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  1. Thank god for VAR! Recognised for being the first one to cry? Kinda like being back on my old school playground.
  2. Ah man. Update to season 2. Includes some control changes....need to get used to that now!
  3. Ill be on tonight....after 10pm this time, too!
  4. Ok cool, next time I’ll make myself a coffee before hand! Don’t know how you night owls do it!
  5. When do you guys get online for fortnite? I logged on about 9:45 last night, couldn’t see anyone so jumped back off again. Shame as I was bored af!
  6. I may well be on for some FN - if you can handle the awesomeness EDIT - cancel that - one the missus' dumbass co-workers rang her and woke her up...dang it! Now it's movie time!
  7. Cheers for the games last night lads! Went to bed chuckling about my random accidental firing! May be about later hopefully.
  8. So after a short sabbatical gents I’ve come back to read how much you all dislike fifa18 (so glad I didn’t even bother with it!) Also, with all you raving about fortnite I’ve downloaded it and am still a rookie. But finding it great fun. If any of you sexy beasts are about this evening to give me a helping hand it would be awesome
  9. Hey guys, Shameless plug time (soz). As you were all so awesome supporting my daughter (who is still 12!) earlier this year with her first little publication, I thought I'd let you know that her new book has just gone live on Amazon. A bigger book this time, some 50,000 odd words. Took some freaking time editing it I can tell ya! But anyways, hope y'all enjoy! https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B075WD15BB
  10. Just got in. He's 7!! Poor kid was proper tired and hangry....
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