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  1. err who had an rgb tv in 1997? My friends all had rf tellies in their room with small portables, cables didn’t even come into it.
  2. So if demand outstrips supply then that’s a botch? most odd
  3. Seems like peeps would benefit from a Super NT it solves all these problems
  4. but it’s just plastic and metal ! unbelievable
  5. I think it’s a little bit more than that.
  6. I’m in the pro Thunderforce 3 camp
  7. ulala

    PC Engine Mini

    I use the tv usb power for mine
  8. The first GA is where it’s at
  9. Well if you ever want to get rid of them ....
  10. If you have physical games, still get the Mega Sg
  11. it’s still not running on the SNES though is it. what next, Snes 4K vr ?
  12. Ray tracing on the SNES is actually on a chip that’s nothing to do with a Snes
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