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  1. The Soul Edge series' most common feature is that they're all games destined to gather dust on the shelf rather quickly. Once the initial excitement has gone, it's over for ages until you dig it out for a while again. And then it goes back on the shelf. Unlike VF4: Evo were you feel the need to keep your 733t skills fresh. I haven't, and I feel a little ashamed by it.
  2. I don't know about you, but I'd prefer cash over a broken disk any day.
  3. "Get over here/Come here!" - Scorpion, MK series. Kewl.
  4. I am as well. The music is such a sorry mess. I loved the N64 version's music.
  5. "The next generation of headache-inducing technology!" Go Nintendo.
  6. "What game did you enjoy the least?" I think he can answer for himself. And me for that matter, you raving Final Fantasy fanboy.
  7. Has anyone ever played the game version of the great American cartoon, The Tick? Because it's the nastiest piece of coding I've ever played. I doubt it was even playtested.
  8. You spelled "pedant" wrong. Schoolboy error. BAM! BAM! Shoot you DEADED! I'm sure I read a while back about somebody complaining that "pedant" was the incorrect spelling. Such is life.
  9. FPS multiplayer-only games. If only because they felt so proud to be wholey American, right down to the TOTALLY FUCKING ANNOYING VOICES WHICH BELONG IN IDIOT CONVENTIONS.
  10. "Rise from your grave!" - Altered Beast. And the death scream of "UUURRRGGGHHHH!!!!".
  11. Kick Off on the Megadrive. Disaster.
  12. [pedent]You spelled weirdos incorrectly[/pedent] And is that not just stating the bleeding obvious? You know, "Opinions are like arseholes, everybody's got one".
  13. The massive chunky Arcade stick from the Dreamcast. Either that or an obscure socket in the back of your head you can plug yourself into.
  14. I got F-Zero GX, and I'd bought Viewtiful Joe previously (but promised myself not to open it 'till Christmas, go me for keeping the promise!). I played on F-Zero, and I was impressed, but the next day (today) I was having fits trying to get it to work. Then I looked at the disk. It was the most filthy disk I'd ever seen (w/out scratches, mind). D'oh to me.
  15. On that note, I add the countdown music. Most exciting thingy ever.
  16. Review of NEG by Mr Reverse ---------------- Graphics Lines of text copied from other sources which will probably piss everybody off more than spark discussion. 0/10 Gameplay Unknown. Gives no indication of what he himself plays. 0/10 Sound It doesn't make any real sound, just prints out text. Which isn't a noise, so I suppose that's a plus point. 1/10 Replay Value Repeats everything at least twice a week. Doesn't seem to "learn" other player's needs. 0/10. Overall Repetitive and boring. Not one to look out for. Impossible to get rid of. 0/10
  17. Don't ever speak ill of VF4:Evo again. The differences are quite substantial to warrant purchase for anyone who thoroughly enjoyed the original version. Also, the American version (on the cheap) had an extra mode, using the VF (first game) physics and rules, changing the strategy entirely.
  18. I don't know why, but the "blip-blip-blip-blip" from Shenmue indicating that you must be totally ready for anything was always so exciting.
  19. That looks rather excellent! Please hassle her as to were she got it, and share that information.
  20. Badness: Dr. Xen (or whatever he was called) in SoR3. I mean, seriously, who'd pick him over the hard-as-nails Axel? And dropping Max for him, an equally bad move. Probably because Dr. Xen was a crap character. Goodness: Stan from Monkey Island. Because he is.
  21. I'm sticking in votes for: -Chop Chop Master Onion -Jimmy the DJ -The Fish from LOT:TWW -Garot -The British guy in Athlete Kings And against: -Sephiroth (whingey pleb. What a clichéd gimp. He should stop whingeing(sic) and start liking!) -Miles 'Tails' Prower -Kirby (a pink ball. How imaginative)
  22. More cool: King Arthur (Ghouls n' Ghosts). Who else runs about rather spazmodically in their pants after getting hit? Nobody, that's who.
  23. Has Malice even been released yet? Cool: Sonic, Conker Uncool: Jak, Kirby Conker: the amazing "adult" squirrel who does "adult" things, like getting drunk and peeing. One of the worst ever, in fact.
  24. I tried completing Tomb Raider in one big go when I was younger. Got up at half seven, played through as far as I could get, and by half ten (night) I was at the final Egyptian stage. Then I had to quit, and then I discovered the Saturn's in-built memory feature.
  25. Vexx. Just what the hell were Acclaim thinking of? A platformer with a 'mature' (their words) storyline but with a little cutesy chipmunk thing. But with big claws!
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