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  1. FINALLY getting a UK release. http://www.movieramblings.com/2020/07/03/paul-hyetts-peripheral-gets-digital-release/
  2. Yep, up to episode 8 and every moment feels genuine. That come up is bang bang on
  3. Top 5 Soviet era apocalypse films Top 5 Polish animation pre 1973 Top 5 Paul Verhoeven movies in his original language Top 5 American movies with black leads Top 5 lists better than the one in this post
  4. Yep thats the one. Songs that have or haven't stood the test of time...?
  5. kerraig UK

    Perfect Albums

    I know bro, Was making a shit joke about the state of my reply We're both Earth Rockers ooooohhhheeeeiiiioiahhhhhhhh
  6. Season 2 is where the characters become slaves to the themes and events. Its a huge fall from grace. They all act like the same idiot, not even different idiots, just the same idiot, waiting for the next plot point to direct them. I enjoyed it, but it won't age well. I also remember people telling me "Game of Thrones season 7 is amazing, you loon!"
  7. Imagine if the dirty drugged up stranger threesome was the only positive sexual experience in the whole BBC show... Now wouldn't that be a thing.
  8. kerraig UK

    Perfect Albums

    As bad as my grammar! Fucking love Clutch
  9. Sorry, this is such a cheap shot. But today there was a take down of Skater Boi and it resonates pretty hard. Basically, a groupie is laughing at a precious partner of her temporarily famous boyfriend. Got me thinking, what lyrics or songs really haven't stood the test of time? Thinking of that one where the guy who looks like the vanilla avatar in every game ever showed off about possibly raping women.
  10. You might have hooked on to something really groundbreaking there without realising.
  11. Thanks man, if you watched it young, like I did, I imagine that scene stood out as just being an interlude...? Watch it again as an adult and see how deeply emotive and telling it is. I didn't get it until (literally) i'd seen that film over 100 times. It was 15 years after the French new wave and Hughes managed to slam a montage with silent character development into a pop movie. It's Hughes's best scene in a catalogue of many incredible scenes.
  12. Sorry, I refuse to use smileys even though I should. It was meant as a joke.
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