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  1. your use of language and in particular "stung" > "I'm just curious as I didn't know it was so easy to be stung for a fairly significant amount of money on youtube, " It's a word that means to swindle or exorbitantly overcharge. No one is swindling or overcharging anyone
  2. I know they weren’t meaning to, but someone has perfectly defined the word “cartel”. “a group of independent market participants who collude with each other in order to improve their profits and dominate the market. Cartels are usually associations in the same sphere of business, and thus an alliance of rivals. Most jurisdictions consider it anti-competitive behavior and have outlawed such practices.”
  3. Whenever money is involved, and we are really talking about big money (enough to quit your day job not a few pounds here and there) things get ugly. Is there really a retro mafia that the above lemon video suggests? A closed shop, where the cabal actively tries to keep others out, unfriendly and unwelcoming?
  4. I've never really watch much hat gamin (it was easy to see what he was like even years ago). All this talk about money from them has passed me by. It's really quite jarring.
  5. whenever someone buys a copy of sonic in 2019 and then lauds it up that they are more important/ know more than you - they can get knotted
  6. i agree, digital foundry believe their own hype
  7. I wasn’t aware that some famous YouTubers supported them, and posted tweets (since deleted) . I’d like to know the exact timeline, was it after the “set on fire” remark and the commitment to trashing the persons reputation ? as for working with them AFTER all of this, well, we can make our own minds up about that one
  8. That’s quite another revealing video slopes working with them after all this
  9. i remember when things were not a business, and you made videos for the love of your hobby, and if people liked them, you guy a small kickback from YouTube. instead now we have PayPal, kofi, go fund me, Amazon wish lists, patreon, only fans, Twitter super crap tweets or whatever they are. I guess it’s nostalgia for the good old days anyway, let’s not get off topic
  10. Absolutely agree they got caught with their hands on the cookie jar can you believe the audacity of these people, having a secret elite YouTuber discord - what was its purpose? to form a closed shop so they keep their part of the grifting pie
  11. Let’s ignore everything lets bypass the legal system (you can’t deliver money to settle a claim and put on legal caveats that the party has not agreed to) I really hope this goes to court for defamation a party accepted money from a 3rd party with the will to settle a debt, with the knowledge that the 3rd party would make back their money by publicly, deliberately and with malice, ruining the reputation of another they are absolutely screwed
  12. Its a good video from kim, saying that they need to come out with a public apology. but whats the point in that. sorry they grifted money? sorry they lied? sorry they deliberately misled their viewers? sorry they took money from an awful you-tuber who would 'make their money back by dragging an innocent person through the mud?' sorry they used their own bloody children? sorry they incited a dog pile, which resulted in death threats? sorry they wanted to set them on "fire"? It's too late for apologies. These people showed their true colours, and have no place in a respectful community.
  13. and that’s the POS that they unleashed to ruin someone? absolutely disgusting
  14. the big youtubers, part of this hidden discord, don't want to say anything for one reason they dont want to stop the gravy train
  15. A couple of reasons. I often think that internet celebrities that have a standard paye job aside from their online exploits, don't exactly declare their incomes from patreon, youtube, kofi, onlyfans And of course, if you are self employed you only pay tax on any profit the company makes. So if you have a couple of people (including yourself on staff at 12,570 unsurprisingly), brand manager, your pet dog, and video games, holidays where you make content from - all come out of the business BEFORE tax. I imagine annual taxable profit is 1p
  16. That's quite decent as a starting point, tax free
  17. putting that video out to gain money and start a dog pile that’s “a bit of stupidity”?
  18. Yeah, god knows, they may have to get a real job!
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