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  1. It looks underwhelming but what’s there is great. I’ve put hrs and hrs into Kurushi already. Same for Ape Escape - only 30% complete. Had a couple of hrs on Mr Driller. A round on Everybody’s Golf. Still not tried Tekken 2 or downloaded the others. They’ve pretty much kept me away from playing anything else including stuff on Gamepass. They’re all really good/great games. I think realistically the best way of approaching the “Classic” titles is by releasing 2-4 per month, maybe 1-2 PS and 1-2 PS2. I read an article online the other day, that seemed to imply that’s what they’ll be doing. I can’t find it now though. Thinking back I’m struggling to think of that many games I’d want to see anyway. All I’m coming up with are Devil Dice and Ridge Racer.
  2. This seems to be all the PSOne/PSP stuff listed..... Ape Escape Toy Story 2 Everybody’s Golf Jumping Flash Kurushi Mr Driller Odd World Abe’s Oddysee Resident Evil Directors Cut Super Stardust Portable Tekken 2 Syphon filter Wild Arms Worms World Party Worms Armageddon Echochrome
  3. If you go to the PlayStation Plus menu you should see “Latest”, “Benefits”, “Collections”, “Games”, up at the top of the screen. Select “Games” and you can then filter by platform but only on that specific menu. It doesn’t allow you to filter for PSOne or PS2 though, just PS3/4/5. So not sure that’s much help. Other problem is that before you sign up or upgrade it pretty much tells you nothing and actually implies that loads of stuff is stream only when it’s actually also downloadable. The other stuff you’d expect to be downloadable is just stream only. It really is just one big mess. The PS1 stuff is very thin on the ground but, what is there is great - Mr Driller, Kurushi, Ape Escape, Tekken 2, Everybody’s Golf, Wild Arms, Worms. That’s about it. PS2 is just the stuff that was on Now. Looks like all the PS2, PSOne stuff is downloadable. Oh and one other thing I’ve now noticed, the PSone/PSP stuff is labelled PS4/PS5 when you’re browsing. Fuck’s sake! It’s not until you click on the thumbnail, scroll down and read the game’s description that you find out it’s a PSOne/PSP game. Niw having to scroll through 866 games looking for PS4/PS5 to check if there are anymore PSOne/PSP games I’ve missed. It’s like a game in its own right just finding stuff!
  4. Everything about it is just spot on and sooooooo satisfying. Its “PEEEEEEERFECT!!! It’s got a real classic 80s/90s vibe and aesthetic to it and reminds me of loads of films of the era for some reason. Music is well Star Wars in places too. Having given it another play all these years later, I’d say it’s in my top games of all time.
  5. It was released as I.Q Intelligent Qube in the US. Its Kurushi in Europe/UK. It’s on the UK service as Kurushi but the UK online store as I.Q Intelligent Qube. At least they’re consistent! Absolutely amazing game! Very hard to put down.
  6. Give me 24hrs to check all the menus and I’ll get back to ya and let ya know! Unfortunately it’s not on there......yet. It’s a promising start with the games that are available but only time will tell if it ends up fulfilling its potential in terms of classic games.
  7. @cubik Think it’s just how the audio was mastered on the game. It’s compressed to all fuck to make it really loud and punchy. Remember it being the same on Dreamcast. Just had a quick go on it and it’s great but I still absolutely suck at it! The MPEG compression does seem a lot worse than I remember though. But I guess playing on a CRT TV through an RF lead back in the day would have helped cover stuff up. Jumping to Man of Medan straight after, makes it feel like I’ve time travelled about 100yrs into the future. It’s nuts how far games have come graphically!
  8. Turns out you can filter by Platform......but only on the main “Plus Premium Games” section, not on the “Plus Premium Games Catalogue” section or in the “Classics Catalogue” or in any of the other sections. Those you can only filter by genre. Of course, when you filter by genre, half the games in that genre don’t show up. Even the dedicated genre “Collections” section doesn’t have half the games listed. I’m amazed that people actually got paid a wage to create this system. It’s fucking unreal how bad it is!
  9. Fucking hell no! The last thing they need are even more separate sections. They’ve already got them coming out of their wazoo. Just needs a “Classics” section for everything up to PS3 and a “Modern” section for PS4/PS5. Break those down by console on each section or just allow filters that do the job. Make sure everything is in alphabetical order and searchable. Sorted! I have no idea who came up with the current system but they need putting into a fuck off Cannon and launching to the moon. Have to say, once you’ve found everything that’s on offer and tried some stuff out (the retro stuff is a real standout for me), it’s a great service , that will hopefully go from strength to strength. For the vast majority of people, who haven’t bought waaaaaay too many games and been subbed to Plus since forever and had Now it must be absolutely phenomenal. I think I paid over £300 for just a few of the PS5 games on there. Being able to play them all for the next 200 days for £26 would be nuts! Only problem I see is......how are people going to react to having to pay £70 for a new first party release and pay out for the service on top? Also, how will they react when those games they shelled out for end up on the service somewhere down the line? I think something will have to give.
  10. On top of the 4 other “Catalogues” I mentioned, I’ve now somehow managed to find a “PSP, PSOne, and PS2 Classics Catalogue”. A “PS3 Classics Catalogue” and a “Remasters” section. ICO which was a Classic PS2 game, a PS3 re-release, and a Remaster isn’t listed in any of them! Thankfully those PlayStation Classics - Urban Trial Freestyle, Truck Racer and Red Johnson’s Chronicles - One Against All, have made the cut! Downloaded Kurushi and was like ”Fucking hell......i remember this now”! Pretty sure I had it on a demo disc back in the day and absolutely hammered it. Ended up playing it for 3hrs straight last night and had to force myself to switch it off. Crazily addictive! Of course I then had a “quick” go on the original Everybody’s Golf. Still loads of fun! Getting Tekken 2 downloaded next!
  11. They’re not on the Plus Premium Games Collection Games section.......they’re on the Plus Premium “Games Collection” section. Only problem.......they’re listed at £6.71 and £49.99 respectively. Of course the Plus Premium Collection Games section has titles that aren’t listed on the Plus Premium Games Collection section, so it’s worth checking both......and all the other sections just in case. Hope that clears everything up! Edit - The Premium Plus “Game Catalogue” section combined with the “Classics Catalogue” Section = 618 games. The Premium Plus Games section = 866 games. Things like 428 Shibuya Scramble (PS4) and Deliver Us to the Moon (PS4/PS5) aren’t listed in one but are in the other, there are loads more. ICO isn’t even listed in the “Classics Catalogue”. Way to go Sony!
  12. The menus are a real mess for this atm. How about going to the “Latest” tab.......where you can browse games. Or the Benefits tab........where you can browse games. Or the “collections” tab.........where you can browse games. Or the “games” tab........where you can browse games. Yet they all seem to show different stuff.........and when you go to just the “games” tab it shows games (including PS5/PS4 titles) that aren’t even in the other tabs, including the Premium “games collection”. Simple innit! Gave Man of Medan a go and really enjoying it. Loads better than the reviews made out so far. Graphics are pretty swish too.
  13. The streaming games on Now were noticeably inferior to the downloadable games in terms of image quality. The streaming stuff was all 720p. Not sure if the PS3 stuff in PSPremium is still just 720p. There was some input lag there too even on a decent connection, which is another reason I’d always go for the download option. Edit - Looked it up and other people are asking the same question with regards to PSPremium. Answer - the PS4 had issues emulating the PS3, however the PS5 can emulate the PS3 and developers say it’s just Sony that can’t be arsed sorting it and making stuff downloadable.
  14. Not that up on streaming but I know that the PSNow stuff was in 720p and looked a lot rougher than the downloadable versions. No idea if that’s changed. The PSPremium stuff is apparently being streamed at 1080p, but that can be knocked down due to connection issues etc. Makes some of the PS5 games being stream only seem even weirder. What’s the reason for all the PS3 stuff still being stream only? Would definitely have given Split Second a download.
  15. You obviously haven’t ran into some of the people I have in life! But yeah, like I said, I was mostly just being daft. I’ve got the version that came out on Switch but can’t remember it having updated graphics. Remember it being just the same as the original PS version. Maybe I just played it with the original graphics or something though? The one I saw in the vid looked really impressive. Same jump in quality as the Monkey Island Remakes. I’ll have to go back to it and check it out again.
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