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  1. The joke's kind of lost on those of us who haven't played Final Fantasy XI... Look before you leap.
  2. The topic of insensitive games has been raised a couple of times on this forum, but has any game this year really stirred you up as to being insensitive? For me, it most definetely has to be that "Freedom Fighters" malarky. It pisses me off no end, due to the blatantly ridiculous notion that the game serves. Yes, the cold war has been used time and time again within games, but none so ridiculously (that includes Red Alert) as this. The basic premise involves the Russians taking over the USA, with your character collecting together some "Freedom Fighters" and fighting back. Replace the use of "Russians" with "The USA" and "The USA" (the second bit) with "Iraq" and the game most definitely will have never ever seen the shelves. I'm not saying that the Iraqi "Freedom Fighters" were ever correct, but to say it would be if it were America smacks of hypocricy [sic?] in the ultimate sense.
  3. Hurrah! Maybe next year, other publishers can try *new* ways of targetting potential customers for their games. Like LOWERING PRICES.
  4. Liquid Myth


    More averageness: Symbion & Akrobatik - 5337
  5. Well, the difficulty levels were "unnaturally" bumped up (the Jap version had V.Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard & V.Hard by default, the western versions had V.Easy and Easy removed), but that wasn't what annoyed me. What annoyed was the sheer grunt of bosses who had stupid attack patterns and were very difficult to hit, like those girls who flipped out and killed you a lot, in the dark, on the first level, or the monstrosity of a last boss which didn't compare to the second game's. So it's not that it was hard, more fiddly.
  6. One was great. Two was bloody fantastic. Three was 'meh' and too hard at that.
  7. Liquid Myth


    DJ HMX & Plural - 4372. My scores haven't really been anything special have they?
  8. There was a Christmas version of Toy Commander (DC) on a coverdisk of ODM a few years back. Yes, it was only one level, but it made a difference.
  9. We need more actual places to play Arcades. In the north-west, save for the Trafford Centre (a bit of a nightmare to get to without a car), there's really fuck-all in terms of new arcades. And if there are any, they all have the same old shit - Time Crisis 3, Dancing Stage 2, Silent Scope, Crisis Zone and Gallop Racer. Those near me (Southport) don't have much new stuff, with things like HotD, MvC and Tekken 3 to name but a few. Blackpool's arcades are pap as well.
  10. There's 2 copies of Burning Rangers in a shop near me (£50 each). And I think it's a crying shame that there is no English language version of Shining Force 3 (scenarios deux and trois). Shouldn't this be in the Retro section?
  11. Shocka: The GCN version is online.
  12. Shurely shome mishtake? SNK vs. Capcom 3 scoring MORE than Wakeboarding unleashed?
  13. I loved the N64 one. The SNES one, for some reason, scared me with it's obscure giant polygons. 9 years old, I was.
  14. Hang on, no offence or anything but I thought you were a touch deaf?
  15. HotD1: Great HotD2: Fantastic, especially with those DC guns HotD3: A bit on the naff side, actually.
  16. Does anyone know if those at NoE, in their infinite wisdom, will again change the title of the new game to prevent confusion/trademark/made-up thing problems?
  17. Is it anything like the rather hectic Game & Watch version? I bloody well hope it is!
  18. Yoshi's Safari - you were Mario on Yoshi's back shooting the cretins out of the sky. Mario is Missing - no control over Mario whatsoever. Donkey Kong GB was a special Super Game Boy game, where it used the SGB's features to produce coloured effects.
  19. MOre examples of 'poor skill levels'. These things are completely avoidable. There is a knack to controlling the ball in PES (1,2,3) and there are controls to help you do this. You have to wait until the player has the ball under control before running sometimes and holding L1 allows for tight control when you receive the ball. R1 is uspposed to allow the controlling of high balls in PES3 and in actual fact simply leaving the player static under the ball tends to bring the ball under control very well in most situations. R2 is used to move the player under a high ball to help win headers etc. That has absolutely nothing to do with what I said, at all. I didn't say anything about the direct control of a player WITH the ball, I was talking about those WITHOUT the ball. I know all about that L1/R1/R2 controlling malarkey, so don't patronise with that nonsense. Why do my players HAVE to make mistakes, in CONSECUTIVE matches? Oh sure, players may have a bad day, but an altogether messy game career? That's just fucking well not on.
  20. I just realised something - I was quite splendifiricly fantabulous at the game on my first attempts, due to performing basic level physio therapy for years. Fun to the non-experienced though, necessarily.
  21. I am still never playing the game again, because of other things I'd noticed: - when going in for the sliding tackle, from a perfect angle, the ever-amazing AI decides to switch player so what was going to be a perfect front slide assault becomes a red card from the guy behind. Hmm, okay. - heads up: my players (the Italian side) have got the amazing ability to miss absolutely every single high ball by knocking it with their chest, or when going for a pass nobbing it with their ankle. And I thought these highly trained proffessionals! Whoops, silly me! - the realism argument isn't cutting it with me. In reality, players make mistakes about once a match, if at all. In this, players are constantly slipping up, tripping over their laces and twatting the ball with their hands. Which itself was a pointless addition. - controlling the keeper, if at all, is totally out of order. There's no player marker, and for all I know the player indicator could have switched without telling me. AGAIN. Rage!
  22. Oh man, I've just played this in a little back streets shop in Liverpool and... it phooking rocks. It's fantastic. Although, it is probably necessary to play it on a secure surface, due to little movements activating the little "clap" feature. But it is pure wholesome fun. If NoE don't release this, I would willingly kill all of them. It's that good.
  23. Not to mention power of weight... Personally, I could imagine a lot of snapped-off screens from da kidz.
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