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  1. "demand has outstripped supply" that could mean, 10 people want want, and they haven't actually built any
  2. No evidence, but after the announcement of the cd Duo, I think Analogue would naturally do a CD add on for the Mega SG. Its a prediction. I love the analogue products, as they allow me to play my original games. A CD fpga based add on to the mega SG would be perfect for this. If they don't release one, then the Everdrive Pro looks like a good plan b
  3. no protection, burn away. the idea of burning your own at home I guess wasn’t thought about back then
  4. £170? id be interested if I were not convinced that analogue will release a Mega cd add on next after the duo
  5. how does this work with the Mega Sg? really interested in this (until analogue release the add on)
  6. It’s an odd game now, in the circumstances.
  7. You dont need one, with a mega sg at your disposal. £50 seems to be the going rate
  8. nobody knows but all we know is that all the other devices have jailbreak firmware released so far
  9. please tell me thats gone! i want tactical ones back asap
  10. i narrowly lost to the last human player, and it told me i came 26th! how did that happen?
  11. i love the scanlines on my mega sg, they are perfect on a modern flatscreen tv anyone thinking of getting one should do so now before they sell out
  12. isnt fantasy zone already on the md?
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