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  1. Just pulled the trigger on a Series S to play this, I cannot wait.. Is CD Keys the best place to buy 12 months gold then upgrade to Game Pass Ultimate? Does that method still work? Thanks.
  2. Ah so this games doesn't have a 1440p mode on either Series S (upscaled) or X (native)?
  3. For those that have a Series X, can you set the resolution to output at 1440p (on a 1440p monitor obv) and have this game run in native resolution? In fact can you run all games at 1440p? Still trying to decide whether to pick up a Series S for this or wait until I can get my hands on a Series X. Only got a 1080p TV and a 1440p (non gaming) monitor with no plans to upgrade in near future.
  4. Aside from the Series S version only running 1080p, are there other differences in performance next to the X version?
  5. Baz

    This is Hip-Hop.

    Probably been mentioned but I've only just discovered Harry Mack freestyle rapper - just done 10s of his videos on the bounce and it's all gold. Check his youtube out:
  6. Is there any news on this coming to the new Xbox? Seems this was suggested when it was launched. It's on gamepass right? Reckon it would be the game to persuade me to pre-order the console next week.
  7. Were you able to get this running? I'm in the same boat and have a strong urge to play this. If not, are we expecting it to ever be available for Mac OS?
  8. Thought I should update this to say Smyths were great and have refunded the money after I emailed them. What game to get in place though? Scouring this thread for inspiration and looking for something I can pick up easily for 5 minutes at a time. Yoshi's Crafted World looks great actually. How does this compare with New Super Mario Bros, Mario Odyssey or the new Mario Kart for a Nintendo fan who has been out of the loop since the Gamecube? Going to be 1 player only played on a Switch Lite.
  9. Posted in ATF but thought I'd try here also. I have just has Zelda BOTW digital code bought for me for fathers day & already have it. Missus is pretty upset as this is the first time she's ever attempted to get anything gaming related for me - researched it all herself; great choice - and as she understands there's no possible exchange or refund. It was purchased online from Smyths 5 days ago. Does anyone know what my options might be? If no chance of an exchange with the shop then where might I exchange/sell this online? Feel really bad for her and would love a resolution.
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