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  1. Has a patch increased the difficulty level in this or what? Got to the final boss twice now and both times it appears to have been impossible with the entire screen full waves of purple rings on the floor at the same time as 1000s of airborne projectiles and lasers everywhere. Even though I have a powerful weapon it barely touches the health of the boss too. I’m also now dying a lot 10mins into runs, when i’ll suddenly hit a room that absolutely batters me in similar fashion. Oh, and I’m over 100hrs played but not getting any further with the trophies. No Scout logs are appearing, not getting any new weapon traits, and never get the items I need to use to meet trophy requirements. Is this a glitch or something?
  2. Interesting to read that quite a few people are now having similar issues to the points I raised earlier in the thread. I’m now approaching the end of my 2nd playthrough and for me, the game has gone from being a 5/10 with some great sections, to a strong 8/10, maybe even a 9/10 throughout. Challenge mode on the top difficulty level adds so much to the gameplay. The added challenge makes it fun, you don’t feel like you’re just going through the motions. The main thing that changed my mind has been playing it like a classic 16bit game, such as Sonic or Streets of Rage. Blast through the levels and it’s fantastic. However, the way the game is set up sort of pushes you into playing more like other big AAA first party Sony games and there just isn’t the depth to back that up. It ends up feeling very shallow and flat in places when played like that. Was going to trade it in but have decided to keep it for now as I can see myself playing through it again at some point.
  3. Just done a 3hr run on this. Cleaned out all of the last 3 levels with ease. Hit Proficiency Lv30 and bagged the trophy. Had a maximum damage HollowSeeker with Portal beam.. HUGE Health bar. Incredible set of Parasites and upgrades. 3 Silphium Vials. 2 Large Silphium Vials. Already beaten the last boss and seen the credits roll........but was not prepared for how difficult it was this time around. I was barely doing any damage to it but somehow managed to make it to the bosses 3rd phase and then........literally the whole screen was full of projectiles and lasers. It was impossible to do anything, as all of the ground and air was covered with an insane, never ending, unavoidable blanket of enemy fire. Is that how difficult the last boss always is after seeing the credits roll?
  4. Ah right! That makes a lot of sense. Guess it was added in a patch recently, as I’ve not played it much for a while. Now sitting on 97% completion for most levels. Is that likely to mean I’m just missing some Scout Logs? I’m clearing the levels out each time but don’t seem to find any now.
  5. Played this for a bit last night and noticed that certain weapons I picked up had Red Lvl numbers, instead of the standard colour. Never seen that before. They didn’t seem any different to use though. Anyone know what the Red numbers signify?
  6. Yeah, totally agree. That’ was the point were I started to get frustrated with how a lot of stuff is under-utilised in terms of gameplay. Soooooo, realised that I only needed one more trophy to get the Platinum on this but it requires another playthrough. Only got 1 Platinum, for Astrobot, so thought I may as well give it a go. I’m skipping the mainline mini-games/puzzle bits, not collecting stuff, not bothering with anything optional, just zipping straight through the levels........and it plays LOADS better! Straight up action shooter, that really does have a lot in common with Returnal. The Challenge mode seems to push the difficulty up a few notches further too, so it’s a really good challenge throughout and you need to use your weapons and abilities properly to succeed. The bigger fights have been so much more entertaining. About halfway through the game already and where as before i felt it really dipped down in terms of gameplay quality with the mid game levels, now I’m really enjoying it.
  7. @Mr. Gerbik Holy shit, you actually went there and took photos! Lol Heard the MGS alert sound when I perused them for important clues. All I can deduce is that you are now a key factor in all of this, as you “just happen” to “conveniently live within walking distance” of the very building at the epicentre of this “conspiracy”. Interesting.......
  8. Lol. Man you’re good at this!! Maybe a little bit toooooo good at this.......HIDEO!??! There’s clearly enough evidence there to fill a 25min YouTube vid. Get on it!
  9. Hey man! Not sure really. I was just playing through the game and felt like posting my impressions as I went through it. It just is what it is. I think if my impressions had been positive no-one would have had a problem. I think all this drama has been whipped up over nowt, probably by someone that’s life is a veritable shambles and so they have to try and shit on other folks online to feel a bit better. Lol. I’m enthusiastic about games. I absolutely love them! I guess playing this I can see so much potential in it to be a truly great game and when it wasn’t making an effort and just fell into lazy or poor design I found it a real waste. Plus I it was £60. So I wanted my monies worth! Big shout out to all the anti-price hike warriors in the “fuck me, £70 for a game thread”. You were right on this occasion! Dude, imo you should be free to let rip about Returnal as much as you like. I’d happily read your posts and listen to your viewpoint. If i got tired of it, I’d just stop reading. It’s that simple. It’s just common sense really. I mean, is it really that difficult to just skim past a post and not read it or hit the block button? Yeah, no problems at all on my part mate. Enjoy your day man! Now, let’s leave that shit there and open up the floor for others to post about the game!
  10. Oh my god...... Look what happens if you take the word ABANDONED and rearrange the letters and replace them with other letters...... SILENT HILLS. I’ve tried this a few times and also got APE ESCAPE, RIDGE RACER and QWERTYBANJOFLANGE. You heard it here first!
  11. Just watched a Vid about all this. Some really compelling evidence for this being Silent Hills...... Blue Box Game Studios........all Playstation games come in blue boxes, so, er, yeah....... The director of the studios was once involved in making a fitness app that was listed on the store as a Personal Trainer app.......P.T. Smoking gun right there!
  12. Yeah, it’s really interesting how the mind works and always looks for patterns and tries to make sense out of random stuff. I love mysterious spooky shit like this and it’d be awesome if one of the conspiracies ended up being true. Ya gotta do what? Ya gotta believe!!! Have you watched the stuff on YouTube where people had put together a water tight case for Death Stranding being Silent Hills? I was addicted to it at one point! The deeper you go with it, the more random shit starts to add up to something and make sense. I mean......Silent Hills was cancelled. You could say.......Abandoned even! The plot thickens! Kojima Edit - What. The, Fuck. Swear down I never wrote Kojima in that post!!! Proper chills up the spine shit. You there Hideo?
  13. This is just a continuation of all the Silent Hills stuff that was doing the rounds with Death Stranding. People genuinely thought that nobody in their right mind would make a game about a bloke delivering parcels and so pieced together shit loads of random stuff to prove that Death Stranding was fake and a cover for Silent Hills being stealth released. They believed this right up until they put the Death Stranding disc in their PS4s and the game booted up! Lol I think Silent Hill 2 has got one of the best video game stories ever created. The sound design on it is fucking incredible. I would love a new Silent Hill game that does the series justice. I think there’s got to be a Silent Hill coming and Sony have definitely got some big announcements on the way, but I’d say if we do see more Silent Hill it’s likely to be a Bluepoi...oops, Blue Box remake.
  14. Acrenoid! Super Mary-O World! Loving the names.
  15. Aaaaaand finished. That last stretch really is something else. it’s all about that last level! It’s not only a real showcase for what the PS5 can do technically, but one of the most action packed and outright fun levels I’ve ever played. Everything comes together perfectly and it’s chef’s kiss good! Going on that last level then this series is going places. Full game of that, bang in some quality platforming......SHAZAAAM......top tier game that Nintendo would shit a brick to have in their roster. Overall it’s one weird Marmitey game. Don’t think I could even give it a rating as it swings so wildly from one extreme to the other. One minute it’s a 4 or 5/10 the next it’s a solid 8 or 9. Sadly, I think it’s far too much the former and there’s way too much downtime and not enough proper gameplay. Who’d have guessed it? Lol. It’s well worth picking up though and giving it a go but would definitely recommend waiting till it’s patched if buying for young kids. In the last few levels I hit a wealth of glitches - from more puzzles that couldn’t be completed, to getting completely stuck inside scenery and behind walls, to the weapon firing but no projectiles coming out and doing any damage. Apparently there are a few game breaking bugs too which require you to restart the game from the beginning. Not kid friendly, unless you enjoy dealing with full on meltdowns! Kind of reminds of an album that has 3 or four great tracks and the rest is filler. Some folk might enjoy the filler, some folk might not. But those decent tracks are proper bangers and it’s worth checking out.
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