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  1. I thought that game was a mess yesterday. And we're the ones making that unforced mess a lot of the time.


    -Barely anybody sticking a tackle in when the attack is coming in. I know his attitude might need adjusting or whatever, but Sakho will do that. Slightly recklessly at times, but he can definitely cause apprehension in the opposition when its needed.

    -Hendo is not a holding midfielder. He needs to play further up the pitch because he's far better at it. He's defensively sheepish but great when he can drive things forward. Can, Lucas or Grujic in holding mid please.

    -Moreno, for all his faults, would be better at left back at the moment. Far more direct and speedy, especially as we're clearly focussed on attacking and not defending.

    -Clyne has either good games or bad ones. Yesterday was a bad one. If he mucks up early he's forever trying to makes amends but ends up making more errors by overcompensating. Get some sports psychology on the go, man.

    -Lallana disappearing. I still think he's a super sub.

    -Coutinho needs a little more focus as well. Keep things simple and not to overthink.

    -I'm loving Mane, though he obviously had to tone things down yesterday after that yellow (which I didn't think was, but whatever). Great piece of biz in the summer.


    In short, we do need to buck up. We're better than this. Not league winners, but yeah.

  2. Terrible. Worse than Batman vs Supes, somehow. A rushy mess with no consideration for nearly anything. Like the film could have pretty much started as



    Team Skwad were entering the city in the chopper. It's at this point that things are paced properly, the film is given room to breathe, we can actually learn a little about the few characters with backgrounds, let alone development; everything before is thrown in your face.

    The character introduction section at the beginning was garbage. It was like multiple showreels sped up x10. We're supposed to have emotional reactions to the likes of Deadshot getting arrested or Flameman giving up on life, but there wasn't even any time for the character-viewer attachment to blossom.


    The ending was shite, but that was obvious given the rest of it.



    It was also very poorly lit in some action scenes; good stark contrast to the film's supposed neon off-colour thing it was selling itself as.


    These films might be good if they got the basics right. But they never will. Not a chance I'll see Woman and Aquadude.

  3. 8 minutes ago, rockstarjez said:

    Somehow I don't think this is the last you will see of Milo.


    I saw a video of a 13 year old child getting beheaded in Syria last night on twitter. All Milo did was criticize a shit film. 


    You tell me which is worse. 


    P.s. The account that showed that disgusting and barbaric video, is still active. 


    1 hour ago, dood said:

    Good thread on offensive speech vs inciting abuse.. 





    Have you campaigned to have the other account blocked/banned?

  4. On 07/07/2016 at 16:04, PeteBrant said:



    Capello couldn't hack it when it really mattered. We were dismal in 2010, absolutely fucking dismal. He played 4-4-2 with Gerrard on the left wing and took Emile Heskey.


    This is sort of thinking we need to get rid of as well.


    Heskey worked fine in his role. All we ever heard is how 'he didn't score many goals' and he was just a lump or whatever.


    Like at Liverpool, when we had Owen, Fowler and Heskey to choose from. The best partnership always had Heskey for a reason.

  5. Saw this yesterday. Was very enjoyable, lovely attention to detail and the humour was great, but it felt like a 70-80 minute film stretched out in a way; some scenes dragged a little too much and some scenes just felt like exposition. That and in some scenes the actors looked like they didn't have full direction to guide them, making them look awkward standing around.

  6. I've just rejigged my build for a heavy shield and heavy weapon. Magic can stuff off. Very late boss spoiler:


    It's the Dragonslayer Greataxe and it's special weapon art is fucking ridiculous. Some poor sap got invaded and I squashed it easily.




  7. On 25/05/2016 at 10:55 AM, Rev said:


    Liverpool can't sign anyone! It's a disaster! Except the second best keeper in Germany, the most crucial signing Liverpool needed to make this transfer window! Perhaps because Liverpool are functionally richer than much of the German league put together! Where Liverpool's iconic manager previously worked and knows the players! Helped by the fact it's clearly the most exciting moment in Liverpool's recent history! But apart from that it's a disaster!


    Pointing out you're an idiot is nothing to do with "moderating". It's just basic observation.


    Ooh, you moderated him good.

  8. On 23/05/2016 at 0:11 AM, Spainkiller said:

    Olivia Munn as Psylocke was the best thing about this film but I only say that because my fetish is basically exotic brunettes.


    By best you mean worst, yeah? Shit acting and crap effects.


    I sort of enjoyed this. Although halfway through I just thought 'imagine the cartoon but as a film' and this kind of fit the bill.


    The CGI ranges from 'fucking awful' to 'pretty great'. Such a disparity throughout.


    Also a lot of the Henryk/Erik scenes felt really out of place, like they were from a different film. Probably because Fassbender's acting chops are tip-top.

  9. 8 hours ago, Monkeyboy said:

    Finally seen it, and thought it was pretty average. Mostly just a random mess of stuff happening. There was definitely one or two good fight scenes, and I quite liked the face-off. Although I think the big fight should and could have been longer, and the setup leading to it a lot shorter. After a while, I couldn't figure out what was a dream sequence and what was real.


      Hide contents

    During the BvS fight, Superman calls Batman Bruce. But at what point before that did he find out Bruce was Batman, other than in a dream sequence?



    I presume



    it's at the party when Clark can hear Alfred on Bruce's earpiece and Bruce being really hostile when asked about Batman. But I'm sure it's never explicitly clear that he's twigged.


  10. If anyone's stupid it's Warner Brothers. They've greenlighted the film which has basically come far too early (if they want to establish an equivalent to Marvel) and clearly demanded the film have so many extra Extended Universe bits the film becomes meaningless. There's plenty of other stuff wrong with the film as well, but it was always a poison challice.


    Incidentally I thought nearly all the major characters were fine, save for Wonder Woman (all I could gather from her was that she was mysterious) and Lex Luthor (the Joker, but not, but I couldn't fathom how somebody so unhinged could command such a position in a major company). Affleck's Bats was fine and I didn't really see much wrong with Cavill's Supes.

  11. 1 hour ago, Tofu said:


    I wasn't aware of this, any more information about this.


    He does point out some interesting facts though, however, I agree he is some what absolutely dismissive of Anita's work. 


    I was wrong, he merely had/has a weird obsession with her stuff. He has encouraged fans to doxx/harrass various internet feminists, though.


  12. 34 minutes ago, Tofu said:

    Probably been discussed here before, but discovered Thunderf00t's channel  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmb8hO2ilV9vRa8cilis88A 


    I was watching his debunking video about some new scuba gear, and saw he had lots of videos that was sort of relevant to this topic. 

    Probably been discussed here before, but discovered Thunderf00t's channel  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmb8hO2ilV9vRa8cilis88A 


    I was watching his debunking video about some new scuba gear, and saw he had lots of videos that was sort of relevant to this topic. 


    He's the guy who stalked Anita for a while isn't he? I'm not giving him my time.

  13. On 19/03/2016 at 9:18 PM, Gizamaluke said:

    They're great when used purely for comedy, but not so much when used to shoehorn inappropriate political views about a horrific ongoing conflict into a fucking film called Sausage Party.


    Amazed I even have to explain that, but then rllmuk does seem to have its fair share of not very bright pedants.


    So shoehorning in objectified women or racist stereotypes is cool, but political conflicts is not?

    I'm not sure what you're even angling at any more. It's all shit.


    I love dumb humour, like Jackass or Beavis and Butthead and wrestling (it's mostly the slapstick stuff). But I'm not good with ugly elements like above. It's not above criticism.

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