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  1. I brought an PS2 on launch and now it seems Sony has cut it's price. Once again I get screwed becuase I supported them from the start. Sony can fuck right off Yeah I know how you feel, I brought a DVD from HMV before Christmas and when I went back after Christmas they had cut it's price. Once again HMV are punishing me becuase I brought thier product early. HMV can fuck off I've been subscrbing to FHM for 2 years but I saw yesturday that a new subscriber who signs up now gets a free bit of soap. Once again I am punished becuase I paid for the magaine early. FHM can fuck right off Last year I brought a flight from Ryanair and then I found that that it was 75% cheaper if I had waited until the week of the flight. Once aagin I get punsihed by ryanair for being a supporter and buyer early. Ryanair can fuck off Do you need more examples or do you understand yet that they will always be better deals if you wait for a product. You can't blame NOE for not sending out a copy of the disk to every Cube owner in the UK. However they have provided you with a reletively cheap way of getting the disk and if you allready own all the games then just flog it on ebay once you have brought. Oh and read the signiture. You are person 2. Alright, who let the "state-the-bloody-obvious" parade in?
  2. ...and I'd probably be bawling and crying by now if I didn't have the disk. And please, if you want to defend Nintendo like that, talk to a wall, or a three year old.
  3. Anyone ever played Hulk on the Megadrive/SNES? No? Didn't think so.
  4. I know exactly what it is. Basically, you're crap at it.
  5. The ducking slap is the best animation (in multiplayer) EVAH.
  6. Liquid Myth


    I got some decent scores on some levels, but my PS2 laser's finally dead, and I can't remember the scores. Bummer.
  7. This has to be the most ignorant, cack-mouthed arguing I've ever bore witness to. For fuck's sake, give it a rest, Beertiger. For an example of "the ignorant masses", I bought the ETM game. Based on a misguided review from OPS2. Yes, it was a poorly executed game. Yes, it was a licensed product. But yes, I was a big Matrix fan, and I wanted something to satisfy a 6-month gap and various plot-holes. I didn't purchase it expecting it to be terrible, I was expecting a good and interactive version of The Matrix. And it was made by Shiny, whose products I had a liking for in the past. FACT: I DIDN'T EXPECT IT TO BE RUBBISH. BUT IT WAS. END OF.
  8. piss off hippie. if they don't know ETM is universally slamed from here to right over there then that is ignorance. they are ignorant of the fact that it is shit. Add to the fact that the game hit the shelves before many-a-critical review...
  9. Then surely as more people would risk it with a lower price (as stated), even more would take the plunge with a single format? Sigh. That one's for another day, s'pose.
  10. I'm sure that part of the problem with picking Lara Croft for the cover of a supplement entitled "...History of Video Games" indicates that not only are The Sunday Times totally out of touch with today's gaming demographic, but because Lara Croft is an easy figure to use it shows, in a sense, that it will not be as thouroughly researched as it should be. Hell, I'm even holding out that they start "properly" (prior years will be filled with bullet points) in 1996.
  11. What wider audience - people who also fit the stereotype but who hadn't played games? Wipeout, regardless of not being a character or figure, was a much better attraction to the mainstream.
  12. What, a pre-pubescent teenager with a fixation on a polygon woman?
  13. Putting Lara Croft on the cover of "an interactive History of Video Games" would be about as relevent as putting MC Hammer on a history to Hip-Hop.
  14. All the levels from that video are in the Beta rom (I had it too). The Chemical Zone place is very similar mind (given that they only showed a small section on the video). I can't remember much about the WoI one, but there was also a Batman Returns one.
  15. More Sonic 2 beta shots: The top one is the stage select, included by default on this cartridge. The left one below is the "Wood Zone" (there's not much more than shown, folks) and the right one is the "Casino Night Zone" (blocks thrown about pretty much at random). Other stages on the stage select work (asides "Genocide City" and "Death Egg") and they seem almost finished, save for a few holes.
  16. This one: The differences were quite substantial, here's a select few: - in the finished game, Tails was merely an annoying character who hung around Sonic for most part, was invincible and usually had no real bearing on Sonic. Here, he could lose Sonic's rings and die himself. - there's no invincibility to attacks after getting hit. Which meant you could get hit, fall back Sonic-style and then land on some spikes and die. - the beta contains two never finished levels: the Hidden Palace (pictured) and the Wood Zone, or something. There's also something called the Genocide Zone, which was probably removed because it sounded nasty. - the water level was literally only half finished, as the bottom half of the level wasn't there (and thus killed you). - some levels are just a mass fuzz on the background (Sonic plummets to death) with no music. Others are just a woeful mess (Casino level). - music tracks are different. Around the time of Sonic 2's hyping up, this appeared a lot on Bad Influence, I think.
  17. What's the most interesting beta ROM you've come across? I know there aren't a lot "out there", but I've just been going over a couple for some games I didn't know had them (World of Illusion and Revenge of Shinobi 3). Personally I think it's the Sonic 2 one, due to it appearing so finished and yet being quite unfinished from what the version has.
  18. So what happened to the "new face" of Nintendo Europe? You know, the one were they handle the conversions themselves (as opposed to the US team) in order to get a game over here quicker and more 'efficiently'? I want my Donkey Konga.
  19. Exactly what I said. But longer. And with fancy words.
  20. I'd hate for my mistakes to be corrected properly (really). It'd take the fun out of actually doing it right, and feeling good about it. Anyway, when you run out of ammo for a weapon in most FPSs, you do automatically change to one with ammo.
  21. Not a valid point. In no order: - Wario Ware - Virtua Figher 4: Evo - Prince of Persia - Viewtiful Joe - Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow - Metroid Prime - Amplitude And Half those games aren't even from this year...
  22. I love Edge. Seriously though, it's the only magazine I can read anymore without having the need to shout out "NO YOU FUCKING MORONS! YOUR FORMAT IS NOT PERFECT!", because that's what all other mags have degenerated into (again). It'd barely be bigger than a copy of The Beano.
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