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  1. outside of the eu zone, it always was the case
  2. Of course they can stop roms being downloaded free on websites
  3. the SNES mini has cost more than the super nt in the past
  4. when i got the super nt it was definitely time to ditch 50hz pal where possible
  5. i think im getting old, i prefer the games in their original form
  6. Series X - absolutely love it, no regrets. PS5 - regretted it, didn’t like it (had it after xsx) and moved it on to someone who would like it
  7. ulala

    Xbox Game Pass

    they see it as an experience, rather than a fair game
  8. they licenced their games to be used on a handheld console. Why would they allow them to be used on a different console when they can get you to buy twice?
  9. The Super NT was available for over a year last time it was in stock.
  10. FIFA 21 comes to game pass in may a series s and GP would be great!
  11. I’d get one, if it was 1 TB
  12. i dont know what you are thinking, are we actually playing the same game?
  13. ulala

    Narita Boy

    The story is completely awful, every character I talk to adds a new level of nonsense, so that I can’t even be bothered to read it anymore. ive also had to look up where to go, it’s not obvious, and I hate just aimlessly wandering hoping to luck out and see an exit. Instant uninstall. 30 minutes wasted. potential, but it’s all left on the table.
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