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  1. Saw this yesterday and I didn't get on with it. It lacked a subtleness from the first film, giving little breathing time. The soundtrack was overbearing to the point that softer scenes were mostly unable to shine, including



    The first time we see Merlin and Eggsy greet Harry again


    The setting was really hokey and bombastic, to the point of eye rolling. Like British stereotypes of America. Could've dialled it in a smidge. I'm not fond of it being constant 'rich people stuff', as if nearly everything about Eggsy's background was irrelevant. There was relatively decent social commentary in the first one which is now almost entirely absent.


    The CG in some scenes removed almost all peril, playing out like a video game cutscene. These issues aren't unique to this sequel but they're far more prevalent.


    The fighting and shooting scenes were fun and well shot. I know they heavily involved CG also, but the



    Opening taxi battle and final fight scenes did great stuff with very close up action.

    And the best thing in this was



    Elton John


    I couldn't recommend this though. Not a patch on the first one.

  2. I've never been so annoyed after a match as that one. Klopp messed up big.


    The first half was a case of ONE OF YA as everyone kept missing chance after chance. Robertson and Coutinho were electric together, but the whole team played well. There was a decent balance and everybody played with confidence. I thought Solanke was a weak link who should've been replaced as nothing was coming right for him.


    Halftime and Phil gets replaced with Woodburn, a 17-year old kid who is in the early stages of development. He is not ready for anything other than being a late substitute at this stage, as shown by Coleman for Wales.


    The balance went and everything went to shit. Also Leicester brought on their best player in Okinzawa.


    It's a wasted opportunity getting knocked out of the cup as most of those players will never get to start another game for a while. No Ward, Gomez at CB, Grujic, and even Oxlade-Chamberlain and Robertson aren't guaranteed starters at the moment for whatever reason.


    Back to the midfield 3 of Henderson, Wijnaldum and Can? Fuck that. We've got better options.

  3. I finally got one of 'those shots':






    I'm really not feeling this like the last game though. That one was nearly perfect, save for a few annoying upgrades you had to buy through the store. But this thing is...a grindfest. Unbalanced to fuck and all. Custom clubs make everything a mess and to keep on top of that, you have to faff around on courses looking for gems or whatever. Speaking of which, they don't hold a candle compared to the previous title.


    And getting rid of the shot types was a garbage decision too.


  4. 2 minutes ago, gizmo1990 said:

    I'll take another pop at that release image. Having Streetfighter 2 Ultra on there. A 25 year old game. Blah blah palette change, 3 player, whatever. Actually putting that front and center on your statement of intent. Unbelieveable.


    You've changed, man :(

  5. 23 hours ago, Stigweard said:

    Yes I get that, I know what the rule is there for. But it doesn't really make much sense anyway. If youre a fan of Tranmere, Huddersfield, York, or Gateshead etc youre not going to not go to see your team (if you have the chance) so you can sit in and watch a random 3pm PL game of teams you dont support surely? Sure the rules might make some PL fans head out and check out lower league games, but what do you think those numbers are? They can't be that significant. If youre not going to your clubs games and opting to stay in and watch Everton vs Middlesbrough youre a shit fan.


    What I'm saying is that if they are struggling against streamers, more and more PL supports are watching 3pm streams. The only option to beat illegal streams is to join them and offer more games. Maybe moving all PL games out of the Saturday 3pm slot and having more early/late KO games on Sat and Sun is the option. That way they can show all the games but not impact on lower league games.


    Anecdotal, but a lot of people I know support more than one team - their main team, and then their local one. I bet this is more likely when the gulf between the teams is so vast, like Premier League to non-league or whatever.


    Most people are going to choose to watch their main team play attractive (?) football in comfort than less skilled players in dark, freezing and wet conditions.

  6. Milner has ended up as the player I thought Gerrard would be in his twilight years, even playing the position I thought Gerrard would excel in. The guy doesn't grumble and just does his best and it's really paying off. And I used to hate on him!

  7. Great stuff yesterday, obviously. Lallana is looking so much better now it's weird.


    My concerns at the moment are keeping the players who aren't playing happy - Origi, Ings and to an extent, Sturridge, as well as Ojo, Grujic and maybe Can? Sakho's digging his own grave though, the silly sod. If only we got into flipping Europe, eh?

  8. 39 minutes ago, feltmonkey said:

    Sometimes a goal is so beautiful it would be churlish to disallow it.


    I didn't watch the match, what was it that you think it should have been disallowed for?


    Howard Webb said the Leicester player shouldn't have been in the box as the ball was travelling from the goal kick.


    Although I still haven't the foggiest why Mignolet persists with those useless goal kicks, usually shits up for the receiver.

  9. 3 hours ago, neoELITE said:

    That's really harsh. Rooney's had an astonishingly good career. I'm surprised he's not retired from international football but that's up to him. Who else is better in midfield, is English and is able to sit in that midfield and offer what Paul Scholes, Gazza or Glen Hoddle did (in my view, they're the three best English midfielders I've seen in my lifetime)? He's the record goal scorer, will probably surpass Peter Shilton's appearance record and he's won just about everything at club level. I was hardly enthralled by that England performance and I don't expect them to do anything at the next World Cup but singling Rooney out is harsh. Yes, he's the captain. I think Allardyce was trying to articulate something about trying to fit him into a team but just didn't articulate it very well.

    England are sadly a very ordinary team of average at best internationals. Rooney's above average. Ronaldo and Messi comparisons aren't fair. Few players in the last hundred years are on a par with them. 


    So a player should be in the team on merit?

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