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  1. So you can’t buy World Cup tickets unless you have a VISA card. Awesome.
  2. timgp


    As eluded by @HarryBizzlemy Sage grinder is looking for a new home in the Trading folder.
  3. timgp


    Mostly natural process at the moment, medium to light roast. The oily dark roast stuff isn’t for me. One of the reasons for the upgrade was the Sage was hard to get a fine enough grind for extracting very light roasts at 1:2 in about 33s. Often the really light beans would be sub 20s. Otherwise the Sage has been excellent. It’s not a necessary upgrade in my opinion (yet), more of a luxury.
  4. timgp


    @HarryBizzleI have been saving up for a while and have bought a Niche Zero. Still learning how much I need to move the (stepless!) grind adjustment to get dialled in. From a practical POV it’s smaller, much quieter and the magnetic dosing cup is really joyful.
  5. Maybe I’ll have managed to finish the first one by then.
  6. I would say it has probably given me 2 x 45 mins gaming a week on average, along with more reading and other activities. I tend to put my phone by the coffee machine at 8pm now and then pick it up again when I come down in the morning. Ymmv, but it’s working well for me. I’m just using the iOS built in stuff, so I can always override if I want but it’s enough of a deterrent for me to have formed some habits I prefer.
  7. I play co-op games every Tuesday night with my brother on Xbox live. Personally I’ve imposed device screen time restrictions on myself between 20:00 and 07:30, and this has resulted in more time playing games instead of idly scrolling. I think since I turned on screen time, I have got another 70 shrines in BoTW. For the kids, we have written screen time rules, these allow my nine year old 2 x 45 minutes a week. He has recently finished Mario Odyssey and is currently playing Sneaky Sasquatch on Apple TV. My six year old isn’t as motivated by games, but she enjoys Mario Kart and Fruit Ninja.
  8. Late to the party, but I just entered Hyrule Castle for the first time. Just wow. Also just found that korok
  9. Did someone sort you out? DM if you’d still like a card drop.
  10. I am still on my first play through. I played about 3 divine beasts on Wii U, then lost my momentum. I restarted on switch last year and have now done 4 divine beasts and have about 80 shrines. Currently exploring and mopping up shrine quests before I head to the castle. Trying to get lots of armour upgrades too.
  11. timgp

    Vinyl lovers

    A bar in town has open deck night. Might have played a 45 at 33 at the start of this: https://www.mixcloud.com/timdp/overdraft-10th-november-2021/
  12. If anyone can use two tickets (free/charity donation) for Elbow in Portsmouth tomorrow night, please DM me.
  13. A Short Hike is delightful.
  14. I really, really enjoyed it. Lovingly crafted by people who are clearly huge Zelda fans. I bought physical, but only because I prefer the resale option.
  15. Me and @Farleyhave been working through this in co-op in Heroic and it’s excellent. We’ve finished CE, 2, ODST, 3 and Reach and just started 4.
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