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  1. I've enjoyed it so far, the linebacker coverage seems much more realistic and the field seems bigger without defenders appearing 20 feet tall due to the depth issues of the previous engine. Two concerns - the AI appears to be rubbish and the balance of the running game vs the passing game. So far running seems rewardingly difficult and you need to to be disciplined following those blocks. Passing on the other hand seems easier, watch out if the defender is in a trail position.
  2. Well the penalties in the contract with Fox means that they have to release Aliens games, if they could get out I'm pretty sure they would after the Gearbox debacle. It's a shame to see them in this state, and the exercise they've just announced ( moving fixed costs to variable ) doesn't actually address any of the inherent issues they've struggled to address - an inability to either create or market new IP. As a famous US President almost once said "it's the development structure stupid", and a bunch of creatively bankrupt Japanese studios, and Euro studios who've released the same products for 20 years and ran out of new ideas a decade ago, doesn't seem to point towards a glorious future. I struggle to see where they go from here, not agile enough to cope with digital and not rich ( or brave ) enough to market product properly. The new Atari.
  3. Really the discussions about quality are all subjective, it's all about sales. If you look at Sega West, how many new IP's have made a profit and justified a sequel over the past 5 years ? I can't name a single one, although I guess you could argue that S&SR was a new IP. I'd be relatively surprised if Sega Europe shuts up shop, I think its more likely all territory offices go and they sign a distribution deal with one of the other Japanese publishers. I'd guess Capcom or Konami would be first choice as they are close to both of those. If they do shut Sega Europe totally it would probably be to minimize the exposure to stock in channel by changing legal entity as they wouldn't want a drastically reduced operation saddled with liabilities that are impossible to overcome with a reduced product lineup. At the end of it though, you come out the other side with a vastly reduced publisher relying on digital distribution and 2 or 3 physical products a year. I fear this is the route Atari pioneered - not creative or agile enough to take advantage of where the real digital money is, and rehashes of tired old physical IP that you don't have the cash to market properly. I can't see this ending well.
  4. Sorry, but I'm totally confused with what this re-print stuff is, can you enlighten me ?
  5. Anyone up for a game on Xbox ? GT - Clive Dunn01. Still very rusty at the moment, not had much time to play due to a newborn and would prefer to play decent people rather than lobby trash.
  6. So why is Alex Smith so rubbish in game ? Next thing you'll be telling me is that Kwame Harris isn't a 99 overall RT. Madness !
  7. Ok, I've got it - if it's arse again I expect you to send me the cash. Edit - this is NOT REALISTIC. Alex Smith sucks and can't hit a donkeys backside from 2 paces.
  8. So, is this a good enough version for me to buy ? Last few have been highly disappointing.
  9. Clive Dunn

    NCAA 12

    I've ordered an import copy coming as well, I'd hope for it to be here next week.
  10. I'd post in this thread but we already covered this subject at length in a dos box circa 1992. device=c:\dos\himem.arrogance.sys dos=high,intelligence devicehigh=claimPCusersdidthis10yearsago.
  11. Well it can't be as broken as the last one. Looking forward to playing you again Dolemite, it's been a while.
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