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  1. Nice run man! Almost had 42secs flat but I tried to wheelie over the finishing ramp for no reason at all and lost it! Lol. Does anyone else do that? On a really good run then just do some proper random shit for no reason whatsoever? Smush Inc - 42.857
  2. They’re a very special band! Absolutely incredible, especially live when they’re in full flow. They’re lovely people too. Can’t speak highly of them enough! They have a very diverse back catalogue mixed between their main albums and their soundtrack stuff. You really can’t go wrong with anything they’ve put out though. My pick would be their debut album “the Decline of British Sea Power” which, in my opinion, is one of the best debut albums ever. It’s that good! Or if you like their soundtrack stuff try “Man of Aran” which reworks some of their main album songs into their soundtrack w
  3. It’s always a good idea to watch the replays of top times and race against some ghosts. You can quickly see what works well and what you might be able to improve on. Often there can be shortcuts that shave off seconds you might have missed, or important little techniques etc that shave off milliseconds here and there (and they all add up)! I’d definitely advise racing a top ghost or one you can challenge yourself with. Straight away, you’ll see where you can make improvements on a track or where you are already faster. I started out playing Trials on 360 racing @Dark Soldier and prett
  4. Decided to get the Diamond as it was so close. Smush Inc - 43.376
  5. Trials Tourney?!?!? Yeah man! Not played this in ages, must be a couple of years or something. Re-downloaded it. Well rusty and playing with the PS5 pad feels weird. Managed a decent time after a few goes though..... 43:798 Forgot how much I love Trials. One of the best games ever made. Quality!
  6. Not been doing any gaming for a while, didn't even realise this had this mode available now! Just went straight in with the 5 tries. 18:22:971......crashed a few times and had a couple of spins, few bits where I eased off. Could easily take another 10-20 secs off, and get under 18mins with a solid run. Still think this is the best Rally game ever made. It's soooooo good! The DualSense is amazing but it proper messes my hands up on this game.
  7. It’s probably because both games are massively influenced by David Lynch.
  8. Not sure if this has already been mentioned but just as a heads up (in case anyone is concerned they’ve been hacked) - some PS5 owners are experiencing glitches with their play stats. On mine it’s telling me I’ve been playing games that I haven’t been playing at all and the icons are all messed up. For example, Control is showing up as Trials Rising for some reason!
  9. Find it a bit odd why you would rubbish someone else’s views, based purely on them not being the same as yours? You’re not even attempting to discuss or acknowledge the valid stuff I bring up like the poor ending, or the dip in quality half way through, or the further dip in quality in the later stages! People on here have already mentioned those things as they are common complaints that get mentioned all the time even by hardened Souls fans! As for the bosses I don’t think they’re anywhere near the quality of games like Bayo, Ninja Gaiden, DMC etc. You can take the bosses down on th
  10. I’m talking one big pile of shit? So you don’t think the early sections of the game are brilliant and memorable then? You don’t think this is a good game? You don’t think Demon’s Souls is any cop? Fair enough! It’s your opinion!
  11. Aaaaaaaaand finished! So, the game just ends out of nowhere then? BOOM......3sec cutscene depicting nothing of note happening aaaaaaaand.........credits roll. Easily the worst ending of anything I’ve ever encountered. It’s that bad, I feel like I’ve been cheated and have just wasted my time playing the game. Surprised at just how bad the ending actually is, which is saying something, considering the 2nd half of the game drops in quality and then the latter stages drop in quality even further, to the point that they feel really poor, rushed cut and paste jobs.
  12. Have you looked at theHunter Call of the Wild? It’s a hunting sim. One of the games I enjoyed the most from last gen (PS4).
  13. Still can’t believe I missed that! Ironically, i used it for the first time properly on the Artorias bonfire so it went up to 15.........and yet I couldn’t actually heal in the fight! Just had to do it without getting clipped. That’s one of the things I was talking about in my previous posts though. Having 20 Estus instead of 5 would have made the game ridiculously easy in most places. Same thing happened on Demon’s Souls......wasn’t until towards the end of the game that I realised you can carry something daft like 90+ healing herbs around with you! Aaaaand now just remembe
  14. I’m assuming you must have been at a higher level than myself, as you have more health, more stamina and seem to be doing more damage than my upgraded Longsword. Using the Longsword on him seems to be the equivalent of waving a butter knife around! Yeah, the A.I just seems to be random, nothing to do with weapon or lvl after having a few more goes. Switched back to Zweihander and he’s now been well and truly pulped! He didn’t do the counter dodge double jump smash move at all so it was plain sailing. Looking things up, I now realise I’ve somehow ended up playing through the
  15. Bit confused. What do you mean when you say “it a delicate balance of skill/difficulty which you are missing out on”? Do you mean that I’m over levelled? Not sure how I can be over levelled if I haven’t been grinding and I haven’t used the Souls that are lying around? I’ve just used the Souls that the game has given me from playing through normally. As I was saying before though......if you play well and are finding things easy, you actually end up with more Souls than if you’re struggling and find things difficult! In other words.....the easier you find the game, then the easier it
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