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  1. the most confusing YouTube top 10 ever !
  2. 256 is a nice size, will get you most things. 512 if you like cd disc games
  3. IK+ “by rob hubbard” is clearly Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence
  4. "disbursement fee" dont pay them, ask for a new invoice - this fee where is the best place to ask them to change the invoice?
  5. It’s only happened every single other time. if only there was some data or a precedent to help ?
  6. why am i posting on here with only 30 seconds to go?
  7. i must admit to rarely using carts now, its just so much easier to play off the rom half the time. The adapters are not an ideal solution. I'll use my pocket for Nintendo carts, and run the other handhelds from rom.
  8. i did read the article, and came to the same conclusion as the above forum member, but i guess my opinion isn't worth anything. I wonder why?
  9. for those wondering about getting the dock, get the dock. It seems perfect for those who make videos of themselves playing games for channels etc (i just hope eventually it will allow more functionality)
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