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  1. Oh, well since you asked so nicely, I would be happy to partake in a few games this very evening Mr SaintM Sir.
  2. I'm away for most of the weekend, although can do Sunday night?
  3. Ahhhh Dinobot (sorry cant think of any cool variations on your name....I keep coming back to Dinobot! ) Im not im afraid bud - generally dont get in from work until 7. Are you about Bank Hol Monday? Ill be around most of the daytime then??
  4. SPARTAK EDGE OUT SAMBA BOYS IN TIGHT CONTEST Spartak's McGeady celebrates his winner Santos FC (kiko kylz) 0 - 1FC Spartak Moscow (gingerling) -------------------------------------- McGeady 85' Despite holding the home advantage, Santos produced a very negative display in which not even a shot on goal was mustered. Spartak always looks the more likeliest to score, although some diligent defending by the Samba boys kept Spartak at arms length. With the game looking to end a boring 0-0, McGeady broke through following a lapse of concentration from the defence and slotted home in the 85th minute, condemning the Brazilian side to their 2nd defeat of the night. Santos Manager Kiko defended his decision to opt for a defensive set up at home by stating; “We knew that if we opened up they would dissect through the defence and end up giving us a right spanking.” Santos FC - FC Spartak Moscow 0 Shots 13 0 On target 8 44% Possession 56% 14 Tackles 8 1 Fouls 1 0 Yellow cards 0 0 Red cards 0 0 Injuries 0 0% Shot accuracy 61% 72% Pass accuracy 81% FC Spartak Moscow (gingerling) 4 - 2Santos FC (kiko kylz) Welliton 8',74',90'--------------------------Elano 47' A McGeady 34'------------------------------ Ganso 82' Although the scoreline suggests otherwise, this match was an incredibly tightly fought contest, which saw Santos twice fight back from a two goal deficit. The final 10 minutes saw a resurgence from the Samba crew which had Spartak swaying on the ropes. But failure to convert one of the many chances that dropped their way ended up coming back to bite them in the 'arris, with Welliton being gifted a 3rd goal by the calamitous Brazilian defence, this all but ended the fight back. Kiko couldn’t help but express his frustration; “Unbelievable. This is football. One decision can change everything. I think we deserved more. I mean look, Spartak only had 3 shots on target, and scored 4 goals!!!” FC Spartak Moscow - Santos FC 5 Shots 11 3 On target 8 53% Possession 47% 7 Tackles 15 1 Fouls 2 0 Yellow cards 0 0 Red cards 0 60% Shot accuracy 72% 78% Pass accuracy 75% Running stats Sources understand that Avram Grant has been lined up to replace Kiko should the Samba boys be relegated. Kiko just shrugged; “And? I thought that guy was still stuck in a brothel?” ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well done Gingerling, a solid performance...following our cup game I had a feeling you'd try and breach the wings, hence the change in formation!! The first game was a good one, I really thought I was going to pull it back to 3-3, but you finished it off well following my defenders inexplicable decision to not punt upfield like I had instructed. (I do have to just sneak in there....Fifaism!!! - but take nothing away from you fair play). I thought it was hilarious that my own goal that came off my block-head centre back (I was screaming at that point!) was given to your attacker!! Second game – non entity. Less said the better (0 shots!! Crap!) All the best for the season bud.
  5. mine did too gee - just keep rebooting xbox and after a couple of times it snaps out of it
  6. Dinobot, let me know whenever you're ready to issue me a caning!
  7. Gingerling 3 - 1 Kiko Kylz Kiko Kylz 1 - 2 Gingerling Well played mate. Your aerial strength of Alex and co. were too much for the Samba crew today! Some cracking saves by your keeper too! Good luck in the rest of the competition.
  8. Yeah Ill be on mate. Drop us an invite whenever you're ready.
  9. Thanks for the games last night chaps. Kudos to saintM's Rooney style bicycle kick goal...mint! Apologies for the poor penalty kick ala John Terry!! I still blame the kit colour ;b Thanks for the games last night chaps. Kudos to saintM's Rooney style bicycle kick goal...mint! Apologies for the poor penalty kick ala John Terry!! I still blame the kit colour ;b
  10. Yes we shall bring some Samba style to the Conference this season!
  11. **Phhewww** Not like Im a sad git monitoring the thread waiting for my chance or anything..... Yeah.....thats what my missus keeps saying....
  12. Neymar Welcomes New Manager Kiko Rookie Manager Kiko was welcomed in with a baptism of fire today by Brazilian star Neymar. Kiko was surprised to be appointed to lead Santos FC in the upcoming Conference season, however appeared to have no hesitations in snapping the job up. Whilst Neymar amused the Santos camp by impersonating the new manager (pictured above), Kiko decided to lay down the law in other aspects, after reportedly being heard saying to the Brazilian born striker; "You'll be sorting that haircut out, chum." More to follow....
  13. Doh - have I been knocked down into 2nd place?
  14. Dinobot - let me know when's best for you bud. Also I posted in the Friendlies thread, cant find your gamertag on Live. Can you let me know or add me? Ta K
  15. Dinobot - whats your gamertag mate? I tried to add you and couldn't find it on xbox live?
  16. Well Gingerling, nothing like a warm up to the first league game with a cup match!! When's best for you? (That is once our teams are confirmed of course!)
  17. Greetings one & all to the Conference. Looking forward to playing a few real games of FIFA with genuine folk! My aim is to not get relegated....(oh bugger.... that's not possible!)
  18. I guess to clarify for reference, my gamer tag is an anagram made up of my kids names. Bleeders can verify. Not prejudice in anyway.
  19. Hi, Please can I be added to the waiting list for the 10v10 BAP? Thanks KK
  20. Hi Please can I be added to the waiting list please? Thanks KK
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