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  1. This is probably the stupidest post I've ever read on these films. "Well, DC make films for dweebs and losers, which I am definitely not, whilst Marvel make the films for the cool guys, like me" DC make bank because they've spent years in other markets (comics and cartoon films, mostly) catering hugely towards Central and South American audiences, so they have an in-built guaranteed audience of some kind, though not necessarily one that will consist of repeat viewers. Also, this film features at least one significant Hispanic character with a lot of screentime, not to mention a teaser for a superhero who is also Hispanic (in these films).
  2. Lionsgate tried to do one (a monster movie universe) a few years back called "I, Frankenstein". Or was that Universal's "Dracula Untold"?
  3. Alright, but nothing outstanding. Good/bad stuff: Overall, it's okay, but the balance is an almighty mess.
  4. I wasn't old enough at the time, but "No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn" was popular enough (amongst others) to be featured in a parody track title from Tony Hawks back in the day.
  5. It's worth bearing in mind that this chart was created by people who were incredibly bitter that their pre-HD progressive scan TVs were made obsolete by the then-new HDTV boom.
  6. With regards to the thread title/question, who is it that defines a cult classic? The 00's were suffocated with endless shows fawning over previous decades or bestest comedies or best films in whatever category, with the order defined squarely by what would look good in an particular order edited a certain way, but now it's 2016 and everyone stopped buying magazines or watching telly, with Film4 showing RED for the third time in a week at a primetime slot.
  7. God, the music in this game is absolute garbage shit.
  8. It actually cost considerably more than the $4m that was pledged, as Playtec spent a whole bunch more funding the remainder; the total could be anything between $8-10m. That's how Playtec operate.
  9. Generally speaking, Megaman games have aged dreadfully. They level design is punishingly unfair, the choosing of power-ups is far too stop/start (and unfairly subject to random drops to top up the power supply), and too many instances where you're fucked if you don't have the knowledge about the upcoming threat/solution (levels and boss weaknesses).
  10. I was thinking as I was watching it fall into the same old tired tropes, wouldn't it be nice to just have a "straight" post-apocolypse? No nuclear radiation, no weird mutagenic monsters, no bloody zombies (yet again)... maybe start with a survival element, to finding others like yourself, to creating a commune, to creating more communes, to "restart" the world so to speak. Anything that doesn't end in some perverse fantasy about shooting undesirables dead.
  11. Pretty sure all the pokemons are naked
  12. I'm being horribly real here, but it's amazing how little gameplay there is in the Pokemon video, especially when they put it on right after that new Zelda.
  13. It's impossible to know how much footage they're going to be shooting in addition, because film shoots are much more than just X number of minutes shot. Mad Max: Fury Road had something like 470(!) hours of footage initially, cut down to 5 hours (extra angles in scenes removed, action sequences established from huge supplies of footage), and finally cut down to the 120 minutes (extra scenes and exposition trimmed to a fine cut, action sequences created and/or enhanced in post etc.). However, since this is Disney, I imagine that the existing filmed footage will have already been very tight given the inevitable return that the end product would provide, in relation to the Marvel film Age of Ultron which only had 4 hours of footage (total) to play with.
  14. There's no mistake that the "R" rating on this (and a few others) basically comes down to all of the hype with none of the risk that it normally carries in American cinemas, due to how absurdly draconian they are over there, whilst the home market has no such stigma attached. It's chasing the Deadpool market (but probably more like Watchmen), to some degree. However, the likes of Warner and other big studios know exactly how to skirt the system to the most finely-tuned degree, which led to a few debates about how films like The Dark Knight or Star Wars: RotS included fairly graphic violence, both on and off-screen, whilst still only being given a 12A or PG-13. Not to mention the large changes to the local rating system that both the first Batman and Spider-Man films introduced, those being the 12 and 12A respectively. It's worth mentioning however that some American "R" ratings have a little more content than UK "12" ratings, but nothing significant. One example, seen in a whole bunch of trailers (like CA:CW) is where the trailer will feature black blood, against the actual film's fresh red; the content isn't significantly different, but it's a tickbox towards a higher rating, and possibly something that may be changed in the UK/US versions of BvS.
  15. I never understood people hating on First Class before, but I'll be damned if anyone could still hold that opinion after this clumsy mess.
  16. Here's an exclusive chapter from my extensive notes, prepare to have your mind blown:
  17. I went for a wee at that bit and it got explained poorly when I came back. Mind, What impact would it have ultimately had on the film had this been the scenario?
  18. I did set my expectations deliberately low because I knew some personal bias would get in the way, but there's still threads which I feel are clogging up these films that future films may benefit from trying to lessen. Thinking more about, there's a really subtle point in the film which is actually darkly humourous, in an ironic sort of way: Now I sort of like it for maybe the wrong reasons, but not in a sneery way.
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