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  1. MAGIC (1978) Dir: Richard Attenborough A ventriloquist is at the mercy of his vicious dummy while he tries to renew a romance with his high school sweetheart. What a fanfuckingtastically creepy little thriller this is. All about passion, obsession and schizophrenia. The isolation of it lends it a surreal quality and the performances are captivating. especially Anthony Hopkins as the ventriloquist trying to run away from himself. The scene where he tries to go 5 minutes without an episode is a masterclass in sustained heartbreaking tension. (4/5)
  2. Weird, I'd say 2019 has been the best year of the decade by far. My top 10 podcast has 14 films in it cos I couldn't get it down. Looking at your list it does just seem that you didn't watch amazing stuff like The Lighthouse, Uncut Gems, Booksmart, Monos, The Favourite...
  3. The other thing I really love is the social aspect of Quest. It goes everywhere with me now. Never leaves my bag. Yesterday I had lunch with friends in Soho then after we went to Soho Square to have a VR session on Table Tennis and Pistol Whip. Rather than feeling geeky and self conscious people are really getting into the fun of it now. Had passers by walking up wanting to try it out (Corona heaven). I even got the number of a girl from the Women's march after letting her play some Beat Sabre Rather than the worries that it was anti social it's a bloody great social device.
  4. Man I fucking LOVE Pistol Whip in Dual Wield mode on hard. Can only play it in very short bursts because it is a proper knackering workout, but man its such a fucking buzz. You properly feel like you're in a hong kong action movie. Its really difficult too, which I like.
  5. This was solid, and a great performance from Moss. Also really clever direction with the lingers on empty spaces. Its a shame the third act become so conventional and predictable but it was still really entertaining.
  6. Its typed out somewhere else. Maybe this thread I think? I'll get onto 2015-2018 tonight. It's a really good podcast episode though I think. Got some lovely compliments from within the industry.
  7. Yeah Pop/Star is the best track on there by far. But the Imagine Dragons song It's Time is also glorious to play. And that fucking epic Angel Voices is also incredible.
  8. I did my top 10 of 2019 as a podcast if anybody cares.
  9. I really loved his earnest performance in Dreamscape. He brought so much gravity to his interactions with Christopher Plummer. Obviously he was great in everything, but the quality of casting in that film really elevated it beyond its genre trappings.
  10. White of the Eye (1987) https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0094320/ Sophisticated, intelligent and progressive psycho thriller about a controlling, gaslighting relationship. Ahead of its time and bang on prescient, with excellent performances across the board. A forgotten gem. 4/5
  11. Word!!!!!!!!

  12. I fucking love how ballsy it is to rip off going places. The film with the most fuck you trailer of all time
  13. he's the absolute best. Watch him in platoon and to Live and Die in LA to see the early signs of one of the most interesting character actors of our times. "You aint a firing squad you piece of SHIT!"
  14. I often say that I am the most hard working, multi skilled person in the UK working minimum wage. Its a gag. But its not. Turns out, after extensive research, its a fact I am currently transitioning into VR because film in the UK is a very cruel mistress indeed. Please have a read https://deadline.com/2020/02/film4-bbc-bfi-pact-uk-producers-survey-challenges-indie-biz-1202852039/?fbclid=IwAR2u8c_YyYIhEWS3hqDYHxTIZaAjKRzQuTjh0Yaq4w2Q18cJmhJSxBrPz5M
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