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  1. No doubt Joshua is praying to the boxing gods that Fury has actually retired! Tyson would shatter him into a million pieces after playing around with him for a bit. It would be embarrassing and a big come down after all the build up and hype, Whilst Usyk has the technical ability to match Fury, he simply doesn’t have the size or the power to actually stop him. Any of the big shots Wilder landed on Tyson would put Joshua and Usyk into space. Way I see it is, the only realistic fight left now, that is credible and holds weight, is Usyk vs Fury within the next year. Have always said Usyk is his only real threat, on points. If Joshua somehow beats Usyk though () then there will be a rematch. It could then be another 2yrs before either are free to fight Fury. Tyson doesn’t need the money. He’s got nothing left to prove. He’s No.1. The best of his era. No doubt left in anyone’s mind now other than the most casual of casual boxing fans. Fight I’d really like to see now after Usyk schools Joshua again, is Wilder vs Joshua. Wilder’s big right hand straight down the pipe. Aj’s legs would be disco dancing while he’s fully stretched out.
  2. Looks like I’ll soon be ranked A S on this. Been winning the 2nd Daily Race on Tokyo Expressway a lot, easily one of the best tracks on the game, loads of fun. Winning the Manufacturers races too. Finding that top end of C rank is probably the cleanest stuff you get. In B it can turn into a total shit show at times with players using you as a brake, pushing you off the track, ramming into you etc.......but they barely ever get punished for it. Of course, hit a rumble strip with the outside of your tyre.....PENALTY.......another car drives straight into you.......PENALTY..........player slams their brakes on and swerves so you hit them.........PENALTY. Fucking bollocks mate! Been in the lead pack so many times, then purposefully rammed and spun out, and I get a penalty........then get rammed again........and I get another penalty.........and again and another penalty. End up finishing last miles behind everyone. Most frustrating game going at times. When you finally get a decent race though it’s absolutely sublime!
  3. You don’t need to use the consumables, they just make things considerably easier if you do want to use them. Also, if you check the manual thoroughly you’ll find out that some of them aren’t as limited in number as you think! Basically that fight just requires you to beat things in a certain way. For example..... How did you manage to do the Vintage one then? It’s impossible without doing multiple random things including translating the language, in order to get the highly cryptic riddle that’s written in the game’s language, that you need to solve, which gives you the solution that you need to do in a specific place!
  4. I finished the game normally without using any assistance. I thought that particular bit was quite tough at first, until I realised there’s a specific way to beat each enemy and then it seemed easy. One of the statues even replenishes your health and stuff fully. If you’ve studied the manual well, you should know how all the collectibles, upgrades and stuff work by that point too, which makes the fight even easier. I had loads of stuff I could have used but didn’t. Its such a cool game! It’s really interesting how using the manual well can lessen the difficulty. If you work stuff out, find out what stuff does, pick up on lots of the little secrets etc it makes things a lot easier. However, if you don’t use the manual well and don’t pick up on stuff, and play this like most other stuff, then the game can become considerably harder. Again, with those hidden areas........loads of them are in the manual itself, you just have to study it well. The ones that aren’t (I’m not even sure if there are any that aren’t in the manual), they’re pretty obvious just from looking at what’s on the screen. You certainly don’t need to wander around pushing the character against walls and stuff, randomly hoping to find things. Yeah, you can do that if you want, but I’m not really sure why anyone would!
  5. Yeah the Golden Path is one of the all time great puzzles in video games. So cool! When it dawns on you what’s going on.......absolutely fantastic! Then you solve it and it’s a proper, “WAHOOOOO” moment. As for the Holy Cross.........I was almost at the end of the game before I realised what it is!
  6. Finished. If you complete the Golden Path you don’t even need to fight the last boss. Absolutely incredible game. A few miss steps with the end game secret puzzles but that’s pretty much it in terms of negatives. One of the best games I’ve played in ages, and hands down the best game I’ve played so far this year (yeah, that includes Elden Ring). The Manual is a phenomenal idea that is executed brilliantly. The best new idea in gaming for years and years. The whole game is a trip back to how games used to be. Reminded me of the first adventure games I played back in the day on the BBC, C64, Master System etc. Also took me back to playing stuff like Monkey Island, OOT and Alundra. A fantastic achievement in its own right.
  7. Golden Path complete. Have 6 secrets still remaining. Have looked up the answers to a couple and don’t understand the solutions to them at all. The game had done incredibly well, right up to the final hurdle, by making all of its puzzles and secrets enjoyable to uncover and solve. These final few have left a bad taste after completing everything else. The final boss is also a ludicrous difficulty spike. I still haven’t beaten it. Noticed it seems like I’ve only got about half of the items that power up the Fox too and no money at all. Also, the remaining coins would cost a fortune. So I can’t really 100% the game......which sort of goes against the whole design of solving all its secrets and stuff. Want to say it’s a straight 10/10 but these niggles have probably knocked it down to a 9 for me. Edit - Yeah, one of the secrets requires you to follow a hint in the manual. By doing this it then unlocks something in the manual itself, but only if you’ve done other stuff first. None of it makes any kind of logical sense at all. You then have to decipher the language that is used in the game.........alrighty then........so you can read and solve an incredibly cryptic riddle and then use the solution to it, in a specific location. Absolute bollocks! No fucker would ever in a month of Sunday’s solve that without looking up a solution. Spoils the game.
  8. Thoroughly study the manual. Then thoroughly study the manual again. After that.......study the manual. A lot of the complaints, from the difficulty level to not knowing where to go, through to hidden areas/shortcuts etc, are mostly sorted by just studying the manual properly. Another thing to take into account is that most games are tailored to today's "everything now" attitude. This is old school, in that it drip feeds stuff and slowly reveals its complexities. Its handled brilliantly. Don't worry about missing stuff as you play, or trying to find hidden bits and pieces etc, you'll more than likely naturally find all the little bits and bobs as the game progresses. You can really trust and rely on the game design. I'm still finding new stuff, from just studying the manual carefully almost 30hrs in!
  9. Left the boss fight for now. Just bagged the last hidden soul. Now need 6 additional secrets still. Think I’ve just figured the Golden Path out though. Proper chills up my spine moment! Absolutely fucking amazing!!! Edit - What! The! Actual! Fuck! Just done the last bit of the Golden Path.”YOU WHAT MATE”!?!?!? Absolutely fucking mindblowing!!! Proper genius!!! Game has made me feel like I’m going a bit wrong and uncovering some kind of insane conspiracy. Been taking notes, photos, and got sheets of paper with mad drawings and scribbling all over them, that look like the workings of a total maniac!
  10. I’ve found the difficulty to be spot on. The bosses all went down in a couple of goes each.........and then I got to what I assume is the final boss. Fucking hell! Massive difficulty spike! I’ve done pretty much all of the hidden souls and additional secrets, but I wonder if I’m missing something, as this thing absolutely wrecks me, and I’m throwing everything I have at it. It’s harder than stuff in Elden Ring or even Returnal!
  11. Tracked down and solved half of the Souls plus got a few of the additional secrets now. There are another couple that I’m not sure how to solve just yet. Unlocked the key to deciphering the language but not sure what the numbers do. I know what they relate to but not what they’re actually for. Also, 27hrs in and only just discovered the hidden room that allows you to customise the Fox, near to the start of the game!
  12. This has now gone fully next level with the Soul puzzles. Very Fez. Figured some stuff out I needed to do and tracked down a couple so far but I’m struggling to work them out. And having said that, I immediately work one of them out!
  13. What’s this all about? An Online mode I take it? I’m Derbyshire, Amber Valley! Will have to give it a go.
  14. it does have Fez vibes, however that was totally obscure in a lot of its puzzles. This isn’t. There are no tricks. Just study the manual. It’s all there! Talking about the manual.......love the way that when you’re looking at it, behind it is an old CRT or handheld screen with a 8bit/16bit version of the game on it, like you’re sat in the dark back in the day playing through a classic. Just one of the many, many amazing little touches. I’m 22hrs in and I can safely say.......this is an absolute masterclass in game design. 10/10. Its up there with the all time greats for me. One of the best adventure games ever made and one of the best and most enjoyable games I’ve ever played. It’s transported me right back to being about 7yrs old and playing adventure games on the BBC at school or at home on my Master System. Just figured out some of the fairy stuff. Quality! Going to bag every secret on this and get all the achievements. Edit - Think I’ve just made another couple of big discoveries. One is audio related. Mind’s been blown again! What! A! Game!
  15. Soundtrack reminds me most of Fez. It’s fantastic. The Graveyard and the Ziggurat pieces of music are especially good. If you get stumped at any point thoroughly check the manual. There are tons of clues hidden in it. Same goes for the difficulty, the manual hints at stuff - items and how to use them etc that make the game easier, when you understand how to use them properly. This is better than Elden Ring. Probably the best adventure game I’ve played since OOT. I’m now at the point where I’m solving some of the big secrets. The ones I’ve solved so far gave me goosebumps and put a huge grin on my face. It’s the kind of stuff that used to be in games but got lost due to watering everything down and making it easier for the mainstream. The way stuff is handled through the manual is genius. Miyamoto level stuff! Also, this is possibly the best looking game I’ve ever played. It’s absolutely stunning!
  16. Just bought another Legendary car with my winnings........Mangusta ‘69. Bought a secondhand Firebird Trans AM too.
  17. Couple of hrs on this racing Interlagos Online, which has been fantastic, and I’ve earned over 200,000 and won an Aston Martin DBR9 GT1 ‘10 with a Roulette ticket. Nice!
  18. The way the weather and lighting changes is stunning. Just bagged another 2nd place but it really threw me off when it dropped overcast and the lighting changed. Couldn’t hit the bends as cleanly as the environment looked different!
  19. This is just amazing online now. Had another crazy battle at Interlagos. Ended up working my way through the pack and chasing the leader down on the final lap. Was miles behind but managed to claw back on the last few bends with us side by side going down the final straight. He just managed to hold out for the win. Next time Gadget! Next time! What. A. Game.
  20. “Months of planning”.......”.real world money”. Lol. Like I said.........blown out of all proportion and totally OTT! I bought 3 cars within a few days of casual playing, including a Legendary car. The game has also given me about 39 other cars so far for completing missions. I’m earning around 200,000 credits per play session - which is 10 online races and a Roulette card. Thing is......the game is designed around replicating “car culture”. A large part of “car culture” are the prestigious, iconic, incredibly expensive and rare cars that only a handful of people get to own. That’s partly why they’re so lusted after. The game is clearly trying to emulate that. You’re not supposed to own all the cars, certainly not within a couple of weeks of the game coming out. You’re supposed to pick the car you really want to own. Get a cheap banger and do it up. Or maybe save up credits for a better car. Win races to fund something more prestigious. Take pics of it and show it off online etc. How does your car stack up against other peoples? Take them into multiplayer to show them off and find out, and chat about......er, cars and shit.
  21. It’s pretty much the best driving game ever made. There’s an insane amount of content. There are a wealth of modes that are all absolutely brilliant. There’s something there for everyone. The Online racing is fucking incredible. It’s wrapped up in fantastic graphics and audio and sublime handling, even on a pad, the DualSense really adds to the game. It’s clearly been designed to last for years, if not a whole gen. Sure, If you’ve bought the game to just drive a specific car that is really expensive then, yeah, it’s time to shit the bed! But marking a game down as 1/10 because certain stuff costs a lot of in game credits. Nah mate......massively blown out of all proportion.
  22. It’s all being blown WAAAAAAAAAAY out of proportion. It’s probably the best driving game ever made. I’ve put about 40hrs into it so far and barely scratched the surface of what’s on offer. The License Tests and Missions are great fun to Gold and the Cafe stuff is really unique and relaxing. On the track it’s in a league of its own. Played some Sport Mode online last night at Interlagos and the racing was absolutely phenomenal. Had an incredible battle with a few other players, constantly overtaking each other, fighting through every inch of the track. Last lap.....it notched up a gear, sweaty hands time! Managed to overtake the guy in front on the final bend and it ended neck and neck with the guy behind. Nose of my car just took the win for a 3rd place finish. Felt immense! Then jumped into a Civic and Time Trialled Tokyo Expressway. The graphics and audio, the sense of speed, the DualSense giving fantastic feedback of the road, the grip of the tyres etc, the handling/physics........sublime! I’ve got loads of cars to choose from I’ve unlocked. I’ve bought a couple of others. One was 1.5 million. I had to really weigh it up and consider if I really wanted it.....which felt great in comparison to other games, that throw stuff at you. I’m getting about 15,000 for every online race. I can see the online part of the game lasting for years. And that’s the thing.......this will probably be the only GT this gen. It’s been designed for that.
  23. Just had a blast on this. Fucking hell!!! Tower mode is immense, adrenaline rush to the max!!! So yeah, the best game ever made just got even better!!! Elden Ring?!?!? Lol.
  24. Series S gets my vote. It’s tiny, whisper quiet and looks fantastic on my 65inch 4K TV. It’s pretty much the same as the PS5 in terms of image quality. Got 20 games on the S’ drive, including FH5, Flight Sim and Halo Infinite plus still got 17gb free too. It’s quickly become one of my fav consoles ever. Not worth £200 more for the X.
  25. This is a bit of a masterpiece! The best adventure game released in years. It does a better job than BOTW and Elden Ring put together, of giving you a magical sense of wonder and mystery. The kind of wonder and mystery that’s been missing from games for years and years. It’s like they’ve been able to bottle the feeling you got when playing your first adventure game as a kid and have just poured it into every area and nook and cranny of this. The little details in it are fantastic too.....from the little Fox trotting and bouncing along when he runs, to the way hitting certain stuff plays in tune with the music. Just done the Ziggurat and fuck me the graphical design and the audio......awesome! Now just wandering around, no idea what to do next, but spotting stuff and thinking to myself.....”how the fuck do I get that?”........”that’s got to be a secret entrance”........”HA! A hidden corridor.......that must get me to that chest I couldn’t reach earlier”.........”how do you get past that area”........”wonder what that thing I found in that cave does”?!?! Absolutely fantastic game!
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