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  1. my m30 doesn’t do this, but my pc engine pad does need to be wired before it works wirelessly
  2. resolution and scaling are your friends
  3. try the presets first and see how you go
  4. It’s the microcomputers that are amazing
  5. it definitely read like you had a problem 😂
  6. It’s looking in the wrong place probably to usb or sd, the wrong one you want to
  7. no issues like that here. did you run the diagnostics before adding hardware to the de10?
  8. i get that, it would be a bonus. But we shouldn’t use this as a stick to beat it with. does it do it’s primary function? Absolutely and really well too can it run roms/ flash cards in future updates? Possibly yes. that’s what I knew when I paid for it, and what it’s doing now I’ve got it
  9. Just for the record, in case we forget, it plays carts fantastically well.
  10. absolutely this. get a USA to U.K. travel adaptor
  11. de10 usb board 128MB ram inline switch Y splitter cable heat sink fan & top plate 250 g micro sd card, more if you like cd games Bluetooth (for keyboard / mouse ) you will not need the I/ o board or a new psu, but get a travel adapter as the supplied psu plug is USA style
  12. This is shaping up to be quite a machine
  13. Correct. we can’t use “why not just get a pi” in this thread
  14. it is the best value in retro gaming right now
  15. you can buy them on misterfpga.co.uk
  16. Do the aliexpress pc engine rgb boards work with all Japanese models or are they specific?
  17. Close to fraud, get your money back
  18. a decent guy? taking an AR around towns just to deliberately scare everyone and make a scene. call a massive twat a massive twat, it’s ok.
  19. It’s one thing buying a sports car, but another to act like him.
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