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  1. Due to the latest Humble Bundle I have a steam key for the game + DLC up for grabs. Let me know if you want 'em!
  2. The infinity engine CRPGs still hold up today (and have modern enhanced editions): Baldurs Gate I and II Icewind Dale I and II Planescape Torment Also, in no particular order: Star Wars KOTOR 1 and 2 Elder Scrolls: Morrowind Fallout 1 and 2 (and maybe Tactics) Mechwarrior 2, 3, and 4 (+ expansions) Mechcommander 1 and 2 Counter Strike Max Payne 1 and 2 Age of Empires 2 Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines Broken Sword 1 and 2 Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura Civ 2
  3. It will run but performance and battery life will be big issues, and controls/screen real estate willbe even bigger issues. It needs a big screen and mouse/keyboard really.
  4. I love Battletech - have put 1000+ of hours into it, partly because I loved the old Mechwarrior and Mechcommander games but mostly because it's the very definition of a top tier open ended sandbox tactics game. Plenty of amazing mods as well once you get to grips with the basics (BEX, BTA, Roguetech). Play through the campaign first to learn the game then move on to career if it grabs you.
  5. Lots of good advice in this thread already. I would say game choice is important - Into the Breach might look simple on the surface but it requires a good deal of thought. It's more like chess than a traditional SRPG I would say. I would recommend starting with some older, simpler games and working your way up to more modern, complex tactics games. Some recommendations: Advance Wars (GBA/DS). Start with the first as it's the best but they are all worth playing. Shining Force (Megadrive). Again, start with the first. Older Fire Emblem games. Sacred Stones on GBA is a good place to start - has a very good, lenghty (and not boring) tutorial. The Gamecube (Path of Radiance) and Wii (Radiant Dawn) games are good starters too, but very pricy now if you want physical copies. Front Mission 3/4/5 (PS1/PS2) if you like stompy robots. I would say Front Mission 4 (PS2) is the best place to start. There are also re-makes of Front Mission 1 and 2 in the pipeline for Switch. And for more modern tactics games: Shadowrun Trilogy. I liked Hong Kong the best but all 3 are great. XCOM 2. Can be hard as nails but very, very satisfying. Battletech. More stompy robots, but at the more demanding end of the spectrum (both in terms of PC specs and complexity). Wasteland 3. Post-apocalyptic turn based squad battles. The original Wasteland was the progenitor of the Fallout games.
  6. Yeah, that sucks. I haven't even got as far as ordering one given they are never in stock and seemingly sell out 2 seconds before they go on sale.
  7. Update: 1. Capcom vs SNK Card Fighters Clash (Nintendo Switch) - £4.19 2. Elden Ring (PC) - £36.99 3. Peglin (PC) - £13.49 4. Steam Deck 512GB - £565.00 5. Roundguard (PC) - £3.74 6. Cursed to Golf (PC) - £15.29 7. Arcade Paradise (PC) - £15.99 I loved the PS Vita version of Everybody's Golf so Easy Come Easy Golf on Switch is on the radar. Front Mission 1st remake too, if it arrives this year. Also waiting for a price drop for the Judgment games on PC. Will probably end up somewhere near 12 for the year after all.
  8. Judgment and Lost Judgment now available on Steam. Can buy them separately or as a bundle.
  9. Yeah, back in stock on Amazon. I was wavering but have pre-ordered. The pull of the Mega CD games proved too strong in the end; one of my big gaming regrets is selling my Megadrive + Mega CD + games back in the mists of time (don't ask about the Neo Geo Pocket Colour, that's still too raw).
  10. I think this trick only works once.
  11. The fact that they are built in to the new console, rather than coming as a cart (like the IREM and Toaplan carts) makes me think not.
  12. Nailed it. We are all complict (we have no choice) and this is just an argument about how visible the suffering we support is.
  13. I have owned, and enjoyed, PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4. I still have the PS3 and PS4. When PS5 launched I would have snapped one up - had they been available at the time. Over time, my enthusiasm has gradually subsided, to the point that I'm now just shrugging my shoulders now and thinking 'fuck that'.
  14. Summer Update: 1. Capcom vs SNK Card Fighters Clash (Nintendo Switch) - £4.19 2. Elden Ring (PC) - £36.99 3. Peglin (PC) - £13.49 4. Steam Deck 512GB - £565.00 5. Roundguard (PC) - £3.74 6. Cursed to Golf (PC) - £15.29 Even with the lack of blockbusters released this year I'm a little surprised by how well it has gone. I'm still doing plenty of gaming but it's all perennials like Slay the Spire or eating into the backlog. The Steam Deck has definitely helped with that! There are a couple of Switch games on the horizon that I'll no doubt pick up (Neo-Geo Pocket Collection Volume 2, Advance Wars 1+2 Re-Boot Camp) but not much else.
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