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  1. Tonight was definitely Clyne's best game for me. I don't know if it was because of how City set up, but he looked dangerous coming forward playing from the left. Far better than Moreno anyway!
  2. After playing this for a bit, the soundtrack, outside of the main 15 (although the final unlock track is a mess), is fucking garbage. Like, it's the most tepid thing ever. The main 'album' is actually quite fab with fairly decent variation but it's a disappointment overall with the other stuff. And yeah, that Assault on Psychofortress track or whatever...fuck me. Should have spent the $7500 on singing lessons, the fucking nerd.
  3. I can understand if Klopp can come across as a prick, but celebrating like he did last night in the circumstances? I think NeoElite doesn't understand footie full stop.
  4. I think we need new fullbacks personally. Moreno can't defend and Clyne can't play the ball. Please get better Flanagan
  5. Damn you Jolly! Enjoy your broken beta copy. Love, Me
  6. Towerfall has quietly come out! It's borked mind, takes yonks to load and notably stutters during gameplay, easily leading to annoying deaths. I can't imagine it'll be fixed.
  7. @stefcha (sorry, quoting doesn't seem to work here) I think it would've looked like the football club being completely out of touch with the local community, which had obviously suffered massively with the loss of a prominent local (not 'different', that sort of concept doesn't work in places with low employment opportunities) industry. Following a player buying a Ferrari, a now ex-manager taking a pricey compensation package might've been the sort of thing to make the fans feel very distant from the club.
  8. After Sunday's game, and a few others, I'm thinking Benteke isn't right for the team at all. I keep reading or hearing 'he's not getting the service!' but that isn't the type of game we're playing. His contributions are nullified by our playing style, so he barely has an impression on the game. A good Plan B maybe, but I don't think he's destined for the team for too long.
  9. Kinda not surprised really. Bit sad but he's been gone for years. I saw one of the last Velvet Revolver gigs before the split, it was garbage.
  10. I imagine even the GG lot will be angry they were duped into buying a game that most people just didn't give a shit about. There hasn't been outrage, just a lack of acknowledgement. The previous title sold less than 300,000 copies (I think) worldwide so there was never a reason to translate a third version of the game. After the dust has settled, Play Asia will probably claim new ownership or issue an apology or something, but it won't work. They've fucked themselves for short-term gain. Unless they're already in trouble and it's all guns blazing, like.
  11. Not just you. I think the 'Stakes' mini-series was pretty cack. There's a few nice nuances in places, but it lacked self-reflection compared to most of what has happened before and characters were reduced a fair bit to allow for Marcie to flourish. Except she didn't really, since it was mostly her being a super-powerful vampire. Also far too self-referential - something that Adventure Time usually gets by without. The best episode is still Marceline's Closet also
  12. Owen kept going and going, trying to justify his comment. It was a foul, it was a penalty. My favourite Owen-ism was when he said the made-up word 'possessioned'. Good job. Just glad that Ibe scored the goal. He's still got some way to go but he's got the best smile. He's a better player than he thinks he is and I wish he knew!
  13. Kelthink


    This game is fab. My fave RPG since Barkley, short and sweet. Early game spoiler: Neutral end game: Pacifist end game: I don't have the heart to do a genocide run.
  14. I'm still amazed that he used to be a PSG player and now they've got David Luiz instead and just lol.
  15. Milner is garbage and slow. He needs to be substituted, but he's the captain so that ain't happening in 100 years. Awful football.
  16. Yeah, this is what I felt. A competent film with nice shots and very good practical effects. It was 'a Hollywood film', 3/5 stars or whatever.
  17. Mario Maker is 10 places ahead of LBP3 in EDGE's latest 'best games ever' list, so death can finally be happy for the meek.
  18. Honesty bomb: I've had more enjoyment from LBP2 than Mario Maker (at least, so far). Mario is very good, very pure and all that, but the stuff aside from the gameplay doesn't grab me as much. I find it kind of difficult to navigate in a way as well; finding specific levels using a specific code is pretty old-fashioned. It's a very gaming game for gamers, but I would love more cosmetic stuff, like a music editor or more varied backgrounds/blocks for use. I've no doubt the game will be expanded heavily eventually (like diagonal slopes, power-ups, different coloured blocks etc.). LBP is flawed as fuck. But the design elements lead to ridiculous possibilities, some of which are still being discovered. I think. Platforming is not great, hookshot powerup was fantastic, so were the vehicles, the Move game was really fun and people somehow made Tesco value racers and FPSs.
  19. This is garbage. Have we had a guy sent off?
  20. I'm convinced that Gomez might be one of the best signings of the season, all things considered. Provided he doesn't nosedive horribly and do a Michael Johnson.
  21. Since Ibe has come on, we've gone so flat. He's off the pace.
  22. For some stupid reason, I bought that hat thinking that video was real. Turns out it has some of the best defensive properties in the game and it looks 'pretty sick', so that's fairly cool.
  23. I'll be honest, I wasn't interested because I always thought the N games looked dull. I played the original N for a bit on the PC (never played N+), probably about 50 levels. Mostly while I was bored. It was okay. But it never had anything to really hook me for more. I'm not the best at 'getting' minimalist games like this, it just seems so arbitrary, challenges for challenges sake and all that. I'm shallow, I need some superficial shit to keep me going. This, to me, is just Game: The Game. I might be interested for a fiver.
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