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  1. Are these any good? http://www.gameinformer.com/blogs/members/b/jackalope38_blog/archive/2014/10/20/gamergate-39-s-origins-and-what-it-is-now.aspx http://www.doctornerdlove.com/2014/10/when-we-talk-about-gamergate/
  2. Lallana is awful again, almost being a nuisance. I've no idea why we had Hendo and Milner playing next to each other, and Ibe is fairly anonymous. This is exactly like the last game, basically.
  3. 10 minutes in and we're looking awful again. No cohesion, we can't have a season of this.
  4. Ew It wasn't a balanced starting team last week, I doubt it will be this week.
  5. I have now learned that you can go up and tonk those robed arseholes on The One Reborn. That'll make it easier!
  6. That guy's a fucker too. Harder than Blood Beast, deffo. EDIT: Just remembered the three dickheads on the way to Byrgenworth. Uugh!
  7. I haven't been following much discussion about this, but having completed it, what does everyone think is the hardest boss (if Blood Starved Beast is second)? If the answer's Ebrietas I'm cool with that. What a pissy boss.
  8. They've announced more things! Aerosmith - Toys in the Attic The Cure - Friday I'm in Love Dream Theater - Metropolis Pt. 1 - The Miracle and the Sleeper Foo Fighters - The Feast and the Famine Judas Priest - Halls of Valhalla Live - All Over You The Outfield - Your Love Ozzy Osbourne - Miracle Man Paramore - Still Into You St. Vincent - Birth in Reverse Van Morrison - Brown Eyed Girl Yeah
  9. I thought FFP ain't no thing any more? I'm sure UEFA got rid of it recently.
  10. Good, I'm glad it's done. He should theoretically be good for the team, provided Aguero doesn't suddenly get sold, although I'm sceptical he'll keep performing at those wages. He might think he's made it and not bother any more.
  11. I'm not trying to fan flames or anything, but absolutely nothing about this is enticing me at the moment. The songs announced so far have got me shrugging at best, maybe Scandal or Death From Above 1979 (and their song is a bonus one as well) are okay but that's it. The new features haven't been effectively presented (or at least, they're difficult to present) and there's no online or practice modes announced. The latest news about Mad Katz's inevitable demise isn't assuring either.
  12. Alright, bit hyperbolic. But I can't imagine there being another console being released with such a setup as the default control scheme for a while (which I do think is needed). EDIT: I'm dead sorry for dragging this wildly off topic
  13. To be fair about controllers, the Wiimote+nunchuk (and the PSMove, but that wasn't very well supported) was a great controller. As shown in a fair few games on the Wii (Wario Ware: Smooth Moves has flipping loads of possibilities, even if the game was a bit dry), the thing had tons of potential that never got realised. And all because people had a bit strop over it, we're not likely to see it again.
  14. Additionally: "Mmm, on paper Ultron sounds like a ridiculous threat. But we can't make him too threatening, because, y'know, Thanos! Also a bunch of other throwaway baddies yet to come". How do you make every potential destruction more awesome than the last? That's Marvel's hole to worry about I suppose.
  15. Only just seen it, but Smitty, your review is spit-spot on. The only gripe I have (not just with yours) is the criticism of Whedon. I'm not a big fanboy of his or anything, but I think that there must have been so many decisions made for him ("you have to include this" and "make sure you don't mention that") he barely had leeway to put any of his own stuff in. It's a film which kind-of has a beginning and has something resembling an ending, but it was hardly a story that could have been delivered cohesively.
  16. I saw it last night as well. I thought it was garbage. -incredibly intrusive score telling me what emotions I need to be feeling in almost every scene -having to do mental gymnastics to allow things to be the way they are (this is excluding the concept of the dinosaurs at all) -Chris Pratt's character knowing fucking everything -that kid being smarter than Lisa fucking Simpson -CGI dinosaurs being utterly unconvincing -seeing nearly everything coming from a mile away There was a bit of tension, so that's a thumbs up. 3/10
  17. Flipping hell. What did Rodgers say to the owners to get all this cash? Gift of the gab. If he doesn't get at least 4th with all these players, well, shit. One last chance!
  18. Outside of 'the three games', they had some great stuff. Horizon looks dead interesting, Dreams looks incredible and Uncharted 4 looked super fun (albeit more of the same, I don't care).
  19. Holy fishsticks. What's the TV deal going to rise to under new TV terms?
  20. Oh it's Sketch! Oh sorry, jumped the gun. He was also 'a bit wrong'. Got banned from forums for being genuinely racist. I think he thought of Japan as a superior society before he went, he's one of 'those people'.
  21. I really can't believe people supported icycalm. Did people genuinely not know he was already unhinged?
  22. Desperate times call for desperate crimes etc.
  23. Sterling was offered an increase on his current wages (something like £80k-£100k per week) but he turned that down, angling for more. As publicly as possible. It's not rocket science.
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