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  1. Message received and understood! See you 9:30
  2. Cheers guys. Really appreciate it @gooner4life I'm sure I can speak to her agent to get that arranged!
  3. Thanks man. It's actually written by my 12 year old daughter. She wants to be an author, and writes so many fictional stories. She worked on this one for ages, so I wanted to publish it for her and give her the confidence to keep going xx
  4. Two hard fought draws there lads. Well done. Unlucky not to win both...especially that second game....all over em' we were. Cant believe we didnt walk away with the win!
  5. I'll try and get on early...but I won't lie, I'm in the middle of the new house of cards season....so that is taking priority currently!
  6. Winning all round this weekend ain't ya goon?!
  7. Keeks, promoted from centre back to star striker in a week.
  8. I shall be present to ensure that Bleeders fills the evening air with F***'s, C***t's, T***ts, and other favourable variables.
  9. Great save from your keeper. Canne do much about that.
  10. Unlucky lads. Says something when over 180 mins and their plethora of attackers, that the only goal scorer was the full back.
  11. Class lads. I am slightly Pissed in newry speaking to a girl with gold trainers. Well done lads. TEAM!
  12. CFTG's lads. We finally got there in the end (personally I would've played on without Gerry ;)) Just a rather moot point, its not really in the spirit of the league to block the keeper when he's kicking the ball out.....if it does happen accidentally (which Im sure is what happened on your first goal), its generally etiquette to boot the ball out of play rather than slam it in the back of the net! Incidentally it didn't matter, but just a friendly heads up.
  13. I'm a 35 year old 6"1 defender. Like all ageing footballers, the gaffer is managing my fitness with reduced training sessions. Don't hate the player....
  14. You're welcome. Sorry, again lads.Best of intentions, but like Faizy I am currently re-decorating our house top to bottom, and by the time 9pm comes, Im cream crackered!
  15. Great job guys. Sorry I only just got this. I was about to reply, then realised it was last nights! Had I been playing I doubt you would have got up to div2 anyway!
  16. When you turn up late, slot into the team for the final and win the cup...
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