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  1. I feel like it was put together really well, aside from one or two spots in the game. That said, HM2 is completely ruined by garbage level design.
  2. "The Phantom Menace" encompasses way more than just Darth Maul, with the obvious three being the aforementioned, The Evil Emporer (who is the best thing about the prequels, hands down), and the oncoming storm in Anakin Skywalker. But there's other more metaphorical concepts, such as: - the indifference offered by the Jedi Council (and the attached Intergalactic Federation) to places like Tatooine, where slavery and lawlessness is rampant whilst rich people in high towers flat-out ignore the situation - the Gungans being colonised and kicked the margins of the land that they originally owned - the bureaucracy of the Jedi Council to try and keep their fucked-up club all exclusive and weird, like seperating Anakin from his mother for no good reason other than a cult-like message preached by Yoda, or monitoring newcomers for midichlorians as some sort of measured genetic element to only allow the "right" sort of people (it's almost akin to eugenics) - Darth Maul has much more than just dressing up like a demon; first off, why would someone choose to look like that? Then, there's his line about "at last we will have our revenge"; who is "we", and were they let down by the Jedis in some way (like the slaves on Tatooine)? Finally, there's the intent of spooking up the Jedi good and proper, scaring them into irrationality, and it works a total charm, regardless of snuffing it after only one kill.
  3. God, Zangief needs some major buffs. He's barely got anything going for him, except for that cyclone v-trigger, but I'll be damned if I have to go chasing any more Lauras from one side of the stage to the other at such an absurdly slow rate.
  4. Actors act. It's their job. They take roles for wages, and if they are lucky enough to get the chance to take a job that can potentially boost their future career prospects, then that's what they'll do. More relevant for the likes of Boyega, but acting opportunities for black people in the UK are fucking rotten, so it's no surprise that he'll have to try stateside to get more chances of a good role.
  5. I gave up on that Captain Toad game fairly quickly because it was a plodding bore.
  6. MGSV - I got to near the end of it all, and then just felt completely apathetic. I thought about starting it again, but suddenly Konami patched in an absurd amount of P2P and "always online" shit that benefits nobody. Destiny - me and everyone else in my group got overwhelmed by the latest Raid, which also takes far too long.
  7. Just saw it, thoroughly loved it. Some postulations:
  8. These games aren't localised, not because of their explicit content or androgynistic content, but purely because publishers don't think that there's a market in the West for them. Not to say anything of Japanese developers who over the years get weird over the idea of filthy foreigners playing their games.
  9. Liquid Myth


    OOT isn't the best Zelda, and it's not better than Undertale.
  10. So Kaz is a taxi driver, picks up and I'm like yeah this is totally reasonable.
  11. You can get the guitar (for an outlandish £80) from the EU Madcatz store (warning: auto play music).
  12. A big problem for the Marvel films* is, in a perverted sort of way, the lack of on-screen deaths of non-superpowered characters: if the threat to the lives of "normal" people is not present, then the antagonists are effectively neutered by the ease in which their attempts to kill are thwarted by the hero(es). And it's not just the lack of civilian deaths, but the lack of action on behalf of the civilians themselves, who are never given an opportunity to stand up to the threat, no matter how small their overall contribution. *not counting the first CA or Iron Man films
  13. I like Snyder's films because they're sincere; it's good that his films are so confident in their portrayal of the message(s), even if people who prefer "ironic" detachment get all uncomfortable about that sort of thing. Quoting myself:
  14. If you don't like it, you can always not watch it. I imagine that's pretty easy to do, because it's not even out yet.
  15. Visuals are astonishingly important -- cinema is a visual art, not a literal description of things that happen. Observe the pictures below, shown in the order of the trailer: They're so dense -- as the shot prior illustrates, families -- presumably middle America or some such -- are literally stranded by the flood, and a saviour appears to them after they have laid down a signal* and reach out to him, with Clark almost engulfed by sun breaking through the clouds. He is one with the weather, and he is figuratively the change in the weather that the people need. It's loaded with metaphors, and no single one is necessarily right or wrong. And it's way more interesting than just the words spoken.
  16. No practice mode, no keyboard option, no money, but hey here's RB VR whoop In other news, more stupid shit for RB4 (embedded videos at link), including the awful looking "Brutal Mode", wherein notes disappear the better you play, and it's locked to expert. Variable breakneck speed looks okay, but I doubt many will go to x2.0 let alone x2.5.
  17. The conflict is in how Bruce sees Superman as a foreign invader, un-American, as someone who cannot possibly be responsible with the incredibly power he clearly has; from his perspective, this alien just came out of nowhere one day and tore down a whole city without even trying, and I wouldn't be surprised if there was some degree of isolation that made Bruce flip. Meanwhile, Clark was traumatised by his own killing of another Kryptonian, so he's really not in the mood for trying to kill a less powerful man, even if he's incredibly brash and thinks he has all the answers. I imagine the fight against grey Hulk will be marked with a sort of "we're not so different, you and I!" sort of thing.
  18. Well yeah, but it'd be nice to think it was a little bit better, even if it never reaches the dizzying heights of a post about the class and subtext of Adam Sandler's Jack and Jill. "It looks shit" is sub-Youtube.
  19. It looks like he's a parody of the Tony Starks figure in the MCU, e.g. quipping, funny voice, loveable face to those who use/buy his services. It looks more like he gets introduced at the end of the first act, if he's got time to talk before congress and build a monster out of a dead guy (and then watch over it fighting the JL). As for WW, she is looking a bit too much like a deus ex machina at the moment, so I'd like to see how that gets resolved.
  20. Fuck me, the hate is weird. Like, everyone is throwing up a continued wall of hating it with choice quotes like: Like, what do you even say to these?
  21. Nah. Batman will play a figure of fear, and Superman will play a figure of hope.
  22. Let's play read the fucking post: This does not say, "all Japanese people are paedophiles", rather that Japan is the only place where this shit is okay.
  23. Still need one? I'll be there in a few if so.
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