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    I am fucking furious with this game. I swear, if I have to play this piece of shite ever again, I will pull the disk from it's tray and snap it until it is rendered useless. It's a horribly complicated offering were certain tackles can get you sent right off, yet the same from a few degrees to the left will get you no foul at all. It's impossible to control the players properly, as they all seem to do their own little thing when you tell them to do something else altogether, and the computer controlled teams, that's a whole new can of worms. I hate this so much, that I would happily set fire to all copies if it were legal. Compared to the simplistic days of Sensible Soccer, it's nasty. And you could say that I'm being hypocritical when I say that Virtua Fighter 4: Evo is the greatest fighter around, but in VF4:Evo, the training is actually usefull enough to make you into a good fighter. The training in this, however, is next to useless. Surely I'm not alone in hating this with all my heart?
  2. I think it's about time they started making more black stuff again. Like widescreen TVs, because there aren't as many people who want silver.
  3. I know it's not just me, but I feel as though playing through OoT is a complete chore now, due to the ease of use that WW offers (even if I was not disappointed with OoT at the time). As Spanx mentioned, playing a tarted-up version of OoT with the graphical advancements of today and a better control scheme would allow me to love Zelda with a passion all over again.
  4. Liquid Myth


    Chris Child - 6972 And I got one for the 'knot, about 3000-ish. I'll check later.
  5. Fingers crossed this is just the beginning. Bit late isn't it?
  6. You sir are talking rubbish. You either played a demo pod or borrowed it for 30 minutes. Nintendo are certainly not perfect, you know. Just like your inherently flawed opinions.
  7. That's not actually true, is it? Why not? They were using cartridges for a 64-bit machine. It didn't have many of the fancy things that CDs could easily hold (because 650MB is a little bigger than 256mb) like FMV (oo-er), great quality sound and other big file things. When I said "inadequate", I meant in terms of disk space. See: RE:Zero, some EA games and other stuff that I probably don't know much about.
  8. Hmmmm, please close the door as you leave 'Time Magazine' It's not as if Nintendo are ever pushing the boundries any more though, is it? I mean, it took years of prompting from the gamesplayers for them to move to a disk format, and even then it proved inadequate for some games. The Gameboy Advance could have been more advanced, it could have had cheaper games, but Nintendo didn't do any of this because they didn't want to, due to their monopoly on the handheld market. But because of Sony's interest in the market, they're going to have to buck up their ideas from now on, because they can't stay in the past now. They will have to advance otherwise it could be game over quite quickly. I'm also worried about their on-line stance, and I guess that it's purely motivated by a lack of money in the market currently. Not that they care for offering the gamers anything more.
  9. Liquid Myth


    Bosses are absolutely essential to a complete game package. Yes, they're sometimes badly thrown in as a last minute thing (see: Super Mario Sunshine), but other times they can be a real amazing way to round things up on a level (see: Gunstar Heroes). But, there can be a real problem when the game's last boss is a poor replacement for what you've challenged thus far in the game.
  10. Turning James Pond into a Lego-fish-man. Arrrgghhh!!
  11. Hmm, it's not like those kind of lawsuits are going to ever be in either party's favour. Acclaim vs. Neversoft for bike game? It's a genre, and the games differ enough not to be infringing on either side's interests. Neversoft vs. Disney for skateboarding? Activision released both games, so there wouldn't be any ground for it, seeing as Activision probably gave explicit consent in allowing them to do so (and I'm sure they never expected it to sell better than an already well established franchise). Anything else?
  12. Liquid Myth


    Ooh, BT Kimosabe - 5311
  13. "Have". Deary me. Umm, on the topic, I'd say when I did Don Niu in Shenmue 2 (the fatty), and then did all the QTEs after it perfectly, first time. Yesss.
  14. Anyone notice how worringly slow the player character seems to move? You'd be dead in minutes!
  15. Mr Scruff?! Does it include, dare I say it......the whalefish song? Please tell me it does! See the "type" bit. No actual Mr Scruff stuff, unfortunately.
  16. I see what you mean - for example, Fear Factory's "Frequency" track on the first one has extra drumbeats and distortion effects, or the Metro Mix of "Everyone says Hi" by Bowie lacks the drumbeat in some bits of the song. Or "King of Rock" with it's seemless looping and it's constant scratch track. Mind, many of the others sound a bit too similar to be concerned about.
  17. I thought the whole point of the game was to furthur show off Nintendo's connectivity feature - and add a level of personal usage to it (i.e. only stuff that applies to you appears on your screen)? Not that I'd ever get into the situation of ever using 4 GBAs at the same time on one machine. I think.
  18. That guy looks like he's having a whale of a time. I want a go.
  19. Well, I posted just as you were typing yours. So probably not before.
  20. I loved Metroid Prime. Now, I just like it. But the music! Somebody needs to give this guy a swift kick up the arse. It truly is some of the bestest stuff I've ever heard. And not just in a game.
  21. Liquid Myth


    I did ages ago (MGS2 for best example), but it's totally uncomfortable, and because of this it's almost never used. And the D-pad is analogue too. But again, uselessly uncomfortable.
  22. Liquid Myth


    I thought the L & R buttons were 'analouge'? They are. But that's all. Both Xbox and PS2 have ALL analogue buttons. (Not that many devs make use of them, though ) The "A" button is analogue as well. Try it on Rogue Squadron (different firing rate speed).
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