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  1. Good eps so far but they all look really weird now. Except DeVito who looks exactly the same as he did in Taxi!
  2. Grand Budapest Nightcrawler and Calvary are all solid 5s for me
  3. Just something I noted, I was looking at the results of the first half of the 90's voting initially with nostalgia. This is the era where I really fell in love with cinema, and I consider the 90's to be my 2nd favourite decade after the 70's. However, seeing the results back to back it's actually knocked a little bit of the sheen off. Not a lot, I fucking love these films, but bear with me... Despite being an 80's kid it was never my favourite decade because it was all to family friendly happy ending adventure, and I like a bit of grit to my cinema. I much prefer Apocalypse Now and Rosemarys Baby to Back to the Future and Indiana Jones. I always thought the 90's was a return of proper grown up film making. And it was, but only to an extent. If you look at our top 3's you'll start to see an awful lot of the same type of film. There is an awful lot of crime and murder going on. In fact crime such as gangsters or serial killers make up a huge number of the films that are nearly exclusively white male led. There are so few female parts of consequence (I don't think a single film here passes the Bechdel test, maybe Silence of the Lambs) and very few POC in lead roles, and certainly almost zero LGBTQ representation. So much crime. Obviously this likely mirrors the demographic of Rllmuk and our age at that time, but when you look at em all lined up its quite stark. The early 2000's was a real high point for existential and quirky cinema. Charlie Kaufman, Little Miss Sunshine, Wes Anderson, Sideways, Napoleon Dynamite etc. Characters started getting weirder and less stereotypical. And now when I look at my top 10 of 2019, there are a lot of films there directed by and starring women. It definitely feels like film is offering more variety of stories now. Which can only be a good thing. I guess I just wanted to say, I always think of the 90's as this golden age, but actually looking at it through this new lens, it was a lot more limited than I gave credit. 1990 Goodfellas Millers Crossing Total Recall 1991 Terminator 2 Silence of the Lambs Point Break 1992 Reservoir Dogs Unforgiven Glengarry Glen Ross 1993 Jurassic Park Groundhog Day Naked 1994 Pulp Fiction Shawshank Redemption Leon 1995 Usual Suspects Se7en Heat
  4. I'm so glad he's pulled this off. Gonna go watch it soon.
  5. Revenge 2018 Dir: Coralie Fargeat Stylish and brutal all men are bastards revenge movie thats sexy, energetic and witty. Almost runs out of steam, but it's directed with a great energy so gets away with it. 3.5/5
  6. Isnt it literally only Peter Bradshaw giving it a kicking?
  7. Well then yer in luck because both Uncut Gems and The Lighthouse are absolutely brilliant.
  8. He thinks its propaganda and glorifies war. "It‘s purpose is to invoking the meaning-rich earnest nobility of struggle through adversity in war. This is the same promise sorry mission statement sorry lie offered by war makers to mostly young men drifting in the pallid meaning void of emotion-as-commodity modernity."
  9. Its really dividing my friendship group. Lots of people really dont like it. My mate Oscar thinks its downright dangerous.
  10. Mate, I love that. I love monkey shines. I've watched Knightriders 30 times. I love romero
  11. Amazing post and I agree with every word. I always watch the 127 min cut.
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