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  1. For a start, you can now aim up and down, and use all that MGS2 has that MGS didn't. Which is quite a lot.
  2. I thought Ristar was included because it was the only other game to use the Sonic 3 engine? Unless I'm completely mistaken. And Burai, at the time of the original "Sonic Team", there was an unrelated group called Team Sonic, who created most SEGA RPGs.
  3. ...until you get through 3 straight hours of actual gameplay. If the 3 hours are constantly interupted with tedious cutscenes, you shouldn't give it a second glance. Final Fantasy, I'm looking at you.
  4. Licence to Kill, throwing knives, most levels. Hilarity ensues!
  5. Liquid Myth

    Game Rage

    I was furious with that the first time. The second time, I drifted through. How? Sounds. The puzzle that I thought was "most badly implemented" was the "security system" puzzle. Far too generic, and far too early.
  6. Here's your confirmation.
  7. Talk about misleading titles.
  8. Read: June 2005 for Europe. And I worry (again) for the battery power.
  9. Multi-shoulder buttons are vital! How can I play Amplitude with triggers?
  10. He did that with something else on the Gamecube - first he mentioned two games, out in March or something, then said "something else, 31/12/04". Know what?
  11. Aces - looking around that site (which has it's share of dubious stuff), I found this: Streets of Rage 4 concept stuff! Dope.
  12. I hated Duke3D's blatent phrase stealing from Bruce Campbell, which 3DRealms never credited him for. Dicks.
  13. Hmm. I stopped pretending to understand specs long ago. As long as you can get a decent battery life out of it, I'd be up for one.
  14. Okay, Wednesday at 8, for whoever. I think I played KimPossible last week. And probably lost.
  15. How to save the industry: Publishers release games for cheaper. Everybody wins. It's a mini adventure.
  16. I don't see why people keep comparing today's prices to those of the Megadrive/SNES era. They were grossly overpriced to hell, whereas now they're just overpriced. £40 is a criminal amount to ask for a game, especially since they don't cost anywhere near that of a Hollywood blockbuster (priced at up to £25 on DVD).
  17. Get this: there was a Megadrive version in the works.
  18. Liquid Myth


    Has anyone ever played Steep Slope Sliders on the Saturn? Or, indeed, got it? If so, go to the Sound Test option, and, as if by magic, Unity!
  19. Liquid Myth


    That looks truely horrible (for a game). Is it meant to be inside someone's ear or something?
  20. On release, games are far too expensive (by about £20). That's why budget games sell so many more per minute or whatever unit of time you want to use. Because it's the comedown period after Xmas, many people may have bought their one game in ages, and so cheaper games are needed to entice to buy more. Or, some of the cheap games mentioned (PoP, XIII) didn't do too well in the Xmas period and because of the lack of sales have to make money back somehow. Summary: no game should ever be more than £25. Especially GBA games.
  21. FIFA 2005!!!!!!!one No, it just looks like Far Cry at the moment, and the possibility (none) of some more BeMani games.
  22. If you order them *proper* (reservations start 30/01/04) from the Jap Xbox Page, you get a personalised message in the corner (20 characters). ULTRA SPECIAL!
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