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  1. I will be there tonight guys but watching the United game at my father in laws - so will run back over....should be on for 10pm, but should I be 1 or 2 mins late please dont panic! Ill leave the PS logged on to reduce the time
  2. Ill try and jump on... Positions...errrrr....fairly versatile me... CAM Central Attacking Midfield Attacking midfield, generally not on the wings Playing centrally just behind the strikers Working within the middle of the field generally on the opposing teams CDM's turf Take yer pick, gaffer....
  3. Cool. Back at City! wait, no bleeders or smith stock?
  4. Thanks for nothing.... PS/ love you really.
  5. Ive had a similar incident with my pad, whenever the lead is plugged in randomly switches the pad off and disconnects from the PS4, although it has charge.... I ended up buying another lead of Amazon....cheap as chips..Decent lead too.... https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0112I0DQE/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  6. Of which I took no pleasure upon realising my request had been granted....
  7. Hands up on my part, I should've hit the cross straight in. Sadly as many of you will attest...my crossing is hokey at best. In all honesty, as the ball came to me, I had a "Monk" type moment flash through my mind....
  8. The passing of the legend provoked me to re-watch The Terminator....still a classic. But it has prompted me with one question I seemingly never noticed for all these years...why does Bill have a tyre mark going down his face?!! Has he just been run over?
  9. I was just embracing the inner bleeders ...at least I waited until the end of the game! *looks in Baring's direction*
  10. Technological nightmare last night. My pad just kept randomly disconnecting from the ps, flashing yellow on the pad, so I changed pad, and that did the same! Hence the reason I was "absent" in random parts last night! Maybe the charge lead? Though both pads had battery charge in them! Then to top it off, I must've hit mute on my mic at some point....either that or all you twats were ignoring me all night....either or...
  11. I think you also included for the game to "eat a dick". Unconfirmed reports..
  12. Jazzy, you disappoint me. After the yellow card inside of a minute, we were waiting for the second tackle that never came! Whenever you were closing down on the ball, Graham & co. be like.....
  13. Weird, when you left Smith and I went on a winning streak and won the division 10 title straight off, only conceding one goal. You really should....
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