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  1. Does anyone know a way to load spectrum games from an iPhone/ iPad?
  2. no update yet, but it’s only been out a couple of months. Project Phobos and hackchi are in progress there is plenty of games here to be getting on with
  3. there are a few game differences between each of the three consoles, salamander is on the Europe / USA versions, and two extra text heavy Japanese games are on the pc engine version. all can have the language of the menu changed to English you can buy the European version , which was never released here (!) from Japan, it’s the same machine, you just pay postage and vat. i got the Japanese one as that’s how I remember the console, but it lacks the turbo button of the other pads so I’ll get the 8bit do wireless one
  4. you like an arcade shooter and have never played a pc engine game? ooof!
  5. its got to be at most 50% of the cost of the handheld version?
  6. I can’t say this enough in this thread. amazon Japan, £110 delivered with pre paid tax all in they deliver in 4 days from clicking “buy”
  7. didn’t you switch between kicking and punching, like the 3 button Megadrive pad?
  8. mine took less than 4 days from ordering to get here from japan
  9. I'm genuinely surprised that this is getting interest in the retro community - it only does what we have been able to do on psp/ vita for years. But that's just me, if others like it then they like it. It's good that they seem quick to resolve the button problems too. I'm putting my portable eggs in the Analogue Pocket basket.
  10. CEX can be good, but they can also let some fake carts though by accident, specifically GBA i've found. There is a lag with their pricing as it is definitely taken from ebay, so it can result in some games being overpriced and even some games being underpriced as they haven't caught up with ebay. Never sell them your games though, you get a fraction of their real value. Games dealers just buy up all the reasonable stock early and punt it back to you for an inflated price.
  11. Im glad that it has a relatively cheap rrp in the UK, that has to be taken into account when talking about it. Some statements by Blaze are very odd though: "Lastly, there is no way to connect a second controller, so multiplayer is out. This is by design – though games do retain their multiplayer modes, Blaze says these are for use in future Evercade products." How expensive would it have been to reprogram each rom not to have any of the two player components, surely that must be the reason? And as a reason for not including true arcade games (rather than ports), "Mixing arcade and home console can give you an uneven experience due to different screen ratios." I'm not buying that.
  12. You moan about not wanting to import games and have actually "stopped buying for cart-based consoles " as there is a chance they may be fake, "so many fakes are circulating" you state with anecdotal evidence. And on the other hand are "astonished" that sellers have had to resort to showing rom chips on ebay to prove authenticity. The two statements contradict. I'm sorry that you have stopped buying games and are using everdrives, not because they are useful but because you don't want the hassle of returning items. I get that, you must have been unlucky. I've been buying games online for many years, and i've not had a fake yet (though i have purchased fakes from CEX). I must (and appreciate) that i have been lucky as there are definitely around. As for having a different opinion to you on an internet forum, isn't that the point? Yes i believe that FPGAs are emulation, but i still love my FPGA consoles. Each to their own. If you want a place where everyone HAS to have the same view or get banned, try Resetera
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