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  1. https://twitter.com/femfreq/status/504503232672960512

    @femfreq: Some very scary threats have just been made against me and my family. Contacting authorities now.


    @femfreq: Im safe. Authorities have been notified. Staying with friends tonight. Im not giving up. But this harassment of women in tech must stop!

    I can't wait for people to say 'she deserved it' and defending 4chan now. I can't fucking wait. What a bunch of fragile shits.

  2. I reckon they could re-release this as F2P with cheap payments for clothing/decks (and possibly some other stuff) easy peasy. I base this presumed success on nothing.

  3. I don't think Coutinho is suited as one of the three forwards, he works far better sitting behind. In hindsight, the midfield-strikeforce formation of






    (or however it's staggered) might have fared better, but I don't think Markovic was going to be risked to start a big game. Ah well.

  4. Balls!

    Got tonked a little. After their first goal we couldn't compete. I'm not calling us the worst team like some outlets since it was away at City, one of the toughest games we'll play anyway.

    Markovic looked great and I'm glad Lambert finally got his goal, even if it was a consolation one. I still think 3rd place is doable.

  5. So, today's game then? I don't reckon a win is out of the question but it's definitely a potential grindfest. I just hope we don't switch off like we did against Soton 'cause we'll get destroyed for that.

    Prediction: we win 2-1. Lovren from a corner and a counter-attack goal from Raheem. Yes!

  6. Edit: I'm not going to engage any more in this thread. I'm not surprised that so many people have taken a violent dislike to what I've stated, as it just exposes their own insecurities in the face of a certain reality. To be honest, I really couldn't care enough about this issue. I have better things to do with my time...

    You haven't engaged anyone, you silly bollocks. You've waded in with some bullshit.

  7. He's reportedly in hospital today, back on the sauce :(

    Jeez, there's a picture floating around at the moment, he looks destroyed. 47 years old, too.

    I think the most surprising news today will be if we didn't sign Mario. He's gone from Milan, that's it now surely?

  8. Strange problem: Whenever I pre-order Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare on PSN, I'm unable to restore my licenses. Cancel and it's back to normal. I discovered this when I downloaded NowTV purely to take advantage of the £10 PSN credit offer (which it turns out requires sign up through its website anyway) only to find it locked.

    I think someone raised this issue on Neogaf and the answer was...there isn't one. Apparently it's a big issue that Sony haven't sorted yet and they could only apologise to the guy on Neogaf. Basically, I think license re-activation isn't possible yet.

  9. Not really music based, but kind of because of who did the logo. One for veloS anyway:


    Logo by Christophe Szpajdel, art by Dan Dussault. Needless to say, I shall be reppin' the Gravelord Covenant at this years Damnation.

    That's a rubbish logo, you can clearly tell what is says ;)

  10. Flicked through the channels by chance and caught this, looking at the lineup what a disappointment after last year from a male point of view. I only watched last season for that fit semi black girl (she's the reason they had record viewing figures), she should have won but the BBC wouldn't allow it due to pandering to the median viewer. This year they all munt with the exception of the girl who may blossom in a few years (btw who under 50 is called Martha?!) but she lacks the charm and charisma of the one from last year.

    At least they got rid of the obese one at the end of this episode, I was convinced they were gonna get rid of the guy with long hair.

    Not gonna watch the rest of this season as there's not much substance to the show and without the eye candy I'm not really into watching other people bake cakes.

    Don't worry, I reckon ITV2 will do their own version at some point.

  11. What if Jack Wilshire's chronic smoking problem is causing Wenger to seek more reliable midfielders? I mean, there's literally no evidence for this fucking stupid statement, but I'm just putting it out there to generate discussion. What do you mean I'm trolling? How dare you, stop getting huffy

  12. Apologies, I should have said Champion's League club rather than bigger club.

    I know there are funny definitions of what constitutes "big".

    There was annoyance with the £40 million + £1 bid, which was seen as taking the piss. And it was Arsenal fans who felt like a laughing stock over it, so, yeah.

  13. If Remy hasn't actually failed a medical and Liverpool just pulled out for some other reason, that's a massive dick move trying to make out that he's got something wrong with him.

    He's failed 4 medicals in 10 years. And are you trusting Harry's word over ours? Yowsers

  14. Am I wrong in remembering Liverpool fans doing a massive shit about "being insulted" by Suarez when he wanted to go to Arsenal?

    It's a bit like that for Saints but times three. It's just annoying when one of your players agitates for a move to a bigger club.

    Lol just lol

    I like how Carlito's trying to knock Shimmyhill off his perch.

  15. It always pisses me off when my mate, the liverpool fan I've spoken about in here before, just goes "yeah, we'll have him".. like any player playing well in the premier should just be property of liverpool because they are a "big club".

    It must be shit to be a southampton player who is still there right now and nobody is trying to sign, everyone you know is gone, your chances of having a good season have just been decimated and on top of that, you have to feel pretty shit because even the youth team players are going for double figures.

    The premier league ruined football and this is all just a symptom of that really, but when Liverpool fans are dancing around and going on about how fucking brilliant they are this season they should really feel embarrassed that they ripped the heart out of a club that was doing well.

    1. Your mate isn't 'all Liverpool fans'.

    2. If we didn't buy the players, other teams would have, sharing the heart-ripping between them.

    3. They've been in trouble since the owner died, then Pochettino left. This isn't a 'suddenly' thing.

    4. They didn't have to sell.

    I do feel for Southampton, but to suggest Liverpool are a sole evil in it all is really fucking stupid.

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