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  1. Just like the Super Scope, then.
  2. It's the Super Scope all over again. Cue: shoulder pains in half-an-hour's play.
  3. The thing is, I don't think Nintendo are trying show a "silent hero" in the game. Link is your avatar, he is representing YOU in the game world, and thus, there's no need to repeat what you are thinking, as they'd probably get it wrong. It's a better use of the imagination as a tool in such a situation.
  4. Personally, the appeal of Worms on-line is lost on me. It's the kind of game multiplayer on one PC was invented for. And what's wrong with buying WWP instead of WA?
  5. Or, indeed, as many different topics as possible. Get over it, kam.
  6. In Tiny Toons: Buster Busts Loose, you can run up a wall, jump off, and run up an opposing wall (and jump off that) if you've got enough "run" power left. I think.
  7. Prince of Persia: SoT. Duuuuuuh. Super Shinobi 2 has wall jumps.
  8. Last time I looked, Zelda came here in 2003. And "childish shite"? The game may have suffered from been rushed, but dismissing it as such without putting your case forward is blatant trollage.
  9. I sincerly hope they don't remove any blowing off body-part features. All my versions seem to have them taken out.
  10. Apart from R-Type, all of those are very Marmite - and I didn't like any of them (haven't played the new R-Type). Worst analogy ever. Backed up by an even worse argument.
  11. Try using the "L" button. Winky smily!
  12. Not to mention the way all the important stuff is highlighted in red. Hurrah for patronising gaming!
  13. Because as we all know, the PC version was the top selling game of a Christmas past.
  14. Someone who performs regular sacrifices in hope of a new Sega Console
  15. I own a PS2 and a Gamecube, but no X-Box. - I fail to see why the DVD argument is used against the PS2 anymore. DVD players are now exceptionally cheap and available to pretty much anyone, and usually at a better quality than the PS2/X-Box. - I am unimpressed with the lack of support for the PS2's on-line abilities, and a furthur lack of people who play on it. Especially Capcom with their on-line RE game. - I am utterly disappointed with the exceptionally poor DVD drive implemented into earlier machines. I have a new one inside, and Sony's shocking customer treatment is the biggest flaw with the PS2. - There's shitloads of games, and a shitload of great games. And many great games now at lower prices, thanks to second handage or reduced pricing. Result! - In fact, a lot more than the Gamecube. And, unlike the Gamecube, I don't have to "pretend" I enjoy some of them
  16. I doubt that there's more than 20 Triple-A Gamecube games, most of which usually need a bit of a starting point somewhere earlier (the N64/SNES). Even then, there's far less in terms of choice for the machine on the PAL region. There's the occasional obscure Jap title that might take your fancy, but the PS2's large library could see you better purchasing Gitaroo Man than the possibly risky (and much more expensive) Donkey Konga. The PS2 isn't easy to modify either, keeping most machines to the PAL region. Or whatever. I don't know, I'm terrible at this arguing thing.
  17. What stopped "them" trying it with downloadable music? (Regardless of questionable quality)
  18. I'm sure that the Neptunes, regardless of their infinite power they hold of current, have done a few duff tracks. I can't think of any at the moment though.
  19. That's not very constructive arguing there. People have rose-tinted viewpoints of Tomb Raider because, get this, they enjoyed it! It was available to a lot more people than Mario was (at the time), because it came first, or, if that statement is false (I'm not looking up at the moment), it's because it was a game that worked on their Playstations, the popular choice of machines. Thus: more people played TR before SM64 without dismissing it due to being on insuperior hardware. Possibly, I don't know.
  20. How exactly can you have the choice "Neither"? Surely "About the same-ish" would have been a better thing. Fmm. I voted the SNES because of the sheer amount of quality titles available in comparison to the N64's stuff, because a lot of the PAL N64 stuff was, admittedly, duff.
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