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  1. i think i will stick to double-dash
  2. is this for real? they are not doing a conference, just a video and they cant even make that available
  3. where can i get a feed from? why is it so hard to watch?
  4. ulala

    Dead Rising 3

    No need, he can lend it to you when he has finished it.
  5. ulala


    its asking too much from them, esp when money is being squeezed. it cannot cost 429 to make?
  6. ulala


    429 for the machine 50 each for games you cannot share or trade on ebay or at game 50 for another controller 30 for a live subscription cannot even use your old controllers ( even though they are identical) cannot trade in your 360 as games and downloads are incompatible! so to play next gen fifa will cost me 560 beans!
  7. ulala


    if we hardcore gamers are baulking at the price, does this mean casuals are definitely not buying it? im not sure who will buy it on launch
  8.   they will need to beg for more money !
  9. Even more expensive than PS3 launch disaster!
  10. this guy cannot string a sentence together!
  11. Ive just released a ryse walkthrough of the first level: XXBYYXBXBYABAABYX L1 XBAABYBBA
  12. that was all quicktime - did you see the "press x" button to activate the animations?
  13. why does snake fire his rifle with his patched eye looking down the sights?
  14. i listened to joypod for the first time in a couple of years, because i wanted to hear what the reaction to the new xbox was like. however, i was quickly reminded of why i am not a regular listener. its basically due to the absolute annoyance and stupidity of elmo. the idiot actually thought the new xbox could replace a sky hd box and a virgin tivo. it was pointed out many times that the box has no co ax inputs,and is just an overlay on a hdmi pass through. did he think sky and virgin would just give up their entire business stategy having faught for their place in the uk homes? he also believed that the future was still live tv! perhaps with pensioners who watch eastenders at 7.30 each night, but not anyone who has already invested in a tivo box and is about to drop £500 on a games console. its still unlistenable
  15. pre-order cancelled. madness, why cant i just buy a game and play it these days?
  16. Its just a pass trough for HDMI, overlaying graphics on top. How long before the wags at sony or some PS4 fanboys realise that you can stream PS4 or even xbox 1 (the real one) though it on the Xbox One?
  17. halo TV series? this goes from bad to worse.
  18. "Forza on Xbox 1"? Err, i already have that game. The new name is utterly ridiculous.
  19. "Forza on Xbox 1"? Err, i already have that game. The new name is utterly ridiculous.
  20. thanks swainy. i suppose that it doesnt help that i have about 90% hearing loss i just dont think that it adds to the podcast, no radio show or other cast i subscribe to does it - we want to listen to what you have to say so it makes sense to me not to distract from that. it was a good show apart from that, really enjoyed it.
  21. i enjoyed the 1984 podcast very much. my only gripe is the music playing when the presenters are speaking. i get that its a good technique in the intro but when you are into the podcast proper the background music is just annoying. i just want to listen to what you have to say. at points it was as loud as the presenters voices and i just coudnt hear foggy or simon. imay be on my own in this, but please could you consider changing how you edit music into the podcast? play music by all means but just not under presenter voices.
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