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  1. Lockdown purchases: 2 x trainer’s toolkit and the Pikachu / Zekrom league battle deck.
  2. I think it’s polite to be ready to fly before you join the queue. Thanks @Flams left you a bell bag and an NMT.
  3. I’ve always liked <insert name of poster here>!
  4. Let’s gooooo! All aboard the hype train.
  5. Thanks @Laine - I dropped a bell bag at Graeme's feet.
  6. Another week of high excitement.
  7. timdp

    Nintendo Switch

    Do they do them free? If not how much is the repair?
  8. What is going on? I bought 4000 turnips at 106 this week. One full ultimate pockets inventory.
  9. Zomg turnip.exchange backlash.
  10. I think turnip exchange is the right solution, but it MUST be set private and ideally have a low concurrent number of visitors; maybe 2, but with a longer queue like 80.
  11. I think it's working well @StoooTube - just leave it open if you can.
  12. Thanks @StoooTube - lots of names there that don't seem to resemble forum usernames. I'm pos #10 - Tim.
  13. The Turnip.exchange website is really easy I believe, just set it to private and it manages the queue of visitors for you and shares the dodo code with each person in turn.
  14. Solid interference here for Isle Nook. I think a turnip.exchange code would work better.
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