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  1. It has been a while since I played it, admittedly.
  2. You would also be confident that, as well as coming from a studio with a high calibre for quality, BoTW2 would not be released in an unfinished state with Link regularly falling through the floor, moblins getting suck in animation loops and ignoring the player, slowdown to 10fps when there are more than three enemies on screen, or Epona occasionally floating away. £70 per game is more acceptable when you know the studio have done their job properly before pressing the disk.
  3. Hopefully they do not stick to the game plot too rigidly. I mean, I adore the game, but it is hardly going to compete with the best of what we can get on TV as it stands. The game hints at plenty that could be expanded in the show (Joel's 'lost years' after the outbreak, different settlements and their struggles, political structures, the resignation of the world to the infection being uncurable, people like Bill living 'off the grid', etc). Or they could just fully lean into the game and have every dramatic scene followed up by Joel rummaging through every cupboard for broken scis
  4. Oh yes, inflation is a metric beset with caveats. £40 for me in the 90s was a few shifts of work, but I had not other real expenses. Today I have a lot more money, but I also need to feed and house my family. But as a simple measure it does demonstrate that games have, as inflation eroded the cost over decades, become more competitively priced. I take issue with the argument of 'it cost this much to make so people should pay this much'. I get that some games cost more to make than others, but that is a design decision and unless the extra expenditure creates genuine value
  5. Adjusted for inflation, £70 is not too far removed from historic game prices. And if you can sell a game on then the net cost is less than the purchase price. Where the £70 price falls down is when it is compared with the competition. A game may be 'worth' £70, but when subscription services like GPU exist then it becomes much harder to justify spending that much on a single title. Also, the market is increasingly diverse. Games like Hollow Knight cost a tenner, look fantastic, and offer a lengthy and fulfilling experience. The other issue is that there is an expectatio
  6. The brass neck of complaining that customers aren't paying full price for a game that, on release, was not even fully developed.
  7. I am enjoying this game much more than it deserves with its generic sci-fi setting and uninspiring set of characters. What it does well is the world tiers. Essentially unlocking suitable difficulty levels. Playing as a trickster, which I quite like. A bit like the Siren in Borderlands. Lots of opportunities to troll enemies, like teleporting behind them with upgraded ammo and using the temporal blade that can wipe out several opponents at once, before sprinting back to cover and trying to draw out their captains. It is very generic though, and I doubt I will
  8. If anyone wants to pirate games then just do so. Do not come up with justifications based on an ethical code that you feel Sony has breached. I used to pirate games from time to time - these days I have so much high quality content available through PS+ and GPU, as well as the substantial discounts available in online store sales, alongside reduced free time, that the idea of spending hours fiddling with downloads, torrents, firmware hacks, and the like just completely turns me off. Anyone planning on pirating games for the PSP/3/Vita on the basis that they will be unavailable - wh
  9. Totally. MS has no real presence in Japan. In 2015 I went to a Tokyo store there and this was their Xbox section: In contrast, this was their PS Vita section: And their Wii U section: MS will never get the most sales with one huge territory not buying their consoles. If we were in the SEGA/Nintendo days this might matter, but right now we have all three main consoles backed by companies with a lot of cash and seemingly all keen to remain in the market.
  10. I only played GTA5 when it was originally released (2013!), so happy to have that to dip into from time to time.
  11. Never herd of this before the show and pleasantly impressed. The trope of 'here's basically the Justice League without copyright infringement' is a bit tired now, but never mind.
  12. Octopath Traveler is a lovely looking jrpg that plays nicely, albeit somewhat unforgiving. I like that it loosely scales enemies up with you. Unfortunately quick resume does not seem to work with it (yet?), but loading times are short enough not to make that an issue.
  13. My son's best friend in primary school was named Joseph. The boys in his class called him Joey, and the girls in good class called him Jo-Jo. He didn't get the reference when I greeted him with with 'Hey, Joey Jo-Jo'. I also use 'my father still has my nose' more times than is absolutely justified.
  14. A Plague Tale: Innocence is well worth a play through. Heavily inspired by TLoU and with a decent narrative. A good 10 hours and doesn't outstay its welcome at all.
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