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  1. "Nightmare" was directed by Henry Selick. Story was written by Burton.
  2. Liquid Myth


    Well, either you'll need a new pad (official for best response, I suppose) or you'll really have to work hard on multi-tapping the shoulder buttons at high speeds. Also, try the practise mode to get used to skimming the icons in a motion, i.e. left icon>middle icon>right icon, just for the feel of it.
  3. What, Malice? It was canned a while ago, but was then resurrected, and now I don't know where it is. EDIT - Beaten to it, and with better info. Harrrummph.
  4. I'd rather games with 3 hour or so "lengths" to them, but with completely different routes towards getting to an end, or a number of 3 hour missions for which give you pretty much all you may want out of a game, but with the option of extra routes and the like. You know, like Burning Rangers. Or the upcoming Cold Winter.
  5. Liquid Myth


    I got Mekon up to a rather pitiful 6175, considered it was a perfect run-through. Bah.
  6. I can never see Nintendo doing this. Less than £10 for a game (new or old)? That's not Nintendo.
  7. That's pretty misguided. "Pretty" as in "completely".
  8. So you're saying people buy things PURELY because of what they look like? I find that quite difficult to grasp. I mean, I doubt that The Sims would've sold any worse had it a monkey on the front. And, even if they're more "Westernised" boxes, surely something a little better wouldn't go amiss? Take a look at that godawful Bomberman one on the first page.
  9. I can see a lot of people buying it purely for the novelty, possibly. I mean, the GBA SP sold well, didn't it?
  10. It's proper shite. I can't remember why, but I hated it.
  11. I distinctly remember it being called "Bejeweled".
  12. You'll just have to keep flicking through the Super Plays, I'm afraid. Modern magazines = no fun.
  13. Apparently, LucasArts would not release KOTOR on the PC on DVD because "not enough people have DVD drives", although I think they were referring specifically to the US. And that was only a couple of months ago.
  14. A little bit of creative modification and, hey, Nintendo-brand military equipment!
  15. GPS gives co-ordinates of "UK Region" > BAM! Japanese games won't work in this region.
  16. kam, developers don't make games to appeal to the same core audience for it's entire lifespan. That's why new things are added with every new edition, sometimes to try to get new people to play the game. After all, developers need money to work, and more people buying their games = more money to live on, and a better chance of making new things for people to enjoy. It really is that simple.
  17. Like people who didn't follow such and such a band before they were famous. Because it belongs only to the elite who have been there from the beginning. Or something.
  18. There's no hiding the disappointment.
  19. Nonsense! It's wholesome fun. By "wholesome" I mean "perverted and twisted"
  20. Floating Islands have been done to death in just about every RPG since Gulliver's Travels existed.
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