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  1. de10 out of stock in the usual places... mouser digi-key
  2. Reset your ini file to the default ?
  3. cheaper to do it yourself than an all in one solution.
  4. you need an sd card, to future proof yourself get 256g at £30. good enough, 128g at £15 and some way of plugging in usb pad/ keyboard the pre-built hubs are great and a wise investment, £32 In-line switch £5 heat sink £3 heat sink, fan and top plate £11 add memory at first opportunity 32mb = £20 128mb = £50 things that are nice Bluetooth £7 wifi £7
  5. I imagine save states with carts are a lot more difficult to engineer than a rom snapshot in an emulator? how would they work?
  6. They will definitely come down in price after release
  7. i think it can do a1200 and you can sideload any game you like
  8. it sold me when it had Pinball Dreams!
  9. the beauty of the mega SG is threefold 1 It looks like a Megadrive - excellent design 2 It will play your megadrive and mastersystem carts out of the box 3 It's very easy to set up, plug and play out the box if you want to. If you want to delve deeper, check out some online guides on what are the best options to choose for scanlines etc Do this after you jailbreak, as the update erases your settings
  10. How do the patreon cores work? you pay and they give you a link?
  11. if they had sold you the product, absolutely. but they didn’t, you purchased it “untested” I assume from an eBay seller. if it was sold as working, get your money back from the seller, your paypal or credit card what you cannot do it badger analogue. Either for a replacement or tech support. If analogue help you anyway, that’s a bonus and kudos to them. if they say sorry, not our problem then that’s fine too. The only douches are either... 1) the seller if they described it as working 2) you, But only if you got it as “untested” and expect it to work. What did you buy it as, and can you get your money back?
  12. that wouldn’t be them being douches your contract is with the seller from eBay, nothing to do with analogue now
  13. I didn’t enjoy the c64 avgn so many great games on the machine, and he shows none of them Channel going downhill fast unfortunately
  14. How is the heat going to escape the case?
  15. remember that the official non-offical firmware update allows you to play roms, no need for an everdrive to play megadrive, mastersystem or gg or coleco roms
  16. I’m very happy with what they produced at the time, it’s still fantastic
  17. it was great value! i got the star wars game and luigis mansion i think!
  18. at least in retro gaming you can still play the game that’s too expensive using a rom on original hardware for free . The experience is identical. You don’t get that with other collectibles
  19. but you could conceivably have things going for peanuts on an auction - the sellers wouldn’t send them. I always use buy it now, I know what I want, or am willing to pay if someone thinks it too much, that’s fine
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