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  1. Had a 32" Sony wega that was 65k - Lowe made a 36" at the time and it was TRUELY huge
  2. Also RS2 has the 3 original atari arcade game included on a hidden menu or in game un lock - can't remember
  3. We found this a car boot a couple months ago (see photos from the day) , it's a dual MD & gamegear unit (I haven't attatched a game gear yet) I just got round to fixing it up, it's in pretty good shape, all the electrics are working fine, the consoles and screen were missing but I've replaced them, all the mouldings were pretty much UN-damaged - we will have it with us on our stand at this years NREG if you want to see.
  4. From from the excellent PlayStation FB group, any gaps just assume they never released,
  5. you will probably find the gaps are european versions of other first 100 games, they often had a different serial number.
  6. Cubes look great in modern TVs, rgb scart of if you're feeling flush a component cable for 480p
  7. I always struggled with the screen on the GBA and to a lesser extent the GBA SP, that was until I swaped a 101 screen into it, now I find it perfect, currently working through a tub of loose titles I've picked up at the boot sales over the years.
  8. I'm wondering has anyone had any successful trades in this group yet? Can we just list things for sale ? I know there's a selling thread of the main page but posts for vintage stuff tends to be ignored in my expierence, I'm not a big seller by any means but I have a large box of stuff I'd like to get rid of to buy other items
  9. found this NES classics GBA stand on eBay for just £10 complete with installation instructions, seller emailed me couple days later after he found the missing display boxes that complete it (and the other display pieces that went with it) still looking for some of the boxes to complete (see post in trades)
  10. Looking for.... Any G&W or Casio handheld 6 button black MD controller Metroid zero GBA (complete) GBA NES Classics - box must be 8/10 at least. Stuff to trade
  11. Wow that's nice, there's such a innocence about these old pieces, from a very short lived era... I have this one from the same period
  12. It's a standard model B. the elderly couple I bought it from had made a kitch cover for it, i assume it's been under there for the last 34 years, there isn't even any dust between the keys!
  13. PSU is shot, shame as it looks like it came out the factory yesterday, a project for someone I think...
  14. It was on there but it was in th un-playable demo section.
  15. Well just this really, bit battered but it's unused with instructions inside 1982, still glows in the dark too, oh and some old 80's ford brochures
  16. I just bought one of those midnight blue GBC (number 10 in photo) one of the best colours - JP only though
  17. A random house call yesterday tuned Ito a canny find, turns out they'd bought their kids a NES each to stop them fighting over it, they thought there might be some more games in the loft so I offered to go up for a look - that's where I found the spectrum along with a box of games and some other random 80's toys. It's the best NES box I've ever had
  18. Ha yes I bought it, but don't worry it's in my PS1 pile still, I didn't sell it on or anything....
  19. That Photo of the PS1 with the random green memory card being used again I see.
  20. You will soon start picking up £1 random PS1 games just for the cases if they're decent. Try hunting down the first "demo 1" disc - that has a rapid reload demo on, Q
  21. rapid reload won't be cheap, jumping flash can be more that average too. early non 3D games seem to be more scarce, apparently Sony didn't want to promote 2D titles on their new 3D machine.
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