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  1. I feel like there's a half decent game in here somewhere but it needs a lot of work. The controls are just so floaty and unresponsive, I don't know how it got released in this state (OK, I do know why really but that's no excuse). Might check in again in 6 months if it gets patched but for now I'm out.
  2. Free updates = we ain't finished it yet guv but we have to release it now otherwise there won't be anything at all for the summer.
  3. Wow, I didn't know that. That really sucks. No Metal Slug for me then
  4. OK, this is why I'm still watching.
  5. Fucking Hell. Are they going to desecrate everything I love?
  6. I have no words. I wish the same was true for these guys.
  7. I like D&D, and the Forgotten Realms in particular but that is not the way to sell a game. Put me right off it to be honest.
  8. The Vampire: The Masquerade game that nobody asked for and nobody wants.
  9. I mean, I loved Painkiller, but that was not great.
  10. As soon as I saw the SNK logo I was in. Metal Slug Tactics? Yes p-lease!
  11. Been mulling getting on board for a while but this has pushed me over the edge. Evercade + carts 1-16 being delivered today and VS Founders edition pre-ordered. Any recommendations for where to start with the games? Any hidden gems?
  12. I pretty much bought a lite for handheld Slay the Spire action. No regrets!
  13. Wow, I did not realise that. Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes is a stone cold classic - they can have my money for Grindstone too!
  14. The 500 item limit is nuts (and annoying). By the time I was approaching the end of ME1 I already had max credits (9999999), omni-gel coming out of my ears and was seemingly giving the stuff away for free to vendors, just to get it out of my inventory....
  15. Well, I loved it. A perfect mix of 4 and 7 and I immediately fired up NG+ as soon as I finished it - always a good sign. Currently working my way through a Village of Shadows run; it does ratchet up the difficulty a fair bit but a magnum with unlimited ammo is a pretty nice equalizer. The nostalgia of RE1/2/3 means that they are difficult to beat in some ways but this is top quality entertainment. I'd much rather play a tightly focused 10-12 hours game than any of the many 100+ hour open world bloat-fests out there....
  16. It's a mash up of 4 and 7 isn't it? Batshit crazy from start to finish but I loved every minute of it. Mercs unlocked now so will see what that looks like.
  17. OK, so I know I'm not comparing apples with apples (as I'm comparing PS5 with PC) but: Pay £70 for Returnal or: Pay £70 for Resident Evil VIII + Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered Which of these is the better value proposition? £70 might not be too much in terms of inflation but it is too much in terms of what £70 can get you in the marketplace.
  18. There is a new Dark Alliance game being released in a couple of months but no idea yet whether that will be any good:
  19. You don't really need to know the D&D rules for the Dark Alliance games, they play like any other action RPG. Abilities/Spells are assigned to the buttons and you can mash merrily away! If you do know the rules you'll recognise the spells and abilities and know the lore but none of that is essential to getting started.
  20. I would think that £70 takes a game out of the 'impulse buy' zone for most people. I have spent that much before on single games but only on Kickstarter projects that I was keen to support (e.g. Battletech, Shenmue III) and where I knew I was paying over the odds to help get the game made. I guess we'll find out over the next couple of years if there is a market for a premium price point of £70 but like most, I'll wait until the price drops to a point that I'm happy to pay.
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