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  1. And you write posts that are disingenuous. EDIT: I'm not going to pretend that I haven't made a few posts that were in bad faith, but I'm also getting shit on for genuine opinions.
  2. I'm using that line because other people have "passion and investment in these things". The only "passion" I have is i) whether I enjoyed it (I did), and ii) whether I would like to watch it again (I will). I know you don't like it, but your repeating of that opinion doesn't change what I think about it. EDIT: not to mention that trying to "attribute good things" to a movie that almost everyone has conclusively decided what their own opinion is (without expanding on the details in a lot of cases) is nigh-on impossible. It's like proving a negative.
  3. But they are only films! They are just things! Fuck, DC knock out a whole bunch of animated films with these characters, and they're still doing it, even if the style and voice actors change over time, despite the fact that Mark Hamill is going to reprise his role as the Joker possibly for the last time on an upcoming animated flick. The way that people try to take ownership of these properties, and then lose their heads when it doesn't all go to the plan that they want is nothing more than a selfish entitlement. Oh, so you can mourn for the loss for the chance of a Transformers film that gives you the sort of thrill you got when you first watched the animated one so much that I wore out the video player at the age of 6, but this petty consumerism is what dooms us all to suffer an endless repeat of sequels, remakes and reboots until time ceases to be. The "good" versions that you prefer of these things still exist, and no amount of Snyder-vision is going to suddenly erase the past (that'll be in the hands of Warner and Disney execs).
  4. Just bottled it against someone with over 10000 lp, so I didn't feel too bad about losing. Just bottled it against someone with over 10000 lp, so I didn't feel too bad about losing.
  5. First, let's get the obvious bit of self-depreciation out of the way: Second, let's have one of many examples of why people disliked this movie (or bits of this movie) from this very thread: Excuse me if I do feel like people are tripping over themselves to find fault with this film, but I don't feel how it could have been made any more clear at times such as that quoted; that there are scenes that spell themselves out as clear as day, and now apparently I'm being thrown shit about being both "dumb" for enjoying it (nice ableism btw), whilst at other times I'm feigning some insane level of intelligence in order to see things that other people can't, or people getting hissy when I move from bad traps about Winnie the fucking Pooh. I get exactly why people don't like it: because it doesn't feature the hoo-ha funny quipping that everyone does for the whole runtime of Marvel films, which is fine, as long you're willing to pigeon-hole your desires for what a superhero film should look exactly like. What I certainly don't appreciate is continual ad hominems ("arrogant childishness" etc.) because I am able to articulate what I like about a thing, combined with my challenging of others when they struggle to articulate their dislike of the same thing.
  6. I'd be inclined to say that this is peak hyperbole for the thread, but I'm sure I can still be surprised.
  7. On one of Bison's challenges, it lists the first move incorrectly (it's listed as a single attack, but actually his chain attack version).
  8. If we're being daringly haughty then yes, Winnie the Pooh as you know is completely different to its origins as a method to deliver snippets of philosophy, instead of a wide supporting cast of weird friends and an obsession with selling Tigger toys to barely literate children. Or we could go back to Batman's origin where he brutally murdered criminals by methods including shooting or hanging, such as the debut of his most iconic foe The Joker (who was resurrected at the end of the same issue due to a managerial want -- the foresight of that guy...). Maybe we should also ignore the fact that the medium in which Clark works is rapidly dwindling in its readership (an element that is referred to in this film), or that previous popular attempts at Batman -- like the enormously successful 1989 film -- had Batman off his foes to little complaint? Or the baddies Superman killed in Superman 2, or Superman 3, or Superman 4*, or Superman Returns? The point I'm trying to make is that the jump isn't anywhere near as big as you're trying to make it out to be, if you're comparing the act of killing someone against leaving somebody as a permanent vegetable for the rest of their life. *I haven't seen Superman 4
  9. Where do people get the idea that Superman or Batman don't or can't kill? I don't think it's ever said once in these films. Since when have these characters ever been written as singular canonical entities that cannot be changed? Did nobody learn anything from Iron Man 3?
  10. So you're suggesting that it's mostly accidental? You don't think was a joke?
  11. Saw this today, really enjoyed it, in spite of its few problems. No way is this anywhere near as bad as some are desperate to make it out to be.
  12. I'm playing the Resident Evil HD remake, having not touched the original since completing only Jill's game on the Saturn version in 1998 or 1999, and I'm finding it incredibly relaxing despite everyone who tried to convince me it was scary. Also, the bonus costumes for completing it are a tragic and hilarious reminder of early-to-mid 2000s fashion. I'll probably get RE:Zero at some point.
  13. I suppose it's the main difference between the Videogaiden/Consolevania method of reviews, where VG is much more descriptive and summarising as a whole, whereas CV is both narrating the current scene and summarising at the same time. I like the footage as a frame of reference, instead of having using something vaguer and less relevant to whatever's being talked about (e.g. a random Youtube video).
  14. How do you quantify "engaging", though? I mean, go back and watch some of it; some of the stuff you listed is pure shite, especially those created specifically to pimp out more toys, not to mention how poorly some of them gel with the medium of animation. As for one outlandish example, it's quite alarming to think of how many cartoons of such eras were filled with weapon-toting heroes, only for nobody to ever actually hurt or kill anyone. A slightly silly aside, but how fucked up is it for so many shows to feature deadly weaponary without any illustration of the consequences of using it?
  15. I actively hate Pixar films -- they seem so thoroughly formulaic to the point of mathematically trying to elicit very particular responses at the exact right time, and nullifying the whole point of the Animated Oscar award, because the board is made up of actual fuckwits who can't dare look past anything with the Disney badge emblazened on it. Anyway, onto the rest of it in no particular order: Adventure Time -- the first kid's cartoon I started watching in absolutely years, after many years of deliberately missing out from general apathy. It's always had a top tiered roster of talent both vocal and in storyboards, though it definitely suffered for what felt like the longest time after its best writer, Rebecca Sugar, left to do her own cartoon (below). I'd say it's definitely picked up again, though. Regular Show -- also kicked off around the same time as AT, but self-knowingly aimed at an older audience (though there was only one episode which ever had a swear in, now edited and lost to the ages). Definitely suffers from a lack of variation, and shit the bed a bunch when it tried to do proper love interests for Mordecai. Steven Universe -- from the queen of modern-day storyboarding, Rebecca Sugar's own show is outlandishly confident in how it is playing the long game, and it just gets more intriguing as it delves further and further into the lore, itself set up all the way from the beginning. The only downside is some of the more insane fans in corners of the internet, but it's fairly easy to avoid. Teen Titans Go! -- a "wacky" spin on the original Teen Titans cartoon from just over 10 years ago, but it's such a guilty pleasure. Some episodes just don't work at all sometimes, but other times it's amusing enough, and all the better when it takes the piss out of fans of the serious shows that have aged terribly.
  16. Ultimately, the biggest problems with video gaming is that they've traditionally always been massively hamstrung by constraints of capitalism, moreso than any other medium, which themselves have usually always had a much greater ability to create and publish/publicise themselves without the death grips of a large corporation needed to allow for the collaborative efforts required to see a game come to fruition. This isn't to say that other medium instrustries aren't massively dominated and controlled by a tiny oligarchy of players, but there's typically been a much greater freedom to create a book/comic/film/picture/piece of music/play primarily down to the relative ease of outputting a finished creation. What does a staunchly capitalist environment breed? A lack of variety, a desire to consolidate tastes and styles, basically a complete lack of risk-taking and a need to reinforce neatly packaged markets that basically get the same thing over and over. Like how children's toys have become more and more gender-specific in recent decades, so too do "gamers" generally want to play sequels or similar titles to their favourite games. Or how big a thing nostalgia is for how easily it conjures up positive memories for just about anyone, especially wankers buying and selling antiques broadcast all hours on the BBC, not to mention the ease and cost-effectiveness of remoulding these older images into "new" things. In the now, it's technically easier to create and self-publish a game all on your ownsome, but it's also still at the whims of massive content aggregators who still have their own exhaustive lists of do's and don'ts to satisfy in order to get whatever out there, not to mention the impact of having to find a space within years and years of existing norms and content, even if such and such a devco wants to pretend that their indie darling title really is the massive leap into the unknown that they want it to be. But it's more than likely not going to be.
  17. He looks like a balloon (and because it made me laugh from SA:)
  18. Just had a blatant lagswitcher, "Ninja_Shinryu". I'll upload a video later.
  19. Anyone who ever played Destiny at its peak(s) (typically Iron Banner) should know all too well about the continued presence of lagswitches.
  20. There's also people who use lagswitches which results in the 5-10 second pause effect, trying to game the system another way. I got a perfect against someone yesterday, and the second round starting lagging unusually (for someone with a 4-5 connection rating), and I still got a perfect! And then 40002.
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