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  1. I'm clueless on hip-hop, but I do take a fancy to the more "well-known" stuff. Can anyone give an opinion on Kelis' new album? Or MC Pittman?
  2. Have you ever played Kingdom Hearts? Now that was how to do an exceptionally bad set of fleshy tunnels.
  3. Hang on, why is this titled "PSP and it's failure to dominate"? It's like saying "I could beat your unborn child to a pulp, one on one". But not as harsh.
  4. Virtua Fighter 4: Evo. 100% ace.
  5. You know, you don't have to copy everything from another website word-for-word. There's a thing called "paraphrasing". Or "originality".
  6. Yikes . I've not played any Hentai games, but am uncomfortable with Hentai in general. It's not real, but it's sexy - argh brain meltdown. There's nowt wrong with it - after all, it was drawn specifically to get some people to fapp. And did you know, 40% of Japan's book sales are of Anime, most of which are Hentai?
  7. Sonic doesn't actually work in da 3D realm, pure and simple truth. The 2D world has been plagued by the awful Sonic Advance games, and should be handed back to American studios to make them approachable again. Hell, with the right treatment, a new GBA version of Sonic moulded on the original Megadrive versions could be the bestest thing ever on the GBA. But it's not going to happen.
  8. Any news on a European/US release date?
  9. Oh, but isn't it? I hated what I'd played. How the story worked, and how you've got to go and kill all your best mates to get your son back and that. Horrific and unsatisfying.
  10. Well, with this knowledge, why don't you make a bit of a fuss about this and report them to someone (I'm not exactly sure who mind) for bad practices?
  11. What - "how is the game going to end?".
  12. TRUFAX. I'd rather have another console (not handheld) Shining Force.
  13. Final Fantasy plots are pathetic. They're boringly simple stories which all the anime fanboys hype up due to the fact that they're in a game. Final Fantasy VII's plot makes me sick.
  14. GTA2 is very poor in comparison, in my opinion. The ruggedness of the first game made it much more appealling. And the gangs thing is a load of shit.
  15. Shouldn't that be the other way around? i.e. If you're using less polygons to create a visually complex scene, and using the lower limit to fool the eye into thinking there are more? But true. Maybe soon enough I can read through a David Gibbon review without it saying, "Amazing Graphics!".
  16. I've never considered any1 using tape on my GBA.
  17. I bought it a couple of years back... ...and never "got" it. Streets of Rage all the way for me.
  18. Awful in comparison to the MD ones. I'd love to see a new one by one of the original teams. And none of those crappy "speed up" things that are all over the place in Sonic Advance.
  19. I voted the bottom one. Most letters = best value for money!!!11
  20. Clearly Garrett (however you spell his name). Whose game laid the foundations of Deus Ex... ...only for them to catastrophically fuck it up.
  21. I had fun shooting people down the staircases (higher up).
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