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  1. How does someone "report" a rage-quitter? Had someone in the top 200 quit on me before after smashing their face in.
  2. Without having played Nuts and Bolts, I can see where angel is coming from with what was effectively a bait-and-switch after teasing a traditional game for so long before it was finalised. Not only that, but then the whole Playtronic thing happens and they get huge interest and Kickstarter funding for a new game that for all intents and purposes is looking like a new version of the original BK games. Maybe ex-Lionheaders can do a not-Fable game on KS, who knows.
  3. Here's me beating a high-ranking Charlie fairly convincingly! It felt pretty good, and even better when the other guy didn't rage quit.
  4. I think I'm going mad, the number of times I've tried doing an EX yoga fire or even a v-reversal turning into a super move is driving me insane.
  5. Not really, as they had some staff members who were good for that sort of thing until they left after RB2 was finished. From then on, you had songs like "Jerry Was a Racecar Driver" being rated as 4 stars difficulty on the bass.
  6. I know it isn't the best route, but fuck yeah
  7. The initial announcement for new stuff was made by Activision, presumably as a way to offset their poor investors' report released the other day.
  8. That's the stuff! I've only ever gotten gold stars once due to the fiddly bit at 1:50, but it's very doable for five stars with just one pedal.
  9. Yuss, cracked 4000 on "ICU" and got over 4400 on "Break For Me".
  10. The charting for "Flirting With Disaster" has somehow gone all wrong on the drums, like you have to hit notably early. It's the only song I've found issues with the export for RB1.
  11. But where would you fit a Yoga mini-game into that?
  12. One thing that helped me out tons was big chunky monitor headphones plugged right into the TV (better audio quality than the controller).
  13. Again, you haven't seen the film, so there's nothing you can base upon them having "rushed" an ensemble film. Granted, there's definitely a large degree of me-too-esque behaviour based upon the money that Marvel's been rinsing itself in, but it's hard to argue that the few new characters shown in trailers could qualify as excessive (bearing in mind that the clips at the top of this page are from unrelated* projects). *by which I mean "not Batman V Superman"
  14. Um, what? It's a promotion for a film. Or maybe they should ban trailers?! I mean the amount of pre-hate this film is getting is remarkable, for a film that nobody here has seen. "I saw a crack in the facade! I'm positive that real people can't fly without assistance! It's fake!"
  15. Has anyone on here got a username, "Ok***"? I got a request the other day and I feel naked without knowing. Freq mode on Super difficulty looks like the way to go for me, after finally unlocking the chuffing thing.
  16. He was whinging about SJWs after having Star (Justice) Wars 20 odd times
  17. Um, on-topic, it was a great film with the thematic element regarding the rise of cut-throat capitalism in the Americas* slightly undermined by *Based upon Leo's thoughts about the film (interview with Simon Mayo)
  18. Having the wrong opinion on here is tantamount to murder in some people's eyes, but say that you love something like Commando for the win and everything is forgiven.
  19. There's a number of colliding reasons and philosophies as to why vg music isn't so memorable any more: i) advances in technologies allows for much longer pieces with a much larger variety of instruments ii) shift in available or preferred genres, along with an almost total reduction in arcade or arcade-styled games, which needed catchy jingles to catch the attention of potential customers. "Adventure", or other long-form games, have traditionally favoured classical musics, whilst more twitch-based games usually favoured poppy stuff iii) liberalisation of being able to make games, shifting the requirements of musical employees who create for games, technically leading to a fall in quality or a preference for aping other mediums like cinema iv) as shown by this thread, a much larger pool of video games available to play, leading to a disparity between common experiences in playing them
  20. "Aims to take down the SJW movement"? There's been whole newspapers and media outlets devoted to it for decades, and if Rupert Murdoch's billions can't do it, what chance for a leech like Milo?
  21. How does one get the hardest difficulty?
  22. I suppose the soundtrack is growing on me a bit, but some tracks -- namely the Kickstarter backer ones -- are absolute fucking toilet.
  23. That sounds like something a film should never, ever do. Movies are supposed to be as self-contained as possible.
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