keeper.
  7. Like comparing dog shit and chocolate ice cream.
  8. *scene opens* Gordon Freeman leans over the pilot as trees, cliffs and water fly past the aircraft's windows. Gordon: sit rep? Pilot: This ring planet is crazy, we're coming in hot! And what about that monkey who ran off towards a massive lift with your gravity gun! Gordon: puts on green helmet. *scene fades to black amidst the sound of a crashing aircraft*
  9. Yeah, the 800 hour Bethesda special was quite a watch.
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