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  1. If they has sold them at a sensible price in the U.K., such a shame
  2. It’s worth pointing out, now is a great time to get the mega Sg. its in stock, adaptors available, watch everyone moan when it sells out in a few months and goes to the back of the restock queue
  3. $50 plus $34 plus vat would be nearly £80 delivered. ive declined this one, i only need the gamegear adaptor
  4. It runs so smoothly in pal, is It optimised ?
  5. I can’t separate the SNES and megadrive, my top 2 consoles. Super Aleste is magnificent.
  6. Super NT will be restocked, just sign up to be reminded. If you havent got a Mega SG already, now is the time.
  7. That is a really interesting feature, we could have a portable player with Atari, AMIGA, SNES, MD, PC Engine and Neo Geo with the spare FPGA chip on board.
  8. to play my GameBoy, GameBoy colour, GameBoy advance, game gear , lynx and Neo geo pocket colour games on my 4K tv via an amazing fpga console and hdmi seems reasonable?
  9. I doubt that it would become a brick in 5 years. I dont plan on using mine outside of the dock in any case,
  10. One extra thing that interests me in the Next, is its online capability - thought ive never seen that part reviewed. Does anyone use the nextel thingy?
  11. They have a great track record, their previous products are excellent
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