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  1. I went with creating him a child account under my account and linking it. It’s so Nintendo simple.
  2. HELP please. I want to let my son 8 visit another town over online play. It says I need to sign in and link his account. Currently, I have an account and I have an online sub. What do I need to do for him?
  3. Paging @David Heath
  4. Q. In local co-op can everyone weed?
  5. It's fair to say my wife was delighted with her early mother's day present. We're home self-isolating (day 1, 4 year old with cough) so Sandyleaf (so coined by the coughing daughter) was created this afternoon. I have a Nintendo Online sub that I haven't activated. My wife created the Island in her profile but doesn't have a linked Nintendo account. Can someone explain-me-do about online play please?
  6. I might have mentioned this before, but this is my wife's mother's day present along with a Rocco Amiibo card. She is well hype. No dispatch note from Amazon yet but I'm keeping the faith.
  7. My Smyths preorder ar £39.99 requires visiting the store so f. that. ShopTo have it at £42.85 but I just talked Amazon into giving me a £5 coupon so that's sorted. It's for my wife's mother's day present.
  8. My seven year old has just started this too and is enjoying it.
  9. Not now it's been postponed.
  10. This weekend I'm seeing Lianne La Havas with the BBC Symphony Orchestra at the Barbican and then Global Communications at the Jazz Cafe with @morcs.
  11. We buy singles from card market after we try out ideas using proxies printed from limitlesstcg.
  12. Prerelease report: I came 3rd in the masters nodding out to two players who both pulled Zacian V. My son cane second in the juniors by 4%, he forfeited a game as he forgot to put his prize cards out. @Bushtopher - theme deck definitely the next step. Boosters are just a waste of cash. Laser Focus from unified minds and Thunderous Wave from Cosmic Eclipse would be my picks. Laser Focus can be expanded in the future to make a Malamar based deck. Also, find your nearest Pokemon league (search Play Pokemon) and get in touch asking when would be best to go along. They’re usually super helpful.
  13. Late to the party but Into the Breach is lovely.
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