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  1. I thought the Dramatic Battle mode in SFA3 was ace.
  2. God bless rumours. They keep the gaming world on it's feet, a lot of the time.
  3. I've got a good one: REAL LIFE. It's kind of free, but full of nasty consequences!
  4. Amplitude on-line, as I've discovered, is a bit of a barren field as far as anyone at all is concerned. So, anyone up for a game tonight, about 9pm? (my name is "Liquid Myth")
  5. I didn't like JSRF much at all, to be brutally honest. Here's why: - chaotic multiplayer - poor "speed-up" special move - lack of police resistance to my tagging, followed by a lame showdown afterwards instead of having to fight them off whilst tagging at the same time - replacing the "1337 tag skillz" analogue controlling with hammering the tag button on walls - far too big and easy to get lost - poor design, could leave you grinding for days instead of creating your own difficult but rewarding loop But for anyone to say that Sega's post-NiGHTS production has been poor needs a kick in the teeth. Or bumming in the gob.
  6. I know I'm the one who openly criticised these topics, hoping for maybe a little less frequency or change, and yes, thanks for the bolding bit, but this is a terrible choice for a game! Try something which isn't gaming Marmite. I hate Rez.
  7. All too true. I trust you have the translated version of Secret of Mana 2?
  8. You need the luxury of a 6-button pad for the Megadrive. And these: - Streets of Rage 2 - Micro Machines 2/MM '96 - Sonic 1/2/3/& Knuckles (any one'll do) - Revenge of Shinobi (in case you can't find "Super Shinobi")
  9. That's almost like saying: "Nintendo need to die, for dividing gamer's opinions everywhere with their questionable produce of late". Probably.
  10. I didn't like most of the games in my household (Viewtiful Joe = disappointing, F-Zero = frustrating, THPSU = Dire shit), but Prince of Persia has stood the test of time. It's funtastic!
  11. It's not about the legality - it's the obvious abuse such a system would face, and Sony would never openly endorse something that could easily open the doors to piracy. Or at least, not any more.
  12. About as legal as "making back up copies of games"?
  13. Maybe Sony should provide "special" versions of their DVDs with either sampler USDs or the film on USD included?
  14. I'd get one if they weren't guaranteed to fail like most Sony products in my household. All 2 of them.
  15. OH MY GOD! If it's on the internet, it's got to be true!!!!
  16. Because Mario Sunshine sold the GameCube, didn't it? And many people had not played GTA3 before buying a PS2 for Vice City.
  17. NEG, seriously. The only reason these topics EVER create ANY kind of discussion is because the discussion is telling you to SHUT THE FUCK UP, and maybe post something which isn't copied and pasted from another site. MUTHERFUCKER.
  18. Better question: how long can you last without the interweb? Think about it.
  19. Liquid Myth

    Sims 2

    The return of the Krypton Factor! I am so buying this.
  20. Kick Off on the Megadrive was one of the worst things I've ever played. I mean, there was a button for turning when holding the ball. Why?
  21. Kick Off is shat. I praise Sonic the Hedgehog.
  22. So what's so "special edition" about it?
  23. I'm sure he doesn't have to put up much of an argument... ...seeing how everybody else has.
  24. This is isn't "what games should never have", more "what western games should fix". When you're saving a game of Japanese origin, it's incredibly easy - choose a file to start with, and keep with the same file throughout the game. When it comes to most American products, it's Save Game > Choose slot from 50 > "Save game here?" > "Are you sure you want to overwrite?". THPS and PoP, I cast thee down. It can't be that hard to get around.
  25. The same guy who let the 'NOE hate us all and want to see us die by giving away free stuff' parade in Enough with the smilies, shitface, and put up a constructive argument. Those in Europe have always been on the shitty end of Nintendo's stick. You may think "Wow starz catalogue nintendo love us like I luv them yay", but then there's Americans and Japanese who already get their own superior versions, which really is fair, isn't it? It's simple enough really; from the beginning of the Zelda Disk promotion, Americans have had a simple "buy two, get bonus disk free" offer. Clear as muck. Here, it's been a desperate fight to get it first from an extremely limited supply, and with an outrageous amount of points (equating to 18 games, but you probably already have that and more) it looks like a whole load of unfair. People started complaining, but not before still buying games from Nintendo, whom they were "supporting" to use your crazy phrasing, and Nintendo do a turn face and say, "Yes, you can get it now, provided you didn't purchase said games before. If you already have, TOUGH SHIT FOR SPENDING YOUR MONEY ON OUR SHIT WHICH WON'T THANK YOU FOR, BECAUSE WE WANT TO DISTRIBUTE THE DISK TO THOSE IN THE UK FAIRLY UNTIL AFTER CHRISTMAS, all for the sake of our sales sheets and not for anybody buying our games, heaven forbid no".
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