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  1. Levels are nothing compared to AP elements though, which is probably why they take forever to grind out.
  2. Liquid Myth

    Yakuza 0

    From what little I've played whilst feeling like hell, the combat seems to be much tougher than previous entries, mainly due to it taking away the generous invincibility frames that the older games had (mostly when throwing other people). Early on I'd recommend picking up weapons/furniture and swinging them wildly (Brawler fighting style).
  3. There's the one-off campfire events
  4. On the first spoiler: For the second:
  5. Christ almighty I've clocked up over 100 hours on this game, help me.
  6. Someone tell me if a real world Cup Noodle© is significantly different to a Pot Noodle for them not to bother localising that particular aspect
  7. I heard that the special was recorded at the Experience place in London, and that a proper place for a running TV series is being built at the old Granada Studio Tours in Manchester.
  8. God all fucking mighty
  9. Sheer wealth of mobs generally, I presume.
  10. Got my first year three exotic! ...fucking No Land Beyond, same as my first second year exotic.
  11. Mate, you should be see the ones who get $50-60k a month on Patreon (they draw porn).
  12. Gonna guess that this is some sort of ddos attack?
  13. I jump in on this thread, and suddenly get all worried that the new patch is deleting characters. What are you guys like.
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