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  1. Problem is when you start shooting from 30 yards you still bloody score!
  2. City in the first 10 minutes of last nights game.....
  3. Both Johnski's on the score-sheet? Han's says:
  4. I'm a doubt. A college nearby me just attempted to switch power, surged it and knocked all the power out over the estate which means no wi Fi UPDATE - wifi restored....crisis averted.
  5. Yeah, I see what you mean about the rigidness of the mode. After killing it in pre-season, and then averaging 3 goals & 2 assists a game from 30 minutes on the pitch out of the first few games in the PL, catapulting West Ham to the top of the league....they think its better I go out on loan to a Championship side.....Yea.....Good call!
  6. Cool man. PM me your email addy - ill send it over.
  7. Yo sexy bitches. apparently I qualify for some pre order bonus or something. I think it's FUT related but I won't be using it. Any of you mofos want the code? Text from email: ---------------------- The pre-order bonus code that's included with the purchase features up to 5 FIFA Ultimate Team (“FUT”) draft tokens (1 per week over 5 weeks), 8-Match FUT loan players (Receive Hazard, Martial, Reus, or Rodriguez) and special edition FUT kits created by designers or FIFA soundtrack artists (The “Offer”). Each weekly draft token is valid for 7 days and must be used within that time period. Failure to log into FUT and select “My Pack” to redeem draft token in any given week will result in forfeiture of that week’s offering. First draft token, 1 loan player (for 8 matches) and FUT kit will be entitled immediately upon code redemption.
  8. Just had mine from Amazon, with tracking info. Yay!
  9. Missed you boys n gals! Co-op at some point giving some passing master classes? @smithstock
  10. Yo, wassup bitches. Just downloaded and played the demo...have to say I really like it. So much so I just pre-ordered 17 for £37 beans... Going to crack on with the Journey mode, and hopefully play some clubs with you sexy people once again..... See you boys on Thurs? Love Keeks xxx
  11. Meerkat (Turkey) 1 - 1 (Russia) Keeks Meerkat (Turkey) wins with golden goal Well done mate. It was quite an enjoyable game with end to end attacking..all good goals scored. Lovely free kick to win it, as I say, it was a shocking decision from the ref to award it in the first place! >_< Anyways good luck in the rest mate.
  12. @meerkat123 when can you play tie chap? evenings after 9pm is best for me,
  13. should be cool - what about 9:30? that ok? ensures the kids area in bed!
  14. Cheers mate! Though you have done yourself a disservice! It was 4-0 in our second game...the 90th min pen you got! Yeah first was tight, just felt the Russians didnt have enough going forward, so opened up a little in the second game, and got punished by Bale and co!! @mackenie you about tonight at all mate?
  15. Would be ideal if you could do a bit earlier mate, if not il try and stay awake!
  16. @Steely @mackenie guys I can be on from 930 this evening if you guys are about
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