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  1. The only songs of the two I cannot bring myself to play are [correction] Oakenfold's track in the first one, and Lo-Fi's in Ibiza. And, crazily, I like the 'knot one. I just can't do the fast double tappy fingers bit.
  2. Liquid Myth

    Fav Mascot

    I can't find Wario.
  3. Horrible game. I bought it based upon the strength of the demo, played it twice, and never touched it again because I thought it was so horrificly shallow and dull.
  4. I call for a game of Assault next time round. Fun x2! (I'm only saying that because of my bad team on the last match)
  5. [rllmuk] doesn't fit before my name, so I've got it at [rll]Mr_Reverse.
  6. I might as well join as well. Woohay.
  7. But no Japanese games for TEH HARDCOOR
  8. You tell me! You "invented" it.
  9. Do you know how completely clueless you're sounding? I mean really. First, you're denouncing games as puerile and idiotic, in a forum where the prime function is to discuss gaming. Secondly, this is just a comparitive look at a game and it's remake, and why some people may have negative views on it. It's hardly rocket science, is it? Just a natural discussion on video games, which is quite natural to, yes, people who play video games. Except, it seems to be beyond your grasp, and then you insult people for showing a bit of intellegence. Grow up.
  10. As strange as it sounds, I preferred the subtle hint of green in the original. The new one looks grey and horrible.
  11. Liquid Myth

    Astro Boy

    My first import was Spiderman and the X-Men for the SNES. It was terrible.
  12. I knew I would have never walked out of that, having enjoyed the second one. God only knows how they completely destroyed what they'd built up (i.e. worst thing ever).
  13. It's called - check this out - an opinion, and I must say, a more enlightened opinion than yours. I thought it was excellent myself. And the animation? Superb.
  14. Bah for making me pick. In no particular order: Toejam & Earl - MD Wario Ware Inc. - GBA Streets of Rage 2 - MD Shining Force 3 - Saturn Um Jammer Lammy - PS Jet Set Radio - DC Goldeneye - N64 Zelda: LttP - SNES Virtua Fighter 4: Evo - PS2/Arcade Street Fighter Alpha 3 - DC ...and a bunch of others missed the grade.
  15. I am definetely not looking forward to the third-person view option. The forced viewpoint from before made the game much more difficult yet interesting. And now, they feel the need to compete with the MGSs and Splinter Cells. However, if they can pull it off without compromising on the 1st person view, then good on them.
  16. I've heard that they're (Nokia) releasing a second revision of the machine, which was already planned before the first one came out. Madness! It's almost like Sony.
  17. It's just that I'd seen the previous two (as I'm sure a majority of cinema goers did) and felt as though I could probably get through the third one, wholey satisfied, without having to watch one of the extended ones to satisfy my "needs". Not to say that I didn't like it. I loved it. I was just hungry for more.
  18. Terrible. Don't stretch your dial-up if you're thinking about it.
  19. Scary Movie 3 - worst thing I've seen in years. Almost as bad as the second one, which was criminal. And you know a "funnee" film is bad when half the audience is made up of scallies, and even THEY didn't laugh. Lost in Translation - excellent, although I went in expecting a pant-wettingly funny affair with jokes throughout. LotR: RotK - Great, but felt life a whole load was missing without Christopher Lee's scenes.
  20. "Fucking hell" they're rightly concerned, or "Fucking hell" you don't like what they're saying?
  21. http://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?showtopic=31623 What have YOU been waiting for?
  22. And what exactly is so bad about that one?
  23. I'm sure I heard that subliminal advertising was illegal nowadays, so why is it that I see the McDonalds "M" + "I'm lovin' it" flash up after the TV Spots for (the probably awful) "Tooth" filum? Or maybe I'm going crazy?
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