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  1. Yeah, this was good. Feels a little bit Consolevania with Rab there and that's a wonderful thing.
  2. I own all the original Nintendo hardware/games and could emulate pretty much everything Nintendo if I wanted to but I'll still probably upgrade to the 'expansion pak' sub, but only grudgingly. Any more 'expansion paks' that bump up the cost further and I'll be out. I think Nintendo need to tread carefully here as they are really leveraging their legacy and the goodwill that stems from that. If you look at it in terms of the core value proposition then it's dead in the water compared to GamePass. Younger gamers without the emotional attachement to Nintendo that us older suckers have will drop them much quicker....
  3. I don't buy many games day 1 anymore and look out for bargains when I do (picked up Metroid Dread for £26.99 - Currys clearly messed up their pricing - good on them for honouring it). I am however happy to double or triple dip if the game is good enough. I own Slay the Spire on PC, Switch and IOS, and paid full price each time - I got my money's worth and then some! I'm also still a bit of a sucker for importing - paid well over the odds for Darius Cozmic Collection on Switch (and have my eye on the Taito EGRET II Mini). Old habits die hard I guess. But somehow £70 for a PS5 game just doesn't sit right. I wasn't able to get hold of a PS5 at launch and it has dampened my enthusiasm for sure.
  4. A local cab office had a DD cab (and R-Type, not bad right?) so I pumped many 10 pence coins into this when I was a youngster. Lunch money = arcade vouchers. It was the first arcade game I cleared on 1 credit, but not the last!
  5. So I packed Kante and Bruno Fernandes (both untradable). Central midfield sorted for a while then. Probably just good luck but pack weight seems pretty good this year? Don't remember having such a good start for a while.
  6. Packed Malen as my OTW. Could be pretty good if he gets a couple of upgrades.
  7. I would be surprised if the odds were that good. Going to be a lot of Locatelli's being packed this evening.
  8. Once you hit a checkpoint in Rivals you can't go back (i.e. get relegated to a lower division) so it's an inexorable rise to whichever division you top out at and can't progress further. I'm guessing they made the change to stop the relegation shenanigans in FIFA 21 but it does seem a bit over-complicated? And you need to go through a qualifying tournament to reach weekend league this year (as Timmo says, 5 wins out of 9 qualifying matches). If you don't qualify then you go back to zero points and have to start all over again....
  9. KOTOR: Look how they massacred my boy.
  10. Mario Golf - here's the content we should have included day 1 but forgot. Please understand.
  11. Kirby and the post-apocalyptic nightmare.
  12. This Chocobo GP game seems strangely familiar?
  13. Gameboy/Gameboy Colour games incoming?
  14. My youngest is 10 and not that interested in games. When she does play it's mostly on tablets/phones and she doesn't really 'get' using a dedicated controller, much prefers touch screen controls. She does however love a bit of Gitaroo Man (who doesn't?) so I'm happy when we spend time together playing that. The older ones flirted with games as they grew up but it never really stuck with them in the way that other media did (primarily books and films). I certainly never felt obliged to push them towards gaming as a hobby. It's been a big part of my life but that doesn't mean it has to be the same for them.
  15. Affordable computers, electric cars and pocket TVs. A little taste of the future thanks to Sir Clive.
  16. PGA 2K21 plays an excellent game of golf for what it's worth but I appreciate that won't change your mind if you don't like golf games! I'm out this month as I already have all the games I might potentially be interested in.
  17. @aeroflott Your collection truly was a thing of beauty. Metal Slug 1 and 2, Faselei, Turf Masters and cream of the crop SNK/Capcom Card Fighters Clash as well. I had a very similar collection that I sold off for bobbins years ago. I have very few regrets in life but that is definitely one of them.
  18. Now that's a shop I haven't thought about in a few years! Spent plenty of money in here on SNES and N64 imports. Not exactly cheap but man, that feeling of getting to play something before it got to these shores officially was something else.
  19. I've got all the Psikyo ports on Switch. Maybe it's just me slowing down as I get older but they play fine for me!
  20. I really wanted a PS5 but the stock shortages (and slow release of games/exclusives) has put things into perspective for me. The only exclusive I had a burning desire to play was Demon's Souls, which I have already rinsed on PS3 and PC (rpcs3) over the last decade. I have a gaming capable PC, a Switch (and a Steamdeck on the way), do I really need anything else?
  21. Q1 2022 can't roll round quick enough. This is finally the opportunity to get on top of my Steam backlog (who am I kidding?).
  22. Sega + Picross = take my money please.
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