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  1. Servers were all screwed up Sunday night werent they? I jumped on at 10:10, realised I was struggling getting on, saw Mike has the sniffles, went back to bed. Ill jump on at 10 tonight then. See you there Gooner.
  2. I know its Wednesday you plumbs. Y'all were bleating on about the importance of practice (apart from Bleeders, who is a lazy shite)....and its been stone cold silent since Sunday's blowout. So are we gonna bother tonight? Or are we gonna lose tomorrow and use no practice as an excuse?
  3. I didn't set the rules. I just play by em! no foot was stipulated....hmwhahhH
  4. Some bits to work on in training then goon. I think I'll change my guy to right footed as that didn't help with the crossing. Pleas feel free to yell down the mic as well to tell me where you are! communication en all that. Or were you doing that but just not on the party? haha
  5. Yeah when Mike was at the heart of everything, it was utopia. He's clearly the messiah in the team....all feed the ball to Mike.... Seriously though yes alot better by the end of the night - seemed to be more balanced and in positions where we can actually pass the ball...
  6. Just Bleeders then being the grumpy butthead.
  7. Ahhhh....you're an Iceman fan? Sorry, I dont do Val Kilmer's spikey bleached hair...
  8. I was going to be on..but now I'm not. I'm watching top gun. The appeal of Tom cruise as Maverick far outweighs dunnys doughball antics....
  9. For the record.....its a onesie I wear now....more functional. Ya' doughball. Now fack off back to the City thread you caaaant!
  10. Positivity. Not digging everyone for everything that is done wrong. Remembering it is a social thing that should be fun. Those are my suggestions. All non-related to the game itself, because frankly getting so wrapped up in the goings on is taking the fun out of it. Don't get me wrong, I don't like getting pumped 5-1, but you accept that. When it starts getting too serious, it makes it a chore, particularly when we don't win for whatever reason. Lets encourage each other, and have a laugh.....thats the key reason why we do BAP, isnt it?
  11. Thanks you lot. You've made one of our players quit from the drubbing last night! I hope you're happy with yourselves...**looks angrily in Outsiders direction**....
  12. I have decided to grace you lot with my presence.
  13. Ill be on at 21:44...if no ones on.....Im out.
  14. agree - i dont mind training, but its the normal crew showing up and no-one else, it does defeat the object.
  15. Ive just seen the previous comments from Dunny....'kin doughball.
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