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  1. I only played the Megadrive version, which was a bit of a shambles in comparison - for example, if you tried placing "too many" things in a set area (memory limitations, y'see) you get a pop-up box saying "Fire Hazard - cannot place here!" even if it was a water based ride. You couldn't place things "behind" others, i.e. in terms of viewpoint, and it just looked so hackneyed and tacky. And then there was the godawful rollercoasters, which used one of 4 pieces - a straight bit of track, a dip, a hill, and a loop. Poor beyond words.
  2. A few disagreements from me: 1. there is NO WAY that the sci-fi setting of Perfect Dark is better than Goldeneye. 2. Sonic Adventure 2? Marvel vs. Capcom 2? PSO? I beg to differ. 3. there isn't too much variety in that Game Boy Color chart. Have they never heard of Tetris? Or should that not count? 4. Shaq-fu? Get the fuck out. 5. I doubt Zero Wing would be any where near the top 100 had it not been for the whole "All your base" phenomona. 6. Zelda 2 was never held in such high regard in it's day. 7. The Playstation had a lot more than Final Fantasy, as the Megadrive had more than Sonic, as the GBC had more than Zelda, as the Neo Geo had Metal Slug. 8. Dragonball Z is terrible on all formats in all iterations. 9. Shining Force 3: Scenario 3 is available only in the Japanese text format, which renders it unplayable to just about anyone who doesn't have the internet to read about it (tranlations-wise), or is fluent in Japanese. 10. Panzer Dragoon Saga is only there due to it's unknown qualities. The truth: it's too short to be a classic RPG.
  3. I heard that turning the refresh rate right down can help plentiful on games which give you motion sickness. I'm not sure mind, why.
  4. Liquid Myth

    Shenmue 2

    Can someone clarify whether Don Niu was a man in the Japanese version? She (if she was always a she) never looked too feminine...
  5. The ever valuable opinions of Dj LuckyStrike, there.
  6. "IGN Score: 7.0". "Average reader review Score: 8.9". Have any of these hapless fools played the game?
  7. I'm awaiting for the ultimate in Sega Ages (in terms of Saturn re-makes) for these shores: Shining Force 3. All 3 scenarios, not just "release one and leave it to the player to guess what happens". Now that was how to do a proper RPG.
  8. "16 - Final Fantasy IV, 1999", and the fact that there are TWO Final Fantasy games anywhere near the top 30 beggars belief. Final Fantasy, or Super Mario 64? (And they couldn't even get the full name of "Super Mario", 1985).
  9. You only made this topic to boast about your big TV, didn't you?
  10. Liquid Myth

    Shenmue 2

    Very wide apart, actually. It's all real-time combat for a start, when there is any. But it's a fantastic game. So get it.
  11. Nintendo IS for kids then? You know what - it does kind of boil down to that. All the moaning on this board about Nintendo: X game is not as good as theh N64 version, Y GBA game is just a port of Y game on the SNES. My girlfriend's 9 year old nephew doesn't give a shit about that stuff, because to him the games seem excellent, especially the SNES ports because the original games came out before he was born sometimes. That's still no excuse to bundle most of them as exactly the same game on the SNES and charge £35 a pop.
  12. If you want to be really anal, Wario Ware (made by Tresure Inc.) was years in the making. Years to get together all those sub game ideas (maybe?). Years for such games to exist to pull little chunks from (the mini-Nintendo games). And, the game's premise is based upon quick bursts of what we've been playing all our lives. Wario Ware: geeeenius.
  13. I heard that mass amounts of the game were taken back to various video game outlets, probably because of the nothingness left after finishing it. I can't say anything about it because I've never played it. Mind you, I thought Neverwinter Nights was utter shat. Is that game similar at all?
  14. Nintendo need to buck up their ideas. Now they know that they can't forever rely on the likes of Mario, Zelda, Kirby etc. to keep themselves alive. The negative reactions to their latest projects only go to suggest that things will most definetely not remain peachy forever. And yes, I am talking about games like Zelda: Wind Waker and Mariokart: DD, because they both had problems with them. Some may dispute that MK:DD does not, but you can't argue that it is to everyone's taste (need I go on?). Their attitude to hiring out 1.5 party support is, in my opinion, a very good thing. Allowing others to make new things out of old franchises but with the fresh perspective from another's eyes (Mario & Luigi, Metroid Prime, F-Zero GX). However, they should create their own new content along the lines of Luigi's Mansion and Pikmin, as whilst these were ultimately flawed in a big way (length), it shows a more open approach as to what can be included in it's new games.
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