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  1. timgp

    Vinyl lovers

    A bar in town has open deck night. Might have played a 45 at 33 at the start of this: https://www.mixcloud.com/timdp/overdraft-10th-november-2021/
  2. If anyone can use two tickets (free/charity donation) for Elbow in Portsmouth tomorrow night, please DM me.
  3. A Short Hike is delightful.
  4. I really, really enjoyed it. Lovingly crafted by people who are clearly huge Zelda fans. I bought physical, but only because I prefer the resale option.
  5. Me and @Farleyhave been working through this in co-op in Heroic and it’s excellent. We’ve finished CE, 2, ODST, 3 and Reach and just started 4.
  6. Spider-Man: into the spider verse 5/5 Tenet 2/5
  7. timgp

    Nintendo Switch

    It will include Majora’s Mask remade in BotW engine. My uncle who lives in Japan told me.
  8. Picked this up recently and just got started. Very lovely.
  9. Question. I have an active solo online sub and just bought a family code. Can / should I add the code to my account now or should I wait?
  10. I tried doing some fan art.
  11. I’m playing A Short Hike on Switch. So is my 8 year old. It’s lovely.
  12. Anyone who doesn’t have GRIS should buy it in the sale. About 3h, but beautiful and moving. Buy it.
  13. Lockdown purchases: 2 x trainer’s toolkit and the Pikachu / Zekrom league battle deck.
  14. I think it’s polite to be ready to fly before you join the queue. Thanks @Flams left you a bell bag and an NMT.
  15. I’ve always liked <insert name of poster here>!
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