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  1. is world of spectrum the good forum or the bad forum?
  2. But then they wouldn't be able to charge so much - so they add crappy filler nobody wants and they charge more. They release another cart with a couple of decent games and more filler and charge more. It's a business model, that I have to admire - designed to maximise profits. It's exactly what i would do, if i wanted to milk it for all its worth.
  3. i think we have all had the idea of just buying carts, and playing them to death before moving on and lasted 5 minutes and then gone back to rom surfing
  4. don't worry, they will bring out a c64 part 2, also featuring about one or two games anyone wants to play. that's the business model.
  5. I love my super NT, but i agree with the above, this makes no sense. There is only 1 reason to own a Super NT, and thats to run original snes carts. If you want to play roms, the Mister is better. Then you want to play NES roms, and complain the Super NT cant do that - now it's almost trolling.
  6. you can sideload more on the c64 mini though - no one buys it for those games
  7. I'm going to play the "chuckie egg" drinking game
  8. impossible mission and... err err
  9. de10 , comes with its own psu , Hdmi & Ethernet Ports built in usb board that fits under the de10 128mb ram module ( to play all Neo geo games) top plate and fan, heat sink inline switch if you really want one micro sd card, ideally 256gb or more if you like cd games bluetooth dongle if you need it for a keyboard decent usb 2.4g WiFi controller w/dongle like 8bitdo m30 you do not need a new psu you do not need a case You do not need the i/o board , don’t bother with it in the U.K., get them from mister fpga co U.K.
  10. I can only see one problem with this plan...
  11. An unboxed 48k spectrum, I wouldn’t pay £100 for it
  12. Why are horizontal scanlines vertical, and why are vertical scanlines horizontal?
  13. what format / folder do the saturn games have to be in?
  14. If you take a cart out during gameplay, does it still play ?
  15. They mean it can rip DC games that have previously been ripped and burned to a cd
  16. my m30 doesn’t do this, but my pc engine pad does need to be wired before it works wirelessly
  17. resolution and scaling are your friends
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