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  1. speccy next works with 1 sd card for me
  2. i went for the massive sd card solution. once the roms are on there, update all does the rest. if you need to put a smaller file on there, connecting via wifi and using winscp is annoying but does the trick
  3. if only there was a way of storing the excess heat we have in summer, and using it in winter
  4. Lots of shooters, like Super Aleste. 90% would make great coin ops in this genre. Streets of Rage 2
  5. It’s so slow, definitely put the roms on the sd card via usb c if you can
  6. My original post was because we are all talking about how we are getting or have more than one MiSTer as it's so good. If you want to shit on Analogue afterwards because you simply misunderstood my post, go for it if it lets you get your bitterness out.
  7. If only they let you know before you place the order, and you can cancel and get your money back at any point. oh right, they do.
  8. These Intel money grabbing leeches, the profits they are making from the work of others
  9. perhaps this thread can be divorced from George Cropper, as the main topic is an interesting one to discuss
  10. You will not regret it, think of it as paying more to get it earlier, if at all
  11. cartridge sizes crippled megadrive games, all about cost cutting. incredibly neo geo games wasted cart size, just so they could put megapower and gigapower on the box giving the impression that it was a much bigger game than it was.
  12. didnt they say that the old fpga couldnt be sourced, thats why they had to change? how does this new thing use it then?
  13. snes ports look chunkier, and you see less of the playfield,
  14. Order direct, it costs more but you can get it in 3 days, instead of 6 months
  15. The wait time is a few days for a de10 it takes 10 minutes to "build", less if you have done it before if i can do it, anyone can
  16. It’s like having a fake Rolex what’s the point?
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